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Detroit Police Officers E-Mail Directory

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A thru K

Present, Former, Retired, and Family members

If your name and address should appear without your knowledge just let me know and it will be removed Immediately. All Information is cut and pasted from the sign up sheet. If any information is incorrect it is not my fault.

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Attention Retiree's

If you are retired and not a member of the




Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Please show your support by joining the Association that has supported you whether you are a dues paying member or not. Go to the link above for the address of the RDPFFA.  




Units worked

A xCraig Aben, 2/8/06 5-15-9. Retired Active RDPFFA
Catherine Adams, #12,#1,#4 IOU, #2 (IOU), Homicide,#12IOU, NCRS, Housing Support Sect. Active
Ahrar Ahmad, Corona, CA. 9/3/06 9-24-1999 to 12-13-2004. 11 th. Pct. Former DPD
Dennis Alarie, St. Clair Shores MI retired 1979 duty disability from tactical services section, #10 apr 73 to apr 74,also #16 aug 65 to oct 68, p.o. at tmu 68 thru 73
Charlie Albright aka "cheeze" 1st pct; Central Narcotics; CATS; WAYMAC: 9th pct; Property Office. DD Retirement.(New Address)
Gary Albright, WA. (Passed away Dec. 21, 2002). Wife Cindy Reed, at this address. TMU, second precinct, STRESS, 16th precinct, left in 1978 to move to Washington State.  Working for Wa. State Gambling Commission. Retired. Heaven
xJoseph Alex, Dearborn, MI. 8/30/06 11-26-73 to 1-20-02. 7th, 4th, Vice, Homicide, 12th, 11th. Retired Active RDPFFA
Maryel Alger Sarasota FL.,Lincoln, MI. Widow of DPO Widow of Bob Alger Retired in 79 from Harbor Master. Bob passed away May 17, 1995.
xJack J Aliotta, Macomb, MI. 5/14/08 6-1-70 to 1-6-82, Class 70J, #12, #5, Sex Crimes, Recorder's Court, Retired. Active RDPFFA
xMark Allam, Eastpoint,MI. 12/21/06 04/08/74 to  02/01/91. 5th  9th 10th. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xJoe Amato, St.Clair Twp.MI (S) Bradenton, Fl. (w). 7/20/11 #15 Communications #9 Traffic Safety Unit. Retired  Active RDPFFA
David D. Ambrose, Gaylord MI. 1965 #5,1969 to 1976 TMU,TMS,TSS. 1976 to 1979 #10. Retired 1990 dec 7th, #15/9th pct.
Brian Ambrous, 12th prec 1995 to present.
David Anderson #6IOU, #6 Patrol, #9, #14
Dennis Anderson, Retired 4-1-99.  Started 10-24-66.  Worked 14, Organized Crime, Vice, #2, Communications Operations Section.
Derrick Anderson, Dearborn Height, MI. 12/24/04 Detroit Police Armed Robbery Unit, Gang Squad, Narcotics, 10th, 8th, 1st, and Major Crime Mobile Unit. Retired, Sergeant. NON Active RDPFFA
Hank (Andy) Anderson 68D, #11, Morality, #7, TEU,Two-thirds in 85
William Anderson, Troy, MI #10th, STRESS, Narcotics, #14, #13, #2, #6, #8, HQ's Bureau Staff.  Retired 1998.  Licensed Private Investigator.
xNathan E. Andrews, 7/31/06 court services section, third pct. i,o,s, 10th pct. i.o.s. labor relation section, internal affairs section , professional standards section, 10th pct.patrol. Retired  Active RDPFFA
Robert Antonich, Wellington, KS. 6/23/06 04/05/1971-09/15/1980. Worked = # 5, Former.
R.J. Antosik, Flushing, MI. 2/27/02 1st Pct. Vice Squad 13th Pct. Scientific Bureau  7th Pct. Police Band. Former DPD
xCharles Archibald, Taylor, MI. 3/3/08 2,4,6,10.12,13, Mngmt. Annal. Ex. dep Chf Off, Blue Birds, - ret frm #12 Retired.  Active RDPFFA
Rick Arslanian, 9/16/03 Reco East , Tss , #9 patrol and boosters Active

xJames D. (Jimmy) Arthurs Anacortes, WA

16, morality, 13, TMU, TMS, TSS, Aviation, Sex Crimes, 11 IOS, Internal, CAProp., Harbormaster, CATS,some places more than once. Retired 3/17/96 Active RDPFFA
xRonald D. Atkinson   14, Motor, TEU, 11, 06, Range, Retired   Active RDPFFA
James E. Ayres Jr. Dearborn, MI   First, Field Duty Section, Academy, TMU, Gang Squad, Ident, Major Crime Mobile Unit. Retired/Disabled Sgt (New Address)

David Wm. Babcock

Crime Scene Unit, Sgt. Active
Bob Bacon Heaven 2003 #10 - Retired 1995
xHenry Baginski, Canton Mi. 2/10/11

1-3-1955 to 12-2 1980. #1Precinct Homo Retired 1980.  Active RDPFFA

xThomas Bagnasco, Port Huron MI. 8/7/06 7/6/1971-8/22/87, Class-71K. 7th pct  Central Narcotics 15th pct  Special Events. Retired Active RDPFFA
Gregory B. Bailey, Livonia MI. #14, TSS, #16, Evid Tech Unit, Forensic Services Div. Retired. (currently working for Crime Lab as contract employee on IBIS-Integrated Ballistics Ident System.
Denise Balinski #6, CAPS,   #3 IOU
Kenneth Ball, Riverside CA. #10, T.S.S. and C.O.S. Retired
George Ball, 12/19/03. (Passed away Aug. 15, 2009). #10, T.S.S. and C.O.S. Retired Heaven
Albert Z. Balogh,  5/30/05 Retired 1972- 4 Prec.,#14 Prec., Recorders Court, and #4 Prec. again. (New address)
Rudolph C.Banat, Oakland, MI. #3 IOS Retired
xMax Bandy, Southlyon MI. 12/09/08 03/27/72 to 02/18/99, Class 72-I. T.S.S., First Precinct, Third Pct., Third Pct  IOS, Armed Robbery, Car Jacking Task Force, Armed Robbery. Retired, working Livonia PD.  Active RDPFFA
xKenneth J. Bania, St Clair Shores Mi 1st prct., organized crime section., Retired from crime analysis. New address Active RDPFFA
Jesse L. Banks, Active @ Second Precinct (old Fourteenth)
Randy Banks 6th prct., racket conspiracy, Retired. now chief crim invest for Oregon AG
xTim Bannon, Clinton Township, MI 4/17/07 09/18/72 to 08/26/05. #12, #16, Aviation. Retired Active RDPFFA
xVictor Barnaby, Saline, MI. 12/8/06 10/20/47 to 11/08/72. Thirteen and Communications, Retired. Active RDPFFA
Carole Barath, Widow of (Stumpy) Steve Barath,  Harrison Twsp. MI. 8/15/07 6/1961 8/1987. TMU, Central Narcotics, Gun Room. Retired
Charles "Chuck" Barbieri Currently: Commander of the 5th Precinct, Active
Tim Bar 1st Pct, 8 Pct, 8 Pct IOS
xJim "JB" Bardel, Livonia, MI. #6, SPF, PSU, STRESS, Major Crimes, Extradition, #12. Retired, Sgt @Arms RDPFFA Active RDPFFA
xDonald  R.  Bardy, St Augustine, FL. 7/11/06 01/24/72-01/30/99, Class-72g. TMU, 1st Pct, Central Events Section, 3rd Pct, 3rd Pct Traffic Enforcement, Mounted Section, 11th Pct, Court Services Section (36th Dist Court), Personal Affairs Section, 10th Pct (Sgt), Personal Affairs Section (Sgt) Active RDPFFA
Michael Barnes , Chesterfield Twp. MI 10, TMU,   Motor,  15,  Traffic Enforcement,  11,  9,  ICB,  4.   Retired (New address)
Eric Baroky, Assigned to Housing Suport Section out of the academy, '01b, recently resigned and headed out to Royal Oak P.D.
David G. Barrick, #4,#16,#10,#3, Chief Staff and Narcotics. Retired (New address)
xJohn T. Barr, Rochester Hills, MI 6/13/12

16th Precinct. Retired. Active RDPFFA

xLeonard Barszcz, Monroe,Mi. 8/17/13

01-26-87=04-26-13=class 87-I, #12 Pct, MSB, Fleet Mgt. Retired. Active RDPFFA

Robert E. Bashur, Cass City, MI #1(9 years) #3 (18 years) Retired Nov.1998 Working as 911 dispatcher for Tuscola County, MI and part time PO for Caro, MI.
Kevin Bass, Detroit, MI. 4/4/04

7th Precinct (Patrol; Special Operations - Traffic Crash Investigator; Field Training Officer; Staff - Community Relations/BUOY-7/Goodfellows) Active

Thomas J. Bass, Fishers, IN. 4/4/04 #15, Ident, Mounted Section. Retired 1987
xJoseph T. Bauer  (Joe) Livonia, MI 11825/12 7-14-69 = 8-17-90 Class = 69-J.  Precinct Support Unit, 1st Precinct, 12th Precinct, Tactical Mobile (71-76), Central Events Unit, Special Crimes Section (Gang Squad), 16th Precinct (aka- Eighth Precinct), retired from new 6th Precinct. Active RDPFFA
Gordon Baumgartner, Plymouth, Mi. 9/14/03 13, 10, TMU, & 14. Retired
xJoseph Bavol, North Street, MI. 9/20/06 4-21-69 to 7-3-95. Class 69F. #14,WD, Hom Sect., #16IOU, & SCU, Retired. Active RDPFFA
xJudith Bavol, North Street, MI. 9/20/06 7-5-77 to 7-15-04. Class 77N. #16,  Major Crimes Div., CATS, WAYMAC, 8 IOU, CAPS, # 6, VCTF. Retired.  Active RDPFFA
Daniel Baxendale, Old 6th McGraw, MSS WSTF, 8th pct Retired 2002
xRoger Beaty, Rockwood, Mi 3/2/02 11/17/69 to 05/22/85. Class 70C. #2, #4 Retired (New address) Active RDPFFA
Frank Becsi Reservist worked at 4th PCT (1978 through 1983). Currently employed as a Special Agent with US Treasury.
Donna Beels, Hancock, MI 5th precinct, now working MTU police dept in Houghton, MI
Bennie Belk, Detroit, MI. Retired from Harbormaster in 94
xJim Benci, Tecumseh, MI. 1/13/12

9-29-69 to 9-29-91 Class 70 A. 14, 10,Dispatch,16, ATF.SS.DEA. Retired Active RDPFFA

xJoachim Benitez, (Jack) Dearborn, MI. 8/17/07 11-06-72 to  04-07-00, Class  72-G. 6th(McGraw Station), 6th Plymouth and Warwick, Court Laison and Graphic Arts. Retired Active RDPFFA
Louis F. Bennett, Clinton Twp 4/14/08 11-72 to 9-94. Class 72-C. # 15-chief's staff-# 9. Retired Active RDPFFA
Thomas C Berry, Violent Crime Task Force. Retired
Jim Berg, Montclair, Ca. #9,   #1 APB,  Montclair, Cal. PD  Ret.1984 
Mark C. Berger, #13, #11, now with Mt. Clemens Police Dept.
Tobi Berjeski (Mulina) 16th pct, 6th pct, 4th pct, 11 pct- Retired 1993
xHal Berriman Livonia MI. 11/25/12 1961-994, 1IOS 2,4,4IOS 6, 6IOS, 12, 12IOS, Vice(Racket Squad) Racket Cons, Internal Affairs, Commercial Auto, CAP/P, Hqtrs Surv, MINT,ODALE Retired Active RDPFFA
xCara Best(Blount), Detroit MI.3/13/05 13th Precinct, 8th Precinct, Mini Stations (New Center Patrol), Academy,  Personnel, 5th Precinct, Tactical Operations, 12th Precinct, Western Operations Bureau (twice), Civil Rights Integrity Bureau, Criminal Investigations Bureau  Retired Active RDPFFA
Joann Beste, Warren, MI. 3/16/06 January 1978 to January 1988, Civilian. Commercial Auto Theft & Communications Operations Section (911 Operator). Former
Dennis Bielskis #1, #2, #3, 1 IOS, 3 IOS, 12 IOS, ARU, CATS, ROPE
John J.Bierkamp, 2nd precinct, T.S.S., Retired.
James A. Bivens Jr. (Bad Add.) 5th Pct., Gang Squad, Homicide; Retired from DPD August 1992; Detective with Bureau  of Inv., Wayne Cty Pros. Office
Roy Blackman, Southaven MS. 15th Pct, IOU, Comm Auto Theft, 3rd Pct  Retired 1998
xJohn Blackmon, Rockwood, MI. 7/20/06 3/8/71-9/88, old#2 old and new #6. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xDan Blain, Ludington, MI.  7/23/09 04/27/64 to 05/13/89, Class 04/27/64, #10, #14, security section, hq surveillance, youth section. Retired 1989. (New address) Active RDPFFA
xCharlie Blanchard, Northville, MI.  Pased away 2/27/13 11-3-56-8-24-84, Old #9, #2,#12.  (New address) Active RDPFFA, HEAVEN
Mark Bliss, #7 Pct. Active
xKen Blodick, Suttons Bay, MI. 7/20/06 9-25-61-12-20-86, 11-5-PSU-S.T.R.E.S.S-7, Retired 1986. (New address) Active RDPFFA
xRobert Frank Bloom, Detroit Mi. 2/11/11 7-9-73 to 9-9-99, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, YB, TSS. Retired Active RDPFFA
xJulie Bloomfield, Ypsilanti MI. 2/20/04 1970-1992, Narcotics, Sex Crimes, Homicide. Retired Active RDPFFA
Kenneth R Bluew, Elizabeth WV. (Passed away Dec. 19, 2006). Retired. Heaven
John G. Boles, Troy, MI. 10th.pct.,APB, Special Investigation, 12th.pct, and Aviation. Retired 1995
xDominic G Bologna, 9/1/06 051977 to 111705. Class-77-E. 7th Pct/TSS/5th Pct/Inv. Operations Div./Eastern Dist. Retired Active RDPFFA
Adam Borkowski, 10/29/09 13th PCT, Vice, Armed Robbery Unit, Active, (New address)
Joseph Bossuyt (Passed away Dec.17, 2008) APD Fatal Squad, Retired in 1972. Heaven
James Bostock, 2003-B grad/ 1st pct
Richard Boutin, #5, #5DB, Narcotics, #13, C.O.P.,public information, #7, Fleet and equipment control, Ford Motor Co. Retired, (New Address)
Dan Boycott, Redford, MI #2 Patrol, #2 IOS, #6 Patrol, Communications, TSS, Retired from the 1990. (New address)
xWilliam Boyd,Gladwin Mi 12/15/11

11/29/1971 to 1999, #9, Reco East, Central Events. Retired (New Address) Active RDPFFA

Jim Boylan 11/5/10 13, Vanguard, PSU, S.T.R.E.S.S., Narcotic Section, Federal Drug Task Force, 12, 14, Retired. Chief Green Oak Twp 1978-1991 (New address)
xGerald W. Boyle (Jerry), Leesburg FL. 5/1/11

1-30-67 to 6-30-92, Class Feb.67, #15,c.o.p.,motor traffic, organized crime, #14,t.m.u., #10, #5-field day off. Retired,-summers Durand,MI. Active RDPFFA

xThomas A Bradley, Detroit, MI. 1/5/10 7/68 Left_Dept_ = 12/88 Class = Worked = 13 Retired Active RDPFFA
xKyron L. Bradstrom, Clawson, MI. 4/26/11 04-27-1970 02-26-1989, Class H-70.6th (McGraw), Mounted,Special Events,Underwater Recovery Team, Harbormaster Retired  Active RDPFFA
Herman Bratfish, Detroit, MI. #5 & #7
Harry Braun, 14th Precinct, Narcotics, retired/medical disb.
John P. Breed, Henderson, NV. 9th pct.,6th pct. TMU, Ident. Bur., Property Room, DPOA, Sentinel Bldg.,& DPB&P Assn. Retired 10/21/82
Kenneth Bresinski  5/4/06 11-30-2000, 5th precnct /  currently at Eastern District. Active
Kenneth Bresnahan, Clinton Twp. MI. 5/29/05 15th, TMU, Communications, Sex Crimes. Retired
Ivan (Skip) Brewster, Washtenaw Cty., MI. 15th PCT. TSS, K9 unit, Retired
William Glenn Brewster, 11/18/03 #7,  Active
Bill Broadwell, Pahrump, NV. #5, #4, Recorders Ct, Mounted & Belle Isle Radio. Retired 1/00
David Brockett, Pensacola, FL. 6/16/05 #16. Retired
Gregory Brooks, Novi, MI. 1/9/12 9/19/77 to 2/1992 Class = 77T. 10th, 7th, TSS, Law Dept, Crime Prevention. Former
William Brown, Spring Branch TX. #15 pct, #2 pct, #3 pct. mini station, Retired 1989
xDavid Brozo, St. Clair, MI. 10/27/06 1962 to 1999. #7,vice,#7 cleanup,Morality, 10-IOS,13 IOS.LSA. Retired Active RDPFFA
Norm Brusseau, Howell Michigan #14, Narcotics, Medical Section, Recruiting, Retired July 1996
Daniel F. Bryant, Brownstown Twp. Mi 74-F #14, Recruiting, Personnel, #6 old and new. Retired
Leon Buda, 9/8/03 #5,#10,COP, Sgt. #13Uniform,  #13 I.O.S., 9 I.O.S.  Retired 1991
xDan Budz, 6/17/05 #6, ARMTS, VCTF, Retired (New Address) Active RDPFFA
Irving Bulmann East Jordan, MI. 1st Precinct,,APB, PSU, STRESS #2 IOS, Homicide, #15IOS, #4IOS. Retired 8-1-85. (New Address)
Jason Burke, 13th precinct, active
Charlie Burns, Clarkston, MI. Retired from #6 in 1996, retiring from Royal Oak PD in May,2003
xJoe Burns, Owasso, MI. #12, Narcotics, and Harbormaster. Retired. Active RDPFFA
Richard Burns, Henderson, NV. #5, #9, #11, Recruiting, Vice-Org-Crime, Public-Veh.  Retired  01-97.
David P. Burt Morality / Vice, 2nd Precinct, Vernor & 20th, Stationary Traffic, 11th precinct (Davison)
Harvey Burton Jr., Detroit, MI. 3/17/04 Appointed 5/13/68, #12, Northern Morality, Traffic Court, promoted to Sergeant 1975, #3, #4, Prisoner Detention, Retired from 1st Precinct  May 1993.
Tremayne Burton, First assignment 11th pct currently sex crimes unit. Active
John B Bush, Seatle, WA. 4/19/10 July 9,1962-June 1975  Fourth Precinct , Public Vehicle Bureau Active_Retired = Former Detroit Police Officer, Federal Agent Retired
John E BushJohn B Bush, Seatle, WA. 4/19/10 Jr 12/23/04 Ex-DPD Gaming Unit
Patrick Butler, Old # 2 1959-1970,Mayor's security, I.A, #7 IOS. Retired from aviation 1992
xRobert R. Butucel, Cass City, MI. 2/16/08 01-03-72 to 07-05-00, Class 72-F. 11th. Pct.  9th. Pct. I.O.S.   Homicide Section   5th. Pct. I.O.S. Retired Active RDPFFA
Angela Byars, Warren, MI. 10/8/08 7-6-98, Eastern District, Special Ops, Active
Kerry Byars, 11/25/12 9-30-96, 5th pct. executive protection unit, Northeastern district Active
Robert Bylica, Lincoln, MI. #4 (30 series & cruiser) Retired
C Dan Caloia, Bradenton, Fl 2/6/04 #13, Gang Squad. Retired
Derrick Cannon, Detroit Mi. 1/14/13

1-13-86=1-13-13. Class = 86-G. 14th Pct., 2nd Pct., Reco West, TSS, Narcotics Special Enforcement, Gang Squad, 12th Pct., and 10th Pct. Retired.  Non Active RDPFFA

Ed Capp, Cape Coral, FL  Heaven 2005 #6, TMU, STRESS, HQ surveillance, Gang Squad, Harbor Master. Retired. (Passed away July 31st, 2005)
Jerry Carlin, Marine City MI. 3/11/12 12-9-74 to 10-15-77, Class 74-C, #15, #1 Central Events and then left for Oakland County Sheriff  in 1977 where I retired from in 1998. Retired from Oakland County Sheriff Non Active RDPFFA
Michael W. Carlisle, Detroit, MI. 4/26/05 #9, Risk Assessment, Mounted, Honor Guard, Homicide SAS... Active (New E-Mail add.)
Antonio Carlisi, Clinton Twp. 1/28/04 5th pct.,9th pct. special ops. Active
Robert T. Carlton, Ludington, MI. 7/10/05

Joined '66, assigned to #12, TMU, Intelligence, Code Name "Shark", Vice, Residency, Vice, #4, Retired from #13 (Father Time).  Living in Naples, FL (Summer in Ludington, MI)

Lenore Carpenter, 8/12/05 7th, 5th , 1st, 11th, Belle Isle Radio, Crime Prevention. Retired
Mike Carpenter, Firearms repair. Active
Jack Dennis Carr,Lexington,Alabama. 8/12/11 11/1970 to 8/1980, #5 and ID Bureau, Former
Auston L. Carr, Dertroit, MI. 1/12/04 Civilian Active12th Precinct Law Enforcement Explorer Sgt.
Patrick H. Carson Tactical Services 8/89 TO 11/95
xRobert Carroll, Hubbell, MI. #2, COP, CDMU, #13, TMU, #16, #13, MCMU, #2, Retired Active RDPFFA
Arthur H. Carter Jr, Las Vegas,NV DPD 1970 1978. 2nd Precinct, PNU, Clerk, Crime Scene Unit. I live In Las Vegas, Nv  wondering if any old coppers live here that I might know.
Garey Carter, Clinton Township, MI. 6/9/08 06/12/1979 to 06/15/1987. MINI STATION UNIT, GANG UNIT(SPECIAL CRIMES SECTION). Former DPD. (New E-Mail add.)
Michelle L. Cassabon, 20 Atwater, currently @ #11 active
xGary Wayne Cassity, Sterling Hgts MI. 4/2/06 Oct-2-72-may16, 1997, Class =73-b.13, Narcotics, 5, TEU, 11, TEU. Retired..Metro Beach PD now. Active RDPFFA
Steven Lawrence Chamberlain, Harper Woods, MI. 3/5/04 Ninth Precinct. Active
Philip Casolari, NV. # 11. Retired
Donald Casper, Bradenton FL. # 9, MTB, #10 DB, record bureau. Retired
Jim Casper "Ghost",New Tazewell, TN. 15, 7, narco, rubber gun squad, Retired. 30 acres, no shots fired or sirens heard lately!
Gary Cassity, Sterling Hgts MI. 12/5/03 13..5..Narcotics..11..Traffic Enforcement Unit. Retired
Robert Castro, Sterling Heights MI old #2 (vernor), narcotics, chiefs staff, #13, Retired aug-97
James Joseph Caufield, Lakeland,Fl.  9/8/03 1955 to 1980 (th Prec.2nd Prec.Vice,12th Prec Homicide 12 years. Sheriffs Dept.1980 to1984 Pinellas Co, Florida. College Southeastern 1984 to 1988,Chief of Security while in College. Sub teacher Polk Co., FL License Minister 1990 until present time. Chaplain for retired Detroit Police & Fire Fighters Association of Florida. Retired
xGisele "Gee" Caver, Southfield, MI. 3/13/09 6-24-75 to 2-10-200, Class 75-0. #15, Sex Crimes, #5, #9IOU, Medical Section, Drug Screening Unit.  Retired February 2000 (New E-Mail add.) Active RDPFFA
Gregory L Caver, Melbourne FL #7, #16, TSS ,  Mini Stations , blue birds , #11 , ARMTS , 224-DOPE Retired 3/96
Steven Lawrence Chamberlain, Harper Woods, MI. 3/5/04 Ninth Precinct. Now with Eastpointe PD.
Douglas Chambers 10pct, evid techs, 4iou, 6iou, Retired 1999. Treasury Investigator City of Lansing
Ken Champagne #16, #10, Retired

Jerry Charboneau, Cheboygan and Zephyrhills FL.

#14, (old) #2, COS, #5, Control Center and Central Events, retired 02/81.
xLeRoy P. Charrier, Hudson, FL. 5/22/08 06-10-1951 to 07-29-1977, Class 46, 8th-4th-Scientific Lab-Mounted. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xMike Cherry Gladwin, MI. 9/26/11

1/25/65 to 1/25/86. 12th Pct-14th Pct.-T.M.U.-Aviation - Retired D.P.D.  Active RDPFFA

Gary Chester, #1 & #16 left DPD in 1977 Working with Coldwater Police for 25 years.  Director of Police & Fire Services
Ramon Childs, 9 IOU, Major Crimes (Cold Case),11 IOU, 9th Pct. 8th Pct Active
Jerry Ciarlino, Owasso, MI. #10, TMU, #14, TMU, resigned 1974 - MSP, 27 years. Active Owosso Post Commander
xJerome J. Ciesinski, Warren, MI. 2/14/09 10/30/67 to 01/31/93 Class 67-?. 5th Precinct, Organized Crime Section, back to the Fifth Precinct. Retired. Active RDPFFA,  (New E-Mail add.)
Victor Cinco, Sterling Hgts,MI. 3/18/04 15th Precinct,9th,Traffic and Records Court. Retired
Dennis A. Clark Currently a Narcotics Lt.   Formerly  #10,  #4, Communications,  #12, C.O. of    M.C.M.U. until disbanded in 98,  Gang Squad, Narcotics
Ray Clifford, Presque Isle, MI. 9/18/05 #11, Crime Lab, Breathalyzer Unit, Communication, #2, YSS #9. Retired. Summer in Presque   Isle, Michigan, Winter Clewiston, Florida (New E-Mail add.)
Robert Cobane, Retired from Comm Systems, Belle Isle Radio in 1979. Worked at old #7, PEB, #16, PVS
Richard G Cofell, Det. MI. 4/26/11 (No Add.) 01/23/78 Class = 78 I, mobile mini sta,1o pct, first pct now central. Active
xMichael Z. Cohan, Wellington, FL. 7/18/08 5-7-72 to 11-91, Class 72 K. # 14 / # 2 Traffic, DMPA Driving Inst. Retired in 91. Now working at the Port of Palm Beach. (New E-Mail add.), Active RDPFFA
Brandon Cole, Detroit, MI. 10/20/05 TSS 99-04, TMU (back to the past) 05, Son of Marsha Cole Retired #3, Active
John T. Coleman III 7th Precinct, Gang Squad, Internal Affairs Unit
Warren Coleman, Ocala Fla. # 7 #10  #15   #11 Control Center #15 IOS  #12  #10 Retired Lt. (New E-Mail add.)
Bob Collinash, 6/9/05 #13, Tactical Operations, Evidence Tech. Unit, Retired in 1999 (New E-Mail add.)
Thomas Collins, Scottsdale AZ / Carp Lake MI. 3/9/05 16,2,4,6,12,14, 10, COP, Scientific Lab Evid Techs, 14IOS, Homicide and last but not least HARBORMASTER. Retired
xJames R Columbo, Cartagenah, Colombia SA
12/18/66 to 2/15/81. #11, TMU, Narcotics, Sgt #4, Narcotics. Retired NON Active RDPFFA#11 TMU Narcotics, DEA Task Force Sgt #4- Sgt Narcotics Conspiracy Unit Retired
Sam Paul Comella, Henderson, NV. 3/12/05 #1 and #13  Communications, Motor Division, Fleet Control. Retired
Tony Conant, 7/10/05 #16- Central Morality- #14- Chief Staff Surv.- Vice- & Liquor Lic.- RETIRED IN 1989.
Bob Condo, Key West, FL. Worked #11 and Narcotics.  Retired.  Now owner of a deep sea fishing boat out of Key West.
Ryan Connor, 11/18/07 12-02-96- Class 97G. #10, #5, #9, #6. Active
Bradford Cook, Blair, SC. #10pct. gang squad, police academy, #6pct, mcmu, narcotics(ppu)..Retired (7/3/00)
xDennis W. Coon, Green Cove Springs Fl. 8/29/10 4-21-69- 9-89 Class 69f, #6,  #6 precinct narcotics,  Mounted,  #15,  Underwater recovery team.  Stationary traffic,  DPD tow truck. Retired Active RDPFFA
Raymond G Coon, Homosassa, FL. 6/6/07 2nd precinct, Organized Crime, P. S. U., Motor Traffic, 12th precinct, 16th Precinct. Retired (New E-Mail add.),
Tom Coon, 3/11/04 9 prct 11 prct clean up 15 prct. 7 prct.  harbormaster, law dept, fleet control. Retired
xDennis Coon, Harrison Twp. 7/21/13

4-21-69 to 9-89, class = 69-F. #6  PNU   Mounted   Dive Team   #15 pct.   Stationary Traffic   City Tow Truck. Retired. Active RDPFFA

Glen Corker 10 (twice), 5, armts, 16, 8, crime analysis since 1987, currently active but retiring in next few months.
Rocco Corsetti, Detroit MI. 5/16/06 03-31-75, class 75b2.13, 5, 7, 9, gaming, tss, reico east,central events, northeastern Active
xMichael David Cowling, Rochester Hills MI. 12/4/09

02/1970 05/1991, 7th Pct./ Narcotics/ Retired  Active RDPFFA, (New E-Mail add.),

Keith Coykendall, Ocala, FL. 12/10/03 2nd precinct, stadium hall arena detail. Retired
Steve Coykendall, 8th Pct. Active
James E. Craig, Jr. Assigned to the 10th pct. from June/1977 through August/1980. Laid off, joined LAPD January 1981- currently hold the rank of captain, divisional commanding officer.
xThomas Crane, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 2/19/11 5.21.73 to 2.28.88 Class 73 I. 12, TSS, Inspection Section, Crime Prevention. Retired Active RDPFFA
xBill Cross, Sanford,Mi 10/8/06 2-11-63 to 12-76. Old #2, 1st precinct special beats, I.A., Retired 1976. (New E-Mail add.), Active RDPFFA
Richard Cross, Brown City, MI 12/19/03 7th pct 4-74 to 11-74, 15th pct 11-74 to 7-85, T.E.U. 7-85 to 3-89, 9th pct 3-89 to 1-92. Retired

Jim Culver, Imlay City, MI & McMillan, MI. 9/29/03

1966-67 #1, 1968-1970 tmu, 1970-1995 atf-det.mi, 1995 Retired
Anthony Curatolo, 11 prct patrol, 11 & 15 ys, 11 prct patrol-retired (91), working macomb college pd.
Donald R. Curry, 2nd pct (vernor) tss, 10th, vice, 5th, narcotics (code name, cue) organized crime, chief's staff, 13th, cats-waymac, armts, 9th (twice), eastern pct support, plan & insp, I.A., (Retired 2001)
Clifford "Glenn" Cushard, Jackson, MI. 2/4/08 5-7-73 to about June 0f 1979, Class of 73I. 7th Pct, TMU, Bluebird Unit.Retired from MSP 2006.(New E-Mail add.),
Walter Conklin Cushard, Macomb, MI. 12/14/06 05-16-66 to 05-16-94. 7th prect., tmu, aviation. Retired. NON Active RDPFFA
xBernard J. Cybulski, Howell, Mi. 7/11/13 06/06/1969 Active Class = I-69,  Rico Unit, Sixth Precinct, Crime Scene Unit, Fleet Management, A/O DPOA Vice President  Active RDPFFA

xJoe Dabliz, Detroit, MI. 10/22/07

09-08-69 to 09-23-94, Class 69K.  #2, TMU & #16, Retired. Active RDPFFA
Al Dabrowski # 6, 16, 7, 10YB, 10DB,  Aviation,  Spec.Ops. ,Retired 91
Robert Joel Dale Precinct #9, #5 Active
Tim Daly, Chino, California 7/20/11 Former 9/8/69 69K, Worked = # 14, STRESS,Hq survalance,# 6 and MCMU Left 9/5/78
Joseph Daniele, Chesterfield MI. 6/10/05 15, 1, 11, 13,mini sta , gang sq, mcmu, and court sec. Retired
XDaniel R. David, Algonac, MI. 7/25/09

9-12-1974 to 11-29-1999, Class 74-L. #5, Special Events, #10, Mini Stations, #13, #11, Community Policing, retired from Personnel. Retired. Active RDPFFA

Andrew Dattolo, # 13. Active
xDennis James David, Howell, MI. 3/18/08 11-08-1971 to 11-08-1996, Class 72D. #10, ARU, Communications, Auto Pound, #3, TCRU, Retired 1996.  Active RDPFFA
Walter David, Frankenmuth, MI. Third Precinct, Youth Bureau, Liquor License Bureau. Retired 1967 after 18 years active. BAD ADDRESS
Ted Davies,  FL. Heaven Retired. Passed Away Jan, 4,2007
xRoy E Davis 5/26/11 Old #2,  intelligence bureau, narcotics, internal affairs, Retired @ 2 IOS Jan. 1990 Active RDPFFA
Wesley Dawe, Fairfield Glade TN #1,13,10,14,Retired 1981
Francis DeCrease 1st, old 5, New 5, 7, 11, old 15, Academy, 1st pct det., Inspections, control center, communications, research & planning, Fiscal, Telephone Crime Reporting. Retired   1986, then Ass't dir. Public Safety Highland Park, Pol. Adm Ecorse then Chief, and     ended career as Pol. Adm. Mobile Alabama
Lorain Demps, Detroit Mi. 8/4/11 07/29/1977 to09/01/1980, Class 77F. 2/10/1300 Beaubien. Former
xGeorge Dennison, Las Vegas, NV. 1/20/10 12th prec., TMU, racket conspiracy, organized crime, CSI, chiefs squad, TSS, M.I.N.T.,Aviation,Retired 12-91 Active RDPFFA, (New E-Mail add.),
Joe DeSchryver, Sterling Hts. MI. #11, tss, fiscal section, police athletic league, internal controls bureau, #5 Retired Sgt.
xJohn F. Deronne Sr. Chesterfield Twp  MI. 8/19/07 9-25-61 to 6-88. Class of 61. #7 Precinct, Goals and Standards Section. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xSteven Dest, North Port, FL. 3/2/09 06-16-68 to 07-01-91, Class 68G. 1st pct from 1968 to 1974. sex crime unit 1974 to 1988.prec.narc.sec 1988 to 89.36th dist ct till 1991 Retired Active RDPFFA (New E-Mail add.),
Michael Julius DeWolf, 9/29/03 #7, motor, organized crime, c tow, #13, property section  auto pond, #7, 40 & 8 retirement, residency induced.
Willard Dhans, Retired 4th precinct, Detroit, Mi. Department of Corrections Pasco, County, Florida
xPatrick Diamond, Clare MI.  2/3/12 6/71 to 07/1996 Class = 71I. 12th pct and 9th pct. Retired Active_RDPFFA_
Gary Diaz, Harrison Twsp, MI #4, #9, #6, Narcotics, #5, back at Narcotics. Active
Gregory Dick, Sterling Hts. MI. 7/10/05 Police Cadet '67-'70. '70 to '73 #7 Prec., Computer Room, Special Events,  Youth Bureau (#7, #5, #4,  #11) Retired 7/05
xThomas Dickinson, Safety Harbor, FL. 10/20/08 2/13/67 to 11/11/77, #13, Motor, Retired. Active RDPFFA, (New E-Mail add.),
xEd Diesch, Fowlerville, MI 7/6/06 3/69-7/17/97. Class-69F. #14, #12, Chief's Staff, #1, HQ Surveillance, Homicide. Retired  Active RDPFFA
Ronald "Scott" Dickinson, 15th Precinct, Aviation, Retired 1995
James DiGuiseppe, Brownstown, MI. 9/26/06 1996. 9th Precinct - Now the Eastern District. Active
xBill Dildy, Macomb Twp., MI. 1/28/14

12/12/1966 to 04/01/1998. #4, Scooters, TMU, Mounted, #14, Homicide, Personnel Worked Police Personnel from '86-98. Retired Active RDPFFA, New address

xDaniel Dobbs, West Bloomfield, MI. 8/16/06 6/4/73-4/1/97. Class-73J. 4th,old #2,TMU,Court Services,new#2. Retired. Active RDPFFA
Dennis J Doheny, #15, motor, sex Crimes, chiefs staff, vice/org crime, ias ,#5, #13,prisoner detention section, mis, Retired sergeant 08/94
Daniel James Dohring,    Heaven Hunt street, 2nd precinct, 13th precinct Retired. (Passed away July 26th, 2007)
John ('Jack') Donnelly, Novi, MI 73-98  #13,TMU,YB(Central & 13-IOS). Retired from #13   1998.  (Now with DCX Special Security Services)
xCarol C. Dornan, Clermont, FL. 3/1/08 10/73 to 10-86, Class 74-B. Youth Bureau, #5, Gang Squad, Ident Section. Retired Active RDPFFA
xLynn W. Dornan, Harrison Township MI. 5/9/07 09/29/1969 to 06/14/1981. 5th Precinct. Retired Active RDPFFA
Wayne Donald Dornan St. Clair Shores  MI.  6/7/04 Motor  Traffic  Bureau  (MTB)   7 Prct.  5 Prct.    Fleet  Control  Unit. Retired
Joseph Dosen, Bangor, Maine 5/24/04 Vice, 5th, Mounted, Evidence Tech. Retired
Julie McClure Dotson, Central TN. 5/28/07 1980 to Left 1986, 16th  ----  Reserves.
Michael Dowdy 3rd PCT Active
William T.Dowdy, Linden, TN. old #2, morality, #3,  Retired 02/02
James (Jim) Dow Florida, (Passed away Aug. 23, 2009). Aug.49 to #5, 1960 to Stationary Traffic, 65 to #7 Y,B. Promoted Detective 66 to #5 D.B. 68 to General Service Bur. later Special Invest. Retired 1975 Heaven
xTheodore Dow, Las  Vegas NV. 1/17/07 7-54 to 7-80. #9, #1, #15,morality,#5-Retired. Active RDPFFA
xRay Downing,  Las Vegas, NV. 9/24/06 old #2, 10 DB, MTB, and Chief's Staff. Retired 1984 Active RDPFFA,  (New E-Mail add.)
Donald Richard Drake, Algonac, MI. 3/4/05 15,TSS,5,Academy, 11, Internal, 2nd, Mini-Station Task Force, Eastern Precinct Support. Retired
xEd Dreslinski,  St. Helen, Mi. Still active Vernor station (#3) Lt in charge of IOU.  Started out old#2, ball park detail, Mini Stations, Crime Prevention, Community Policing, New #2,Communication Operations, now #3 again. Active RDPFFA
xMarsha Dreslinski, 1st Pct, TSS, Court Section, 4th Pct Iou, Internal Affairs, 8th Pct IOU, 12th Patrol and IOU, Office of the Chief Investigator. Retired Active RDPFFA
xJames Dubey, 4/19/05 13th precinct. Retired. Active RDPFFA
Mary Dudek (formerly Campbell) Clinton Twp, MI. 5/23/07Passed away 4/28/10 07/07/86, Class 86P. 5th Precinct, Support Services, Management Services, Eastern District. Active. (HEAVEN)
Robert B. Duffer, Avoca, MI. 2/23/05 #15, Retired
xRaymond R. DuJardin, Clinton Twp, MI. 3/16/12 5-10-65 to 2-26-86. #7, MOTOR TRAFFIC BUREAU, #5, Police Academy. Retired. Active RDPFFA
Michael A. Duncan, 7th prcinct;15th precinct;narcotics,old 15-new #9,escaped Jan. 1999.
Michael Dunn, Detroit, MI. 12/18/03 13th, mini stations, 3rd. Active
xAnn M Dupuis, Tipton, MI. 1/18/12 06-16-77 to 07-22-95, Class 77 K. Old #6 Patrol, #13 Patrol, #14, /#2 (Patrol & DB), Mini Station Section, Retired (New E-Mail add.) Active RDPFFA (New E-Mail add.)
Rodney Durham, Lincoln Park, MI. 11/11/08 5-24-99, Class 99m. #4 pct, #8pct, 13pct, now central district. Active
XDonald  M. Dwyer Jr, Huron twp. MI. 8/7/10

02/02/1970 to 07/29/1999, Class = f70. sixth precinct, vice section , six IOS, mounted section , retired Active RDPFFA

E xJames Eddy, Franklin, Tn. 3/11/08

7/18/1955 to 8/2/1980.#5, APB, #12 DB, Special Investigation, CJI, # 16 DB, # 2 DB Retired Active RDPFFA

Chris Egan 13th Precinct,   Executive Protection Detail, & Special Ops, Allen Park PD, MI
Walter R Elliott, Macomb Twp. MI. 1st Pct, 13th Pct, 12th Pct (IOS) Caprop
xJohn B. Engle, Phoenix,  AZ. 8/26/06 4-9-73 to 1-6-01, Class-73H. 7th Precinct/ Special Projects/ Planning & Inspection/ 11 IOU. Retired Active RDPFFA
xPatricia Engle, Phoenix/Ahwatukee, AZ. 9/2/06 2/13/1975 to 6/88. Class-75F. 15th Precinct,  9th Precinct,  Chief's Staff. Retired Active RDPFFA
Thomas D. English, 16th precinct - left in 1982, presently working for City of Centerville, Ohio
William G. Ensley, Lansing, MI. 3/6/05 13th Precinct. Former
Mark L. Erickson, assigned to gaming division. writer of crapped out in the tuebor.Active
Michael Erwin #14, #6 Retired 1996
xEmery Esse, San Antonio, TX 5/11/10, Active RDPFFA SRT, #6,#4,#14, Narcotics, CES, TSS. Retired DPD 1989. (New Address)
Alex Estrada #4,  #3,   McGraw,#6,  Recruiting,  Rouge Range
xJack Etrych, Spring Hill, FL. 8/3/06 05/08/72--12/85. 72K. #5, #5 narcotics, #5 ios. Retired Active RDPFFA
Ronald Ewald, Detroit, MI.(Passed away Sept. 5, 2009). 6-62 13TH PRECT. 70-92YB. RETIRED 4-30-92 FROM 16TH PRECT YB Heaven
F xHope Facen-Berry, Detroit, MI. 11/21/09 (No Add.)

7/5/77 to 10/20/2006, Class 77-M, 6thPCT, TSS, 12thPCT, Medical Section, Human Resources Bureau Retired Active RDPFFA

Bernell M. Fair, Detroit, Mi Crime Lab. Retired
Mohamed Farhat #1,TSS,narcotics Active
John M. Farrell, Spring Hill FL. 4/17/05 #7, Traffic Court, Prisoner Detention, Central Photo. Retired
Ted Farquhar, Houghton Lake, MI. Retired
Robert Feld, Jr. #12, VCTF,  Active (New Address)
xTom Feldt, 1/17/06 1st pct., Central Events, 6th pct., 3rd pct., Reserve Section. Retired Active RDPFFA
xRoger Fenimore, Howell, Mi. 9/26/11 4-68 to 5-76. #10, TMU, Retired, Active RDPFFA
Philip  Ferency, All those years and I'm still here at the 6th Pct Active
xLouis Feurino #16(3 times), #12, #10, gang sq., Legal Advisor Unit, Discipline Unit, #8 (retired) Active RDPFFA
James Figurski, 12thpct,.15th,mini stations, gang squad, 5th, narcotics, DEA Task Force
Jason Joseph Figurski, Warren, #7, #6, Active
xMichael Figurski, Brighton, Mi 1/128/14 031874= 052204 Class = 74G, 16th pct/8th pct. Retired Active RDPFFA
Charles Henry Fijolek, Houghton Lake MI. 6/12/05 #11. Retired 
Gordon Finlay, Livonia, MI. 11/9/04 #10, #13 DB, Check Squad,, Wayne County Orginized  Crime Task Force, Narcotics Section. Retired
Timothy Firchau, 13th Precinct, DMPA, Executive Protection Unit, CAPS, Active

Douglas A. Fisher, Palm Harbor, FL. 11/19/03

Thirteen, sixteen, fourteen, APB. Retired
Kelly Fitzgerald, Rockwood, MI. 5/7/05 8th Precinct, Narcotics Division, Civil Rights Division Audit Section. Active

Paul J. Fitzgerald, (Heaven, Apr. 25, 2003)

Special Agent, who was assigned out to Federal Bunco Squad '     ( Retired 3/93 )
Craig Fitzpatrick, Troy, MI. 12/14/06 2-93 to 8-95, Class 93B. T.S.S., Now in Troy. Former. (New Address)
Dan Fitzpatrick,Santa Monica, CA. 14th Pct, Dispatch, 16th Pct. Retired
xMichael J. Foley, Huron Twsp.  MI. 8/24/06 7-10-61 to 1-10-92. #4. TMU. CDMU. Vice. #11,#4, Special Events. Retired  post retirement owned Maggie Muldoon's Saloon. Active RDPFFA
Bruce C. Ford Sr. PSU, 1st Prct. 10th Prect, APB, OPE, Recruiting, Administration, Office of the Chief, Medical Section, Police Reserves, Public Info., Museum & Archives Unit. Appointed 7/21/69 Retired 10/19/95              
Daniel Ford Detroit, MI. HarborMaster(Summer detail) #4. TMU, TMS, TSS, Commercial Auto Theft, Western Wayne Auto Theft.
Sheena Nicole Ford, Detroit MI Rookie Number 8
xPierre Fortier, Detroit, MI. 8/26/06 3-27-72 to 8-7-03. #14,Vice Squad, Chief's Office, Belle Isle Radio, Info Systems Section,Technical Services Division,  #7. Retired Active RDPFFA
Michael Fournier  (Fork), #7 69 Thru 76 Harbormaster 76 Thru Jan96 Retired
Ronald E. Fournier, 9/18/03 7; MTB; #5; Retired 1986
Larry L. Fowler, Ocqueoc, MI. 4/17/06 7-10-72, Feb. 1979, Class 72-M. 13th, Police Academy TAC officer, Non Active RDPFFA
xNancy Fowler, Knoxville, TN. 8/24//08 Old #1, #4, #7, Medical Section and Crime Analysis. Carjacking Task Force since 1994. Moved to Tennessee Retired (New Address)  Active RDPFFA
xShelly Iris Foy, Detroit MI. 5/1/13 09-18-1977-01-10-2005, Class = 77T. 5th, 7th, 3rd, Sex Crime Unit, Commercial Auto Theft Unit, Child Abuse Unit Retired Active_Active RDPFFA
Frank Frabotta, 9th,15th,Reco East, #1 Pct, #1 Spec Ops, Active
Louis Francis, Clinton Twp, MI. #5, #1, special events, property, tcru and evidence tech's. Retiring July 2001
Michelle Francisco, 7/29/04 #4 Active
Robert French, 6/21/04 15th Pct, 7th Pct, 5th Pct, 5th Pct IOS, Tactical Services Section. Active til July 5,2004
Steve Freriks,  Round Rock, TX. 1/28/08 6-1-71, Class 71-I, #10,  Racket Conspiracy, Organized Crime, TMU,  #11. Left after 14 years. (New Address)
Dennis Fulton, #5, HQSU, #3, Tiger Stadium, #13, #7 Active


Harry E. Galen, Bradenton, FL.

Retired (New address)

xJohn Gallaher, Shelby Township, MI. 3/11/12
11/18/63 to 7/93, Class 11/18/63. #10, TMU, Narcotics, COP, Medical Section, Control Center & Tactical Operations, Retired
Corzzell Galloway, Detroit, MI. 11/18/05 TSS, Tenth, Ninth and Gaming. Active
xJohn Gambotto, Redford, Mi. 7/28/06 11-26-62-12-1-87, 4th Prec., ORGANIZED  CRIME, COMMERICAL AUTO THEFT. RETIRED. Active RDPFFA
Michael Gambotto, Lansing, MI. Retired from the 16 precinct
Kenneth D.Gardiner, Peoria, AZ. 9/8/03 #4 precinct, #16 precinct, #10 Precinct and i.a.   Retired 1977 

Fern Webster Garner, Warren, MI 11/18/03

Woman's Division 1946-1953. Former DPO, left when married
Gregory Gaskin, #11, STRESS, NDMU, #4, Narcotics, Communications, Mini-Stations, Public Info, #13, IA, Western Ops, YB, #2, #10, Tac Ops, Chiefs Staff, Gaming.  Retired 9/00.
James A Gaymon, 4th prect., w.c.o.c.t.f., commercial auto theft, vice section, narcotics, Retired from 11th prect. 1999. NON Active RDPFFA
Marty Gaynor 11/15/07 #2, #3(Vernor,) CATS, Narcotics,  #2 (Grand River), #10, Sex Crime Unit, 6 IOU, retired October 2004
Arthur Gallagher, #14 tss k-9 Retired
Dennis P. Gallagher, Southgate, MI Old #2 Pct., Field Duty Section, Evidence Tech. Unit, MCMU, Information Systems Section, #3 Pct, Retired from the Evid. Tech. Unit in Aug/00.
Nancy Jo Gauchey, Falls Church, VA. #7, Vice Section, Sex Crime Unit.  Retired 1988. I am in my final year of graduate school at Virginia Tech to become a psycotherapist and working in Case Management at Inova Fairfax Hospital.  A proud member of the Northern Virginia Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team.
Martin Genter, 7/14/04 5th Precinct, Narcotics, Homicide. Retired
xJohnni Charlene Genther, Royal Oak, MI. 4/18/06 01-19-1975-07-28-1989, Class 75-D, 7Pct., Central Events, 3rd Pct, Mini Station Task Force, Auto Squad, Harper Van Dyke Mini Stat. Retired Active RDPFFA
Frank Gentile, North Las Vegas,NV. Lieut. Retired from #11, 01-21-76. (New E-Mail Add.)
Peter H Gernand, 7 prec. Crime lab evidence technician Retired Jan 2000
Joan D. Ghougoian, 9/13/06 12th Precinct, Sex Crimes Unit, Criminal Investigation Bureau, Homicide Section, 7th Precinct, Field Duty. Retired 3/19/99. NON Active RDPFFA
Bernie Gibson, Tactical Services, Active
Dick Gibson Old #2(Vernor), #5DB, #12DB, #6IOU, Active
xKen Gidner, Brooklyn, MI. 1/27/09 2/13/67 to 4/29/92, #1, APS, #3 and Prisoner Detention. Retired Active RDPFFA
David Gilbeau, Harrison Twp, MI. 8/24/05 Harbormaster  Traffic Court Section  13th Precinct. Retired from #13 YB on 7-7-02
Daniel Gildersleeve, Cadillac, MI. 11/25/10 1948 to 1973. 4th Precinct. Retired NON Active RDPFFA
Tom (Blade) Gillette, Sebastian, FL. 1/26/04 Former, DPD Belle Isle Radio
James Giroux, Caro, MI. 1/2/05 Former DPD # 5

xBernadette A. Glass, Dearborn Heights MI. 11/25/07

11-01-06 class-77n. 13th, 5th  patrol  30 series cruiser. Retire  NOV 6 2006.  Active RDPFFA, (New E-Mail Add.)
Bryan Glover, Trenton , Mi 8th pct, Narcotics nw enforcement, currently narcotics ppu, Active,
Michael Gniewek, #6pct,  new & old,  #4 IOU,   #3 IOU,   Retired 10-29-04
xOdell Godbold mobile mini, bluebirds, 5th pct, mcmu, repeat offenders, vctf, headquarters surv, (robbery), 4th pct. Active Active RDPFFA
Debra Godfrey, Livonia, MI. 6/1/05 10, 13, k-9. Retired. (New address)
Steven Godfrey, Livonia, MI. 6/1/05 10, Mini Station, Greek Town, 13, 10 again, and Narcotics. Retired. (New address)

Ralph Goode, Imlay City MI 2/28/03

Class August 65, 1st precinct, scooter patrol. Retired NON Active RDPFFA
Jodi (Steinberg)Gonterman 1st pct 1996-7, currently police officer in Albuquerque, New Mexico
xDennis Golec, Traverse City,Mi. 9/27/13 03-27-72 to 01-13-96, Class = 72-I. #11,BI Radio.#13,#9,Personal Affairs. Retired  Active RDPFFA
Manuel Gonzalez Jr. Southgate,MI. 1/24/10 12-14-1974-08-01-2006 Class 74-B, 2nd.pct. to 4th.pct. to Hd.Qtr.Reserve section to Cntrl. Div. D.P.R. Special Events, and the Fox Detail. Retired NON Active RDPFFA
xTom Gould, Petoskey, MI. 7/20/11 4-26-64 to 7-11-90. Five, PSU, Fifteen, Nine, New Center Mini Station. Retired. Active RDPFFA (New address)
Neil Gracer, Highland Township,  MI #4, old #16, CATS, #8-30 series, #6,  Retired 9/98 (New address)
Philip A. Graham, Caro, MI. 7/13/07 10/29/73 to 06/05/93. Class-73-C. 6th Pct. and Narcotics Division. Retired  NON Active RDPFFA
Scott Graham 20 ATWATER
xAustralia Graves, Detroit, MI. Heaven 2010 Old #15, 1ST Pct, and, 7TH Pct. Retired as of (2-1-2003). Heaven  Nov. 28,2010
xRichard Graves P.S.U., #5, Narcotics, #2, #3, Retired. Mortgage broker, Clinton Twp., Michigan Active RDPFFA
xBill Gray, Lexington, MI.  7/22/12 (1/69-1/94) #13, Bomb Sqd, TMU, #5, #7, Narcotic Section, #9. Retired as Lt., currently work as Sanilac County Drug Unit Dir., live in Lexington MI 1-800-544-DRUG Active RDPFFA (New address)
Roy C Gray, Ormond Beach, FL. 5-5-69 = 1-19-96 class = 69G, #10, PAL, #14, #2, FOX DETAIL, #1, #6, #9 AND NARCOTICS RETIRED 1996 Active RDPFFA
William M. Gray, Jr., Eastpointe, MI. 3/6/06 #15, #5, Central events, Tiger Stadium and Joe Louis Detail Retired. Active RDPFFA
Ernie Green, Monroe, MI  9/14/10 11-7-71  2-24-80 Class = 71D,  #7 #16  Left  Monroe Co. Sheriff Retired 6-6-2010 Former DPD.
Ronald A. Green, Clinton Township, MI. 4/21/04 #1,4,5,7,10,15,  Y.I.B, Homicide, Holdup, Aviation,, Special Operations Division, Field Duty Section. Retired
Dale A. Greenleaf, Roseville, MI. 1/12/06 12th pct, Disciplinary, Homicide, Fatal Squad, Legal Affairs Division, Active,
xDennis J. Griffiths, Chesterfield Twp, MI. (Passed away July 14, 2009) 10-9-72 to 7-10-99, Class 73-B. #1, #3, MSS(ESTF), # 5  & finally narcotic division until retirement. Retired (New address) Active RDPFFA Heaven
xDonald Grode, Clinton Tsp MI. 4/2/05 7 Pct, T.M.U, #13DB,@9IOS,36th District Court. Retired 1/98 Active RDPFFA
xCharlie Groh Houghton Lake, MI. (Passed away Sept. 12, 2007). #1,   APB,  #14,  APB,  #4,  Retired Active RDPFFA. Heaven
xHarry M Grover, Afton, MI. 6/6/11 03/27/72 to 03/18/98 72-I. Worked = #1, #1 PNU, Central Narcotics, #3 IOS, # 3 Uniform Retired  Active_RDPFFA

Jerry Gschwender, Clay Twp. outside of Algonac, MI.

15/9th Pct. 1971 thru 1999; most of career in Traffic Unit, Retired as Sgt. in Oct. 99
Don Gudmundson, Lakeville, MN. 8/9/09 07/19/1971 to 04/30/1976 Class 71-J. 5, Crime Lab, Homicide Squad 7. Former. Now Sheriff of Dakota County MN.
xLaurence Gumbrecht, Chesterfield Twp MI. 02/28/13 class 71-L 9-7-71 34 yrs 1 mth 2 wks at #5. Precinct closed 9-26-05 and was boarded up, worked plt 1 build security and was the last PO to retire from Fifth Precinct 10-21-05. Retired  Active RDPFFA (New address)
Art Gunn #6, #13, Motor, #4, #14. Retired 1982. (New address)
Gary Habkirk, San Bernardino, CA. 16th (8th)precinct 1969-1994. Retired
xRon Hackney, Flower Mound, TX. 1/25/07 10/18/65 to 1989. 13th. Precrinct (65-69), Motor Traffic Bureau (69-74), Range (74-89). Retired.  Active RDPFFA
xRobert D. Haderer, Roscommon, Mi. 8/20/06 7-14-69 to 1-4-99. #1 Prct.,Stationary Traffic AKA #1 SES (New E-Mail Add.)   Active RDPFFA
Robert Hahnke, La Crosse, VA., 3/27/05 13,Communications, and #16. I left in 1982 and joined New Hampshire State Police. Retired from there in 2002. I would enjoy hearing from any of the people I worked with. Currently Police Chief of La Crosse, VA. (New address)
Donald Haight, Warren, MI. 12/5/06 08/12/85 - 85G. Class 85-G. Third Pct,    Second Pct, Third Pct  Southwestern District, Sergeant,  Special Oper. Active
John T. Halloran,  (Heaven). Retired 96 from Aviation (23) years. 4 yrs TMU and a short time at old 16. (Heaven Oct.18, 2006).
Jim Hames, 6th pct, Motor....Retired
Jim Hamon, Started 1956,assigned #10 then m.t.b. promoted 1966 to 1 db then 10 db,11db ex sgt,retired 1982 from 16 ios
Joseph P. Hamm, Warren, MI. 12/2/03 4th pct, Narcotics - DPD Chaplain. Active
xWilliam Haney, Detroit, MI. 8/12/11 11-29-71 to 12-8-96, Class 72D, #7, Mounted, Retired. Active RDPFFA (New E-Mail Add.)
John S.Hangstefer, Highland Township, MI Old #14, Oganized Crime, #6, #3, Crime Prevention, Chief's Staff, Retired from#3
Dale Hankey, Armada, Mi 8/19/03 15th precinct 1971. Retired 9th precinct 1997. Working at Ren Cen.
David Jonathan Hansen,  Philippi,  WV.  8/14/06 14th Pct - Youth Bureau - Computer Section. Retired (New E-Mail Add.)
Jeffry Scott Hansen, 1/14/04 # 8, Former DPD now at Taylor PD. Website
Marcus L Harper, Sr. Troy, MI. 10/22/06 5-18-87 to 4-23-03, Class 87r. 1st,Tactical Services section, Florida Department of Law Enforcement. retired-retired, (twice). NON Active RDPFFA
Amir Harris, Southfield, MI. #11, #7, Narcotics,  Traffic Court Section (Warrants), #9 IOU, Retired 2001 (New E-Mail Add.). NON Active RDPFFA
George Antonio Harris, 11th PCT, Narcotics, TSS, Armed Robbery, Homicide, Headquarters Surveillance, MCD. Still Active working Homicide Cold Case Unit
xHarvey T. Harris, Jr. Northville, MI. 8/2208
1-4-71 to 9-18-91, Class 71-D. Research & Development, Academy, Harbormaster, #10, TMU, Field Operations, Narcotics, Internal Affairs, Office of Chief of Police, Homicide, Staff Inspections, Recorders Court, & #12. Retired  Active RDPFFA
xJimmy Harris, 12/19/06 11/70 to 1/93. 10,E.P, Organized crime, Robbery Bureau, Homicide,STRESS. Retired Sgt. Active RDPFFA
Robert Harris #4,TSS
xPaul Hartzell,   10/24/10

15th Precinct, 9th Precinct, Crime Lab (Firearms / Bomb Squad), 8th Precinct, Forensic Services, Management Services Bureau.  Retired. 10 23/10 Active RDPFFA

Thomas Harvey, (Passed away Jan. 7, 2009). 86-87  7th precinct  6/87-12/97  5th precinct   92-97  Harbormaster Summer Detail  12/97-present  Aviation Unit-Pilot  (Heaven)
Steve Hassler, Roseville, MI. 10/8/09 10/13/86 to 5/17/08, Class 87-B, 5th Pct, RECO-East, TSS. Retired  NON Active RDPFFA
Jerry D. Hayes Police Cadet 1969, TMU 1972, 5th Pct patrol, 5th Pct Gang Sqd, Central Gang Sqd (77-80), Sgt. 15th Pct IOS  80-84, ARU 84-99, Gaming Div. IOU Active.
Robert C Haynes, Macomb Twp,MI 11th precinct.  Retired 5-14-99
xDouglas Heady, Rockwood MI. 6/11/08 9-27-71 to 1979, Class 71-b. Old #6. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xGerald R. Heinrich, Boulder City, NV. 12/13/06 #13, 1956-1965; Info. Systems (computers) 1965-1981; Retired 25yrs to the day. Active RDPFFA, (New E-Mail Add.)
xAl Helquist, Gold Canyon, AZ.  (Passed away Sept. 28, 2011). Class of 11/01/54 and Retired from TSS K-9 Unit in June 1981.  I was assigned to #10, #13, #16, Vice, #14-IOS and TMU.  Now residing in Gold Canyon, Arizona where I am    the Secretary of   THE ARIZONA ROADRUNNERS. HEAVEN

xPatrick M. Henahan, Farmington Hills, Mi

#14(I0S), TSS, Armed Robbery Unit, #16, Chiefs Staff, #1 IOS, Homicide Section,   Retired, now with Livonia P.D. Active RDPFFA
Mark Henning, Police Personnel Unit. Active
Kristopher Hernden, St Clair Shores, MI. 5/23/10 01-06-97  Class = 1997 I,  5th preinct, TSS,TMU Active.
xMark Hetherington, Crystal, MI . 10/16/10 03/31/1975 - 09/25/2007 Class 75B2 10th, (Florida Deputy Sheriff during layoff), TSS, K-9,Info Systems, Promoted to #10, #3 patrol, #3 IOU. Retired  NON Active RDPFFA
James Hillock, 09/23/04 #7, Active
Kathy M. Hines, Nashville, TN. 7/23/09

04-28-89 to 11-01-02 Class 89-E. #9, #5 Patrol, Vice, FTO, #6IOU Retired. NON Active RDPFFA

George K. Hite, (Heaven) 13th Prct., Mtb., Recruiting-----Retired Passed away 6/29/03
xCarter A. Hix, San Tan Valley, AZ 2/16/10

11/18/1963-7/14/1990, #5 and Youth Bureau. Retired Active RDPFFA

xJohn Hodges, #1 and Motor in the 1960s , Retired from property 1986. (New E-Mail Add.) Active RDPFFA
xThomas W Hogue, Shelby Township, MI. 1/31/07 05/07/1973 to 08/15/1998, Class 73-I. # 15. TSS, #5, TMU. Retired Active RDPFFA
Larry Holland 6/7/07 Retired 1988, Inspector #5 Patrol,  worked old #2 YB,  #12,  Academy,  Mini -Stations Chief Wixom PD til July 1998, Retired (New E-Mail Add.)
xNorman Hollins, Crossville TN. 9/30/06 15th, 5 ,7 ,4 ,Pal. Retired.(New E-Mail Add.) Active RDPFFA
xAlbert "John"Holman, Waterford, MI. 8/17/13 2-7-66 to 5-31-79. 10th pct.,TMU, 16th pct. Retired Active RDPFFA (New E-Mail Add.)
Jim Hosking, St. Johns MI. 3/19/06 4,Western Morality, 4PNU, 16, Armed Robbery, Repeat Offenders, CATS, Retired 1993 (New E-Mail Add.)

Cynthia Jo House, St. Clair Shores, Mi

CO of Disciplinary Admin, Medical Section, Drug Screen, Organized Crime, Vice, #13, # 5, Chief's Staff, MSP SISU, Rackets, Retired. Now working in Corporate Security of Ford Motor Co.
Paul Houtos Jr. 12/18/04 5th Pct., Former now with Warren PD
William Howland, Grandville, MI. 6/14/04 TSS and 4th. Former DPD
Leonard Hrecho, St.Clair, MI. 3/11/11

10-77 to 10-79, 78B, 7th precinct. laid off in 79 / presently Clinton Township Retired Clinton Township PD

xFrank Hrubiak, Holiday, FL. 12/27/10 3/10/52 to 6/20/78. #4, #6 D.B., and Major Crimes Division- Armed Robbery Unit Retired. (New E-Mail Add.) Active RDPFFA
Ronald John Hrubiak, Highland MI. Assigned to #12, Retired on 8-1-98.
xJames Hughey, Westland, MI. 8/14/06 #16  #14. Retired. Active RDPFFA
Greg Huizar, #1, #3, OCU/VICE, #2, RETIRED 7/2000
xRaymond Scott Humphreys, Commerce Twp., MI. 5/18/08 04-21-69 to 01-05-96, Class 69 F, 12 Precinct, Central Morality, Vice, Tactical Mobile Unit, Dispatch Communications, 16 Precinct/8 Precinct. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xMelbourne J. Hynes II, Highland, MI. 8/22/06 #14, TSS, MCMU, #12, #14 changed to #2, #8, Retired 01,05,01 Active RDPFFA  (new address)
I Michael Ianitelli, Monroe, MI. 3/21/05 Retired DPD Narcotics (New E-Mail Add.)
Steve Iannucci, #11,#1,Communications,TSS,Personnel,Info Systems, #12. Retired (new address)
James R. Irons, 2/11/05 #12, #13, #4,VCTF,#3. Retired
Daniel Isakson, Chassell, MI. Retired Detroit Fire last assigned to Eng 57
xLloyd Ivey, Virginia Beach, VA 3/21/06 12th, TMU, TMS, TSS, Retired. Active RDPFFA. (new address)
J Patrick Jackman, St. Clair Shores, MI. 8/12/11 04/28/86 Left_Dept_ = Class = 86N, TSS; 13th Pct; 13 IOU; 9th Pct; 5th Pct; 7th Pct; Central District Active
Charles H. Jackson Old 3rd,  7YB,   CCB,  10th,  1st,  12th,  13th,  CIB,  new 2nd,   5th,  Retired 1990
Gordon Jackson, St.Clair Twsp, MI #5, TSS, Special Events, #1, Central Photo, #8. (New E-Mail Add.)
James Jackson Personnel Bureau, Training division, Academy, Communications, Inspections, Special Projects, Internal Controls, Public Info., #11, Scooters, #10
James L. Jackson Jr. Detroit M. academy,#10,academy,#13,central morality,#13,internal controls bureau, gang sqd. retired in 1984
Nancy Jackson, St.Clair Twsp, MI #13, Organized Crime, #5, Mini-Sta. CATS, Mayor's Sec., Homicide, #1, Equip. Cont. Retired.
John Dohany Jacobs, Howell, Mi. 13th Pct., Recruiting, Auto Squad and retired with 35 years from the Court Section.
Carrie L. Jacobson(shannon)(krupinski), Garden City, MI. 5/1/04 white hats, recruiting, property section, narcotics,#8 +#6. Quit
David Jakeway Sr. Livonia, MI. (Heaven) #10, Western Surv., MCMU, #12, Evidence Techs., Retired 8-15-98. Working part time prisoner transport.(Passed away 12/6/04)
David Jakeway Jr. Detroit, MI. 8/18/10

07-28-1986-08-03-2010, Class 86-S. Mini Station Section, 8th Precinct, Commercial Auto Theft Retired NON Active RDPFFA

Andrew Janette, Pontiac, MI. 12/12/08 09-25-00 Class 2001-C. Housing, 6th Precinct, Northwestern District, Central District, Operation Night Owl Active
xEdward Janowicz, Harsens Island,MI. 8/8/08 9/25/67 to 9/25/92, Class 67E. #11. Retired Active RDPFFA
John E. Jasper,  Woodstock, IL #5 (69 to 73)Currently Detective in Woodstock, IL. 26 years here going for 30 and will come back to Michigan then.  (New E-Mail Add.)
xWilliam Jasper, Roscommon, MI. 3/7/08 5/16/74 to 3/90, Class 74-I. 13, Narcotics, 5. Retired Active RDPFFA
Michael Jennings, Sun City West 9/27/13 09/11/72 10/1/92, Class = 73A. #12, Communications Operations, DMPAS. Retired, NON Active RDPFFA
xJack Jensen, Pigeon, MI. 8/4/11 1st Precinct, Commissioners Driver, Youth Bureau, VP Lts &Sgts. Retired.  Assn, Chief , Caseville, Mi, Now Bailiff  73rd District Court, Bad Axe, Mi Active RDPFFA

Chris Amluxen Jepsen, Port Sanilac, Mi and Southern Pines, N.C

7th pct. Harbormaster,Mini sta task force, Insp.,15 IOS. ret. sgt. 1987.

John Jepsen, Port Sanilac, Mi and Southern Pines, N.C

10 pct,RECO,Stress.5 pct, IA, 7 pct. MCMU,Mini sta. task force, Retired sgt.1987
Vernon L Jocque, Prudenville, MI. 15 th. Pct. and the Information Systems Section. Retired in 1986
xJohn Richard Jeziorski, LasVegas, NY. 8/11/11

06-24-75 -03-03-88, Class 75P, Polic Cadet and Police trainee from 10-69 to 6-75 headquarters, PoliceOfficer # 11,2,7,Belle Isle, Communications.   Retired Duty Disability Active RDPFFA

Harold L. Johnson, Mobile, AL (Passed away 5/22/08). Police Academy, Racket Sq. Organized Crime, TMU, Records, Communications, Old #2, 10, Schaffer, Vice, New#6. Retired Inspector, CEO Highland Pk, CEO Ecorse, CEO Mobile, AL Police Dept. (Retired) (Heaven)
Jim Johnson, # 6 and TMU in 1960's. Resigned in 1969 to go to ATF. Left ATF and went into car business in Bowling Green,Ky. (New E-Mail Add.)
Murl Johnson, Southfield, MI 10th pct, Retired
Charles A Johnston, 7/11/04 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th. Retired
Heather Jones, Clinton Twp. MI #9. Active
Don Jordan #12 Trainee, #4, TSS, #15, Mounted, #9, #1, & Belle Isle Radio, Retired Jan 1999
xFred Jorgensen, Pahrump, NV. 7/26/06 11/14/74-1/7/04-Class-75A. DPD, #10, formerly #5, Special Events, MCMU. Retired 1/6/04 Active RDPFFA
Marty Joseph, #5, #11, #12, #1, #3, tactical recon, teu. Retired
K Walter Karczewski, Shelby Twp., MI. (Heaven 2007) #5, #7, #15, Morality, Retired from  #5. (Passed away May 7th, 2007)
xMarvin William Kammer, Englewood FL. 3/1/04 #13-assigned out-vice-censor bureau and #1--trans. to T.M.U. when formed--Sgt. in charge of k-9 unit--Retired from T.S.S  Active RDPFFA
xGerald Kanachki, Paducah, KY. 8/6/08 5/10/71 to 10/87, Class 71 H. 15th IOS Mayors Security Unit, Mini Stations. Retired Active RDPFFA
Gene Karvonen, Wolverine,MI. 3/29/04 16th, crime scene unit. Retired
xMichael Kawa, White Lake, MI #15,T.S.S.,Bluebird Unit, Harbormaster (summer detail), Mayor's Security Unit,  C.A.T.S., Fox Theater Detail, #9, #13, Eastern Precinct Support Unit, T.S.S Retired (Sergeant) 09-19-98. PO at Macomb Community College (New Add)    Active RDPFFA
Sue Kearney  (nee Siemaszko)
Clinton Township, MI.
WD, 70-73; Sex Crimes, 73-77; Tac Ops, 77-78; Homicide, 78-81. Retired
xArt Keillor, Farwell, Michigan Old #2, Old #16, Retired From #6. Retired 1997 Active RDPFFA
Edmond Kelleher, Port St Lucie Fl. 1/23/04 #7 1973-1987. Now a Sgt. with the Port St. Lucie Police Dept.
Alan Keller, Brentwood, TN. 8/18/10 10/28/1986 -01/31/1993 Class 86D #11 from 85-93, mostly boosters and Plt.4.  Now a detective Sgt. in Brentwood Tennessee.  Been here 10 yrs. My dad, Lt. Les Keller, retired 1989
xLeslie J. Keller, Murfreesboro,TN. 3/24/07 9-26-56 to 9-18-89, OLD 16TH, 2ND,1ST,10TH,SPECIAL EVENTS AND RECORDS & PLACEMENT.  RETIRED 1989 LIEUT. Active RDPFFA
Derral Kelly, Detroit MI. Active, currently assigned to the 13th pct
XTimothy Kelly, 8/17/13 DPD Cadet 01/70 to 01/73  PO 01/73 to 04/98 Worked #5,#1,Dispatch,IAS. Retired Active RDPFFA Officer for Chesterfield Twp. PD,
Virgil T. Kemp, St.Johns, MI. 10th Precinct, Motor Traffic Bureau, and Western Morality (1966 to 1977)  Now working for the St. Johns Police Dept. (New Add)
Mike Kenley, #5,TMU, crime analysis, Retired DPD 1993. currently chief of police in Denton Twp, MI. (Houghton Lake)
Jim Kenney, White Lk. MI. Started #12, auto theft unit, #4, auto theft unit, #6, tele. phone crime rpting. sect., 14th. and finally back to teleph. crime rptg. sect.   Retired
Ken Kenward, Westland MI. 8th pct Active

Ronald K. Kerwood Sr., Canadian Lakes, MI.

#13,TMU,#5,Academy,#10,Field Operations, Vice,#2,#12,#9,#4,#8. Retired as the C.O. of #8 in 95
xJames Kijek, Lexington, KY. 12/12/06 02/19/73 to 06/04/93. Class 73 F. Third, Retired Active RDPFFA
xArthur A. King, Livonia, MI. 8/13/06 1-08-1973-1-08-1999. Class 73-E. TSS/ Bluebirds/ and the 4th. Precinct. Retired Active RDPFFA
xRobert E. Kinnee, Flat Rock MI 4/21/11 03-31-66  04-01-91 Class -Worked  #1, Special Events Section , COPS, Cobo Hall Detail. Retired 1991 (New Add), Active RDPFFA
xAlan Kirschner,  Southlake, TX. 1/9/07 8-20-73 to 12-1-84. 73-L.  #15, Narcotics.Retired. Active RDPFFA
xFrank Kirschner, Sterling Heights, MI
1954 to 1989, #14, Vice, Special Investigations, Academy, #11. Retired Active RDPFFA
Dennis Kitchen, Livonia, MI. 1/17/05 Appointed February 1967, assignments: 12th Pct, TMU, Wayne County Organized Crime Task Force, 6th Pct, WCOCTF, IA. Homicide, Hold-up, IA and finally Central Narcotics. Retired August 1988
Jim Kleiner, Odessa, FL #14, TMU, #10, Western Ops, Eastern Ops, Law Dept., Inspection Section, Goals & Stds, Analysis & Planning, Retired Inspector 1992 
John B. Klock, Chandler, AZ. 4/2/05 #2, TMU, MTB, #11. Retired
xMichael Joseph Kniaz, Grandville, MI. 3/3/15 #1,#11,mini station task force,#9(old 15) Retired 1994, currently Chief Crystal Twp. Police Department-Montcalm County Mi Active RDPFFA
Gayle Knight #12, #13, #3, Headquarters Surveillance, Gang Squad, Crime Lab, Child Abuse, now at #2. Active
Jim Knittel, Redford, MI. 14 th pct, 6 th pct, Crime prevention section, Retired 1990 

Robert Zenon Kobylas ( ZENO ) Tennessee Ridge, TN. 4/26/10

12-6-71 to 3-15-76, #1  Central COPU. Former. NON Active RDPFFA, (New Add)

Lois Ann Koehler, Detroit, MI. Reserve #3
XGilbert G. Kohls, West Bloomfield, MI. 12/23/10 3-6-54 to 7-8-88, 2ndprecinct, 6thprecinct. Retired Active RDPFFA
xMitchell Dominic Koleczko, Chesterfield Twp. MI. 3/20/05 5-5-69 to 7-2-02, Class 69G, 13th,Vice,Organized Crime Unit,Vice, Law Dept., Uniform Store. Retired 2002 Active RDPFFA, (New Add)
xEugene S Konieczny, 12/11/08 Oct 1947 to Oct 1972. 15,7,uniform store. Retired. Active RDPFFA
Gary Konkel, Sterling Heights Mi. (Heaven 2006) Retired 1990 from 11 precinct. (Passed away Sept. 23rd, 2006)
xPaul V. Konopa, East China Twp, MI.3/17/07 2-15-60 to 8-1-86, 1st Pct./Traf. Safety/Personnel Retired 8-1-86 Active RDPFFA
Kenneth Kopp, Warren, MI. 2/13/04
Old #2. MTB, TMU, MTB (2nd time), Mounted, Evidence Technician Unit, Retired 1993.  Presently a Sergeant with the Wayne County Sheriff Department.
Ray Kosmack, Clinton Twp, MI. # 5 - Belle Isle Radio - APB - APD Records - Retired Jan 1979
xRick Kosmack 7/18/08 3-26-73 to 5-12-98, Class 73-G 5th Pct, TSS, 11th Pct,  Special Events, Sex Crimes Unit/Armed Robbery, 13th Pct. Retired. Active RDPFFA, (New Add)
xRichard Leon Kostera, Harrison Twp.MI. 09/25/10 Oct,12, 1970 to Oc t.30, 1995. Class 71 a. #7 and Stationary Traffic. Retired Active RDPFFA (New Add)
xTom Kostera, Clinton Township, MI. 5/18/07 1-19-70 to 2-14-92, Class 1970-E. TMU, #15, #5, S.T.R.E.S.S., Armed Robbery, Sex Crimes, Homicide. Retired. Active RDPFFA
Chris Kotsopodis, Wilmington N.C Worked at #1 1947 til 1952 went to Youth Bureau  til 1960 then was transferred to   Record Div. Worked at the Computer Center til 1972. Retired 1972
xCraig Kouba, Highland, MI. 9/1/06 12-10-71 to 7-10-96. Class-71-E. 12prct,  W.O.L.V.E.S. Retired Active RDPFFA
xFrank Kozlowski Hamburg Twp. MI.                 (Heaven 2007) Appointed 9-12-60, assigned to #10....68-73 #14, 73-75 #16, promoted and back to #14 1980 to SES (now #1 S.O.)  retired 1-2-97. Retired Active RDPFFA         (Passed away Dec. 20th, 2007)
Janice Kramer, Chesterfield Twp., MI 1/14/07 Youth Bureau, Tactical Operations, Professional Standards, OCI, Medical Section Retired 1998. 
Gregory Krapp, at good old #9 plt.2 Active
xJohn M. Krzesimowski, Saint Clair Shores, MI. 1/28/08 11-3-1969 to 11-3-1994, Class 70-C. #13,   Motor Traffic,  Traffic Enforcement,  Law Department,  Retired 1994 Active RDPFFA
Charles W. Kudla, Lake Orion, Mi. 7/19/05 Class '71H, 15th Pct, Youth Bureau on the Buliyard- 5th Pct- and 15th Pct, and finally, #15 COP Mentally Retired.
xRobert Kuhlman, Commerce Twp,MI. 1/27/06 #16  then  #8 now  Gone. 8-65 Retired 6/92 Active RDPFFA
Raymond Albert Kuhn, (Heaven 2008) Retired 1977 as detective sgt. from #1 DB.  Worked at #4 Precint as a patrolman. (Passed away Mar. 4th, 2008)
xJames Kujawski, Howell  Mi. 1/4/11 12-18-67 to 1-03-07 Class = 67-E Worked = #6 ,APB ,PSU, #6 Narco . Retired Active RDPFFA

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