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Present, Former, Retired, and Family members

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Attention Retiree's

If you are retired and not a member of the




Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Please show your support by joining the Association that has supported you whether you are a dues paying member or not. Go to the link above for the address of the RDPFFA.  

05-17-1977 to 02-1-2011 Class 77e. seventh precinct, fifth precinct and evidence tech unit. Retired Active RDPFFA

L xRonald Lach, Sterling hts. Mi. 1/14/13 1-08-96, Class = 96f. #11, first pct, 13th pct, Central District . Active Active RDPFFA
xJoseph L. Lach, 8/17/13 2 7 66 = 8 28 90 Class Feb 1966 , #11 TMU MTB fleet control. Retired Active RDPFFA
xEleanor Lafata, Clinton Township, MI. 3/7/07 sex crimes, chiefs staff,  # 5. Retired. Active RDPFFA
Bernard La Forest, Scottsdale, AZ #12 1962, #5 1964 TMU 1965, Joined ATF in 1970. After 13 moves, retired from the LA Field Division 1n 1998 (New Address)
William B. Lamb, Highland, MI. #4,#11, CARGO THEFT UNIT RETIRED
xJames E Lally, Hartland, MI. 4/21/11 10/26/1970 to 02/23/1998 Class 71B. 14th Pct, Homicide, Mini-Stations, 13th Pct. Retired Active RDPFFA
Clair LaPorte, 7/25/06 05-08-72-6-24-88-Class 72K. Worked  6 Precinct and 16 Precinct. Retired. NON Active RDPFFA
Francis George Lapum, Seminole FL. 4/12/05 #10, #14, Felony Prevention Section, #16, retired #8 IOS. Retired
xSam Lass, Warren, MI. 12/13/06 2/6/66-1/15/85. 7th Precinct, TMU, Community Relations,16th Precinct. Retired, Security - Providence Hospital (New Address) Active RDPFFA
Walter Lass #12th pct, communications sect. Retired May 22, 2001(New Address)
Bernard Latasiewicz, Clinton Twsp.MI 8/21/08 #5, APB, Communications, Personnel, and Harbormaster, Rretired '91(New Address)
xEmmett (Bud) Latimer, Brownstown, MI. 11/28/08 07-26-71 to 12-03-08, Class 71-K, 12th, TSS, 12th, 16th, Academy, 8th, Fatal Squad, 8th, NWD Retired. Active RDPFFA
Clifton Latour, Dearborn Heights, MI. 8/5/08 03-06-72 to 7-1-99, Class 72f. 1st and 3rd pct. Retired NON Active RDPFFA
Paul Laube, 1969-1999.  I worked at #5, Aviation, TMU, #15, East Side Surveillance and #13.Retired Sgt.
xTerry "Vito" Laurencelle old # 12, TMS, TSS,  Evid Tech, #1. Retired 1996.Now with Sterling Heights PD Active RDPFFA
xJames M Lawless Jr. Aurora(denver), CO. 9/26/06 5/73 to 9/87, Class 73-I. 11th,TSS disability retired. Active RDPFFA
Robert Leary #14,   APB,  #1,  #10 , Sgt.#14,  Retired 1981
xMichael Ledbetter, Warren, MI. #7 pct, Evidence Tech, Prisoner Detention, Central Photo, Retired 2001 Active RDPFFA
Gary Lee, Warren, MI. #10. #13, #5, DPOA SEC. TREAS, IDENT. DPOA PRES. LIQ.LIC. PROP. ROOM.  Retired. 39 INTERESTING YEARS.
Richard N. Lee,   Las Vegas, NV 9/24/03 11th Precinct; Scooters, COP; Vice; 15th Precinct; 5th Precinct; Mounted; 11th Precinct; Evidence Technician Unit. Retired in August of 1986 (Vested)
xDavid C. Lejeune, Fenton, MI. Old 2ND, #8, Retired (New Address) Active RDPFFA
Jeff Lemaux #14Pct,C.A.T.S,#4Pct,Firearms Repair Fox detail,#7Pct and Currently Assigned to Harbor Master Unit. Active
xMax Lemaux, Davisburg, MI. 1/31/07 7/8/57 to 7/9/91, Class July 1957. 1,12,TMU, LLB, Vice,T raffic Court, Property Section. Retired Active RDPFFA
Hugo E. Lemke, FL. 10 years at Old #15 then retired from Traffic Court Bureau. Living in Florida the past 15 years. Retired in January 1973 Retired
Robert J. Leon, McKinney,TX, 10/10/10,

10/12/1970 to 11/17/1977, 11th Pct, Wayne County Organized Crime Unit. Former DPD. Non Active RDPFFA

Lyle G. Lepage, Woodstock, Ga. 2nd. Pct., 14th Pct.,4th  Pct., 4mtr1, Honor Guard, Badge #1 (and still kicking)
Duty disability Ret. 1981 (damn harley)
Dana LeValley T.S.S.
Susan Smith (LeValley), Livonia, MI #2, Western Precinct Support Unit, Bomb Squad. Active
Elizabeth Lewandowski, Sex Crime Unit, #11 and #13 Retired
Douglas Libby, Baldwin, MI. 2/23/07 1977 to 1993. Class 78d?. # 12, # 4,Former,  escaped 1993, now pushing cruiser with Lake County Sheriff, MI Non Active RDPFFA
Michael Liczbinski, Warren, MI. Retired from 11 prect.1999, also worked the 13 prect, and the 15 prect.
Edward M. Liddle, Simi Valley, CA 4th Precinct, Vanguard Unit, 4th Precinct, Crime Prevention Section, Wood Ranch        Simi Valley, CA, Rerired
James H. Lightfoot Jr. Gaming division, Active
Sylvester A. Lingeman, Fremont, Mi. Passed away 3/7/08 15th Pct - 12DB, 5DB, 7th Pct. TMU, R&D after Riot, Made Lt. sent to Insp.Serv. Bur., by own request trans. to 5th Pct., to Com. Relations, Made Inspt., remained Com. Rel. until promoted to Cmdr.- assigned to commissioners Staff.  Retired 4-11-74 -  Wrote "Cops' Eyes" in 2000, revised in 2001. Heaven
Milton Little, Detroit, MI. 1st,   2nd,  5th,  7th,  9th,  TSS
Patrick J. Little, Saline MI. 9/3/13 2/16/68 = 2/72, Second Precinct. Tactical Mobile Unit, Narcotics Section OC, Washtenaw County Sheriff deputy, detective, sergeant, detective lieutnant.  Non Active RDPFFA
David Littlefield, Passed away 11/27/05 Seventh, ninth, fifteenth, thirteenth, auto squad, Central Events. Heaven
xSteve Livingston, 2/8/06 #14, new #2, Patrol Sergeant #8, Lieutenant at Gaming Operations and #8IOU. Retired Active RDPFFA
xRobert (Bob) Lloyd, 5/1/12 02.17.67 to 02.17.87, Class 67-1. 16th Precinct, TMU, TSS and Crime Lab. Evid Tech. Retired after 20 and went to Colorado.Now working for Thornton PD as a Crime Scene Tech.(Retired) Best retired job after DPD. Active RDPFFA
Tony James Logan, Chesterfield Twp 11th pct, 1st pct, 3pct active Sergeant
xJim Loiselle, Indy. IL. 5/26/11 1971 to 1996, Class 71E. 7th Precinct, Communications Operations Retired&University Of Michigan-Flint DPS Retired 2006. Active RDPFFA (New Address)
Glen Woodrow Long, Eddyville Ky. 1/20/05 12th pct 62  TMU 65  MTB 66 narc sec 72 16 pct. 77 Retired
Walter Long, Jr. #6, P.I.U, #12, Armed Robbery, #14, I.A., CATS, #4, Equipment Control. Active
xGeorge Edward Lott, Livonia, MI. #1-#13-tmu 67-71-#4. Retired march 4, 2002 Active RDPFFA
xArlie Lovier, Brownstown Twp, MI.  Passed away 2/12/07 3/18/74 to 7/5/2005. Class 74G. Old 14 Pct., 2nd Pct., Homicide, Retired   Heaven
Richard Luckee, Sarasota, Fl (W) Clinton Township, MI (S) #15, and traffic safety bureau. Retired in April 1973.
Don E. Ludlow Grosse Pointe Park, MI # 13, Motor Traffic, Aviation, Communications, # 15, Traffic Enforcement, # 5, and Harbormaster
M xTheodore T. Mack, Redford MI. 8/14/08 10-03-55 to 7-24-89, 1st precinct, liquor license, and 6th precinct. Retired Active RDPFFA
Joseph M. Macksoud #5, DMPAS (Academy), Vice-Organized Crime, #15, Mini Stations Section, #11-IOU, Narcotics, #4.  Retired.  Chief of Police for the City of Mount Clemens, MI
Jeremy MacNicol, Detroit, MI. 2/16/05 Sixth Pct Special Ops, Gaming Special Ops, First Pct Special Ops (Current). Active
John MacNicol, AllenPark, MI. 4/24/05 #4pct, Tactical Mobil Section, #13 pct, Tactical Services Section (k-9 unit), #13 (sgt)
Retired, 02-14-05
Bob Macy Old #6(McGraw),APB(road unit), Evidence Tech Unit,#4IOS. Retired 1996
Charles Mahoney, Las Vegas NV. DPD '63-'88, #7, TMU, 15 DB, Eastern District CIS. Special Investigation, Academy, #11, TSS, Narcotics, #5, 1990-2003 DA's office, Las Vegas, NV. Retired DA's office Jan. 2003. (New email address)
Joseph F. Mairorano, Redford MI. 7/10/07 07-21-1986 to 01-21-1991, Class 86-r. #3 precinct from 11-1986 to 01-1991. Now with Troy P.D. Non Active RDPFFA Ex-DPD
Edith Majewski, MEDICAL, #14. COMMUNICATIONS, #10 Retired
Terrence Majur, Port Huron, MI. 11th Prec., the old APB, Mounted Section, Central Photo Bureau, Personnel, 15th Prec., Chief's Staff, 9th Prec., 1963-1993. Retired (New Address)
xGregory J Makarewicz, St Clair Shores, MI. 7/22/12 08/23/71 to 02/19/89, Class  71L, Tenth Precinct, Retired (New Address) Active RDPFFA
Gerald Mallory, Levering, MI. 4/15/07 5/13/63 to 4/25/65. 14th. Precinct. Former DPD
xMike Malott, Brownstown Mi. 2/19/05 16th pct ,, Mini station task force west , 8th precinct , Narcotics , Retired 1/97 Active RDPFFA
Eugene H. Mangum, Sarasota, Fl #5, ope, cop and administration. Retired 9-1-74
John March DPD from 1947 to 1972;  assig. # 3, Motorcycle Bureau; recorders crt. Retired
Daniel L. Marcrum, #7,TMU(TSS),#5,Narcotics,Vice,#3,3-Cruiser,3-32. Duty Dis. Ret 91.
Dave Marker, 1st. Pct and TMU worked for department from 1971 to 1976. Currently a D/Lt. with Chesterfield Twp. P.D.(New Address) Soon, PD Web site.
Charles R. Markham, Harrison, MI. #5 pct.(1953) #13, and #13 DB 1954-1978. Retired January 1979. How sweet it is !
Evan Marshall, Midland, MI. 5/11/10 9/22/69 to 9/27/89 Class = 69 K Worked = #2, CSI, TMU. Court, 16th Pct, TSS, 13th pct, Homicide, SRT, Homicide, 11 IOS Active_Retired = retired Sgt. Non Active RDPFFA
xEve Marston,  Cheyenne, WY. 6/2/06 01-85-11-90. 12th Pct. 11Pct. Narcotics, records, Retired. Duty disability (New Address) Active RDPFFA,
Mike Martel, St. Clair Shores, MI. 7/18/04 TSS, HSS, DMPA,  4th. Precinct, Homicide, 5th. Precinct. Active
Darell Donlevy Martin, Atlanta GA. Retired out of the Homicide Section March 22, 1994
Linda Martin, DPD Officer from 1975 to 1985. # 4, #10, #12, #16, Special Projects and Public Information. Some people may remember me as Linda Glenn 
Randy Martin Ret. Sgt. # 3. Now with University of Detroit Mercy
xRonald H. Martin, 4/19/06 Oct 21,1968-Jan 4, 2001. Class 69-A. 10TH Pct, STRESS, 16TH Pct, 8TH Pct. Retired Active RDPFFA,
Lenny Martinez 4/21/11 7-14-69 to 4-86 Class  69-J. #14,Narcotic bureau,#4 Non Active RDPFFA
Emory Massman, Ellenton Fla. 7/15/05 6th Pct., Harbormaster, Record Bureau computer section. Wrote program for the first hot car sheet.  Retired 3-10-72 Ellenton Fla. also ret. tug captain for St Philip Towing Co. Tampa. (New Address)
Amy Matelic, 9/4/04 13th, 6th. Active
xMichael Matta, Sterling Heights, MI. 7/21/13 11/06/72-12/11/98, Class 73C. 10th Pct, 15th Pct, Gang Squad, Greek Town Beat, Headquarters Surveillance.Retired. Active RDPFFA,
xEd Maxinoski, Sterling Heights, MI. 1/5/08 1964-1966 #1, 1966-1971 TMU 1971-1989 #5. Retired Active RDPFFA, (New Address)
Dave May #4, Narcotics, #5.  Retired.
xJim  May, Wyandotte  MI. 2/5/12 11-15-1971 to 12-3-2002, Class 71-d. Worked #16 then #8 Retired in Dec 2002. Active RDPFFA,
Danny  Maynard, Homosassa, FL. (Passed away) XSharon Maynard, Homosassa, FL. Wife #6, Sex Crimes, Homicide, Redrum Task Force. Retired Heaven  dues continued by Danny's wife.Active RDPFFA,
Thelma (Doher) Maynard, Grosse Pointe Park, MI #7, #1, #13, Tactical Operations, #9, Notification and Control, Crime Analysis, Sex Crimes. Retired
Terry McAllister, Seminole, FL. 1957-#12, then #5, l5DB, eastern CIS, #15, #1, #3, Retired sgt. in l982.
Dan McBride, Eastpointe, MI. 8/26/05 thirteen,, STRESS, TSS one week,#4 one month and thirteen again. ret.nov.1988
Patricia E. McCabe, St. Clair, MI. 7/7/06 10-28-85. 12 precinct, 1st precinct, Special Events, Personal Affairs, Medical. Active
xBruce McCalpin, Royal Oak, MI. 1/9/08 10-06-69 to 09-22-97, Class 70A, 5, 11, Vice. Retired (active OCC Campus Police) Active RDPFFA,
xJoseph P. McCarroll, Grosse Pointe Park, MI 2/9/06 #5, Chief's Staff Division, Labor Relations Section. Retired Active RDPFFA,
xGerald R. McCarthy, Maricopa, Az. 7/30/08 12/6/71 to 7/2/97. Class 72E. 1, 11, 3, SES, Crime Lab. Retired Active RDPFFA,
Shelby McClendon # 6 in1967, Recruiting, PAL, # 15, Cobo Hall Detail, # 7, # 5, # 13, and Mini -Stations. Retired from # 3 on May 1, 1997.I was the shift Lt. on Plt.3
Keith McCloud, 10/10/03 Fourth Precinct, Active
XWilliam B. McCue, 7/2/09

1-7-1952 to 3-4-1977,Class = 52-A. old #3,#15 police academy instructor 2-15-1965 to 3-4-1977 mich con gas co.investigator . Retired Active RDPFFA,

xTom McCue, Fraser Mi 7/23/09 11-01-71 to 5/92, Class 72-c. Assigned many years to old #15. Retired from Narc. Div. Active RDPFFA, (New Address)
xDaniel P. McDonnell Jr., Indian River, MI. 6/13/05 11-20-72-01-02-98. Class-73C. 10th Pct, 8th Pct, 6th Pct. Retired (New Address) Active RDPFFA, Winter
xJames A. McDonald, Somerset, MI. 3/16/09 7-24-67 to 3-20-98, 16th Pct, Vanguard (later Stress), Traffic Safety, Graphic Arts. Work Foote Hospital Security since 1999. Retired, Active RDPFFA
James L McFarland, Det. MI. # 1,# 8. Active
Robert Donald McGhee, Commerce Twsp. MI. 10prec.,16thprec., mounted, pistol range. Retired
xRoy  G  McGruther, Livonia,  Mi. 2/6/08 08-01-1966 to 09-06-1991, 14th Precinct, Crime Lab-Firearms, 10th Precinct, Crime Lab-Firearms & Bomb Disposal,  Retired. Active RDPFFA,   (New Address)
xDan Mckane, Canton, MI. 5/15/06 10/26/1964-10/26/1999. #16, TMU, #12, IAS, #10, WCOCTF, #4 IOS, Chief's Staff, #4, #13, #8, #1, Western Ops, Headquarters Bureau. Retired = Retired Active RDPFFA
xKevin D. McKane, Dearborn, MI. 5/13/07 7/05 to 85, #13, Narcotics, #6 & RA/UDAA task force. Retired (duty disability) Active RDPFFA,
Clifford Mckee, Shelby Township, MI tmu, narcotics, mcmu, Retired
Arthur McNamara, Dearborn, MI. 11/26/03 10TH Precinct  6TH Precinct  Narcotics 4TH Precinct. Retired
xAleda H McNeill, Middletown, PA. 5/24/10

1/23/78 to 12/22/03, Class 78H.Mobile Mini Station, #1, Sex Crimes, Armed Robbery, Public Information, Planning & Inspection, #11, #2 Retired Active RDPFFA

xJames B. McNeill, Livonia MI. 9/27/13 11/26/66 to 7/5/07,Class = 1967, 5th Precinct, Firearms Training Unit (Rouge Range) Retired Active RDPFFA
xG.T. "Mac" McPherson, Allen Park MI. 09/19/10 old #2/  20 E. Atwater  Retired in 94. Now working as Deputy Chief for Archdiocese of Detroit
Department of Public Safety 313-237-4819 313-237-4809 (FAX)
Active RDPFFA (New Address)
Harold L. McRae, Deland, FL. Started at 1st precinct in 1953.  assigned to conspiracy section in 1969.  transferred to org crime and retired in 1979 at the rank of seargent.
xSam Medina, Brownstown, MI. 7/9/08 031069 to 021005, Class 69E. Old # 2, Racket Conspiracy, Organized Crime, #4, CATS, # 11, # 3, # last # 2. Retired.    Non Active RDPFFA
Robert W. Meeks, Cape Coral, FL. 11th Pct., 14th Pct., 16th Pct., Vice, MTS and 13th Pct. Retired
Barbara L Melrose, Davison MI 3rd Pct, Narc PPU,Crime Analysis Unit. Still working, cant retire till the year 2012
Dan Meredith, Curran MI. STRESS, Aviation, TMU, MTB, 5th Retired
Matthew Merony, East Lansing, MI  6/11/04 13th, New Center Detail. Former
xRon Mestdagh,  Macomb Township, MI. 11/17/11 #5, OPE, #5, MCMU, SCU, ARU, CAPS, Active RDPFFA (New Address)
Deborah Michalak Venice FL./ Higgins Lake MI. 3/30/06 #7,  Narcotics,   Sex Crimes,  #13,  #9  Retired (New Address)
Robert Michalak, Venice FL./ Higgins Lake MI. 3/30/06 #1,  Narcotics,   #5  Retired     (New Address)
Gary Michalski, Alpena MI. area #7 and #3, Retired in 1993.
Robert Michels, Retired six precinct ios
Janet Mijares Buda, TX Retired January 19, 1990 from #6
Tomas Mijares Buda, TX  1, TSS, 11, 16, SRT, Personnel Retired (New Address)
Carl F. Miller, Sterling Heights, MI 11th pct. Retired.
Jeanne A. Miller, Reynoldsburg, Ohio 5/24/04 Youth Bureau (Northern District), Gang Squad, Narcotics, Internal Affairs, Commercial Auto Theft Section, Major Crimes Division. Retired. Now Chief of Reynoldsburg PD.
Keith Duke Miller, Albuquerque, NM  8/22/03 11th pct, 5th pct PNU, 5Cruiser,B&E, DPI and narcotics Sec. Retired have a stable, breed arabians and are on the
Robert Miller, Reynoldsburg, Ohio #15, Narcotics (rabbit), Crime Prev, #5 IOS & Retired #5 patrol Sgt, Dec,91. Now with Columbus Intl Airport PD
xTim Miller, Lakeville, MN. 10/25/06 6/12/72 to 4/1/94. Class 72L. 15, 15 IOS Harbormaster (summer detail) 9 11IOS RETIRED,  Active RDPFFA
xJames W Mills, Livonia, MI. 9/12/08
1-12-1970 to 1986, Class 70E. #2, #10 #12 TMU, Traffic Court Arraignments, #8 IOS. Retired = Retired, Disability Duty Related. Active RDPFFA
Teri Mingus, Gilbert, Arizona, 9/7/05 15th Precinct,  8th Precinct, Narcotics/Forfeiture Unit, Metro Division, Chief's Office. Retired 8/2002
xJohn Ivor Mitchell, Detroit, MI. 5/15/13 3-2-70 to 6-1995, Class 70F, 12, motor, 10, mcmu, 13, 6, control center , Retired 1995 Active RDPFFA
Frank E. Mitchell, Beaverton Mi. 11/1/03 Old #2 Pct. Sct. Car & Cruiser, Narcotic Section,#1Patrol Sgt.,#11 Detective, Armed Robbery. Homicide, Major Crime Mobile Unit, Internal Affairs, Equipment Control,#1 Patrol Insp., Commander Support Services Division, Deputy Chief  Management Services, Western Operations, Retired 11-18-98. Now Raising Horses, Hunting, Fishing and flying my plane. (New Address)
Harold Mittlestat, Tuscon AZ. Old #3 Hunt st. 14, Vice, Cobo hall Retired 1974 Harold you didn't send your E-Mail address
Michael H. Mittlestat, Newberry MI. 2/20/06 14th pct, old 6th &new 6th pct. Former Quit 1993
xDonald Francis Mlostek, Escanaba, MI. 7/21/13 16,TMU,TSS,etc,#6 Retired Active RDPFFA, (New Address)
Norman C. Moffatt, Jackson, MI Retired 1977 from #12
xJames B. Montgomery, McCormick, SC. 6/21/06 1-24-65-10-6-86. 10th, 14th, 16th, 2nd, 5th Precincts, Vice, Narcotics, Metro Squad, Academy, Western Operations and Tactical Operations Section. Retired Active RDPFFA
Everett Monroe, Detroit, MI 8th Precinct, Narcotics Section, Chief Staff, 1st Carjacking Task Force, Homicide Section, currently assigned to the Violent Crime Task Force (Violent Crime Section) Active (New Address)
Glenn Monroe, MI.-FL. 8/2/09 #10, Scientific, TMU, TMS, TSS, #1, #3, #12. Retired (New Address) Active RDPFFA
Len Montie, #15/#9, retired from #7
xMichael D. Moore, Belleville, MI. 4/20/06 6-2-77 to 5-15-04, Class 77-I, #7, TSS, Mayor's Security, #3, City Council Unit, EPU, Office of the Chief. Retired. Active RDPFFA
Nzinga Moore, 8/2/06 Seventh Precinct, Northeastern District. Active
Patricia Moore, Former DPD Civilian Employee 1977, Internal Affairs Section, then Records, Board of Police Commissioners,   Records & Statistics, TCRU, and  12th Precinct
xDennis James Moran, Glennie, MI. 12/31/11 9-20-71 to 1987 Class = 71-A, 12pct.,4th pct. Retired Active RDPFFA  (New Address)
Bob Morgan,, Royal Oak, MI. 5/24/06 10th Pct. (1970 - 1975) Troy P.D. (1975 - 1999) Retired. (New Address)
xWiliam Morgan, Commerce twp., MI. 6/2/06 1-23-67-3-23-98. #10, vice, #12, #2, #4, #6.  Retired in '98 with 31 years!. (New Address) Active RDPFFA
James Paul Morrison, Rochester Hills, MI. Retired
Glenn R. Morrison, Detroit, MI. started at old number 14, seventh, mini station, fourth, retired from child abuse unit. Retired
Joan Morrow, St. Clair Shores, MI 9/22/03 Platoon III 12th Precinct. Active
Janice Suhajda Morton, MI.-FL. 11th Precinct,13thPrecinct,Narcotics,Crime Anaylsis, Retired and living 6 months in Michigan and 6 months in FL
Bert W Mull, St Clair Shores, MI. 3/7/04 13th Pct, COPB, PIO, 10th Pct IOS, 11thPct IOS, CAPROP. Retired
Robert F. Munck, Boynton Beach, FL. 1/27/07 1967 to 1985. #15, Commissioners Task Force, Stress, Gang Squad, #11. Retired Non Active RDPFFA
xRay Murray, Leesburg, Fl. Class of 7-9-62, #10 62-70, #1 71, Central Morality,71-72, IA, 73-74, Narc. 75-77, WCOCTF 77-80, Homicide 81, Narc.81-84, # 14 IOS 84-88, Retired 9-19-88. (New Address) Active RDPFFA
xPatrick H. Murray, Menasha, WI 5/15/13

12/22/69-12/22/94 Class = 70-D, Old #2, Old #6, #6, Info Systems, 10th; Retired and worked for the State in Lansing Active RDPFFA

N Clayton Naar, 2nd, 14th. Retired 1997
Zoltan Nagy, Canton, MI. 9/14/04 Retired- worked 4th, 2nd, 1st, Racket Conspiracy, organized crime, Commercial Auto Theft, Aviation. Retired

xEugene R. Napora, Cape Coral  Fl. 02/28/13

09/18/1972 = 01/31/1998. Class = 73A. #4, Western Operations Surveillance Unit, #10, Repeat Offenders Unit. Retired Active RDPFFA

Charlotte Neely Old #14, #1, Identification Section, #2 Retired
Ray Nemeckay, Dearborn, Mi. 8/26/04 #7, Mini-Stations Task Force, Gang Squad, MCMU, Narcotics. Retired
Dominic R. Neumann, Detroit Police Reserves
xLarry Nevers, Macomb Twsp. MI. Passed away Feb. 2013 #4, Stress, hq. surveillance, second pct/third pct. Retired,1993 Active RDPFFA,   HEAVEN
Charles W. Newsome, Riverview, MI. #2 (now #3 -- Vernor) from 1973 'til 1980. Went to old #6 (McGraw) from 1980 'til 86. Got promoted to Sergeant in '86 and went to #4 out of OCS. Retired in 1998. I run my own Security Consulting/Private Investigative Agency with an office in Southfield, MI.
xWilliam Niarhos, Sterling Heights, MI 4/21/11 05-17-1977 to 02-1-2011 Class 77e. seventh precinct, fifth precinct and evidence tech unit. Retired Active RDPFFA
Charley Nichols organized crime , 12th. Retired (New Address)
Ronald Nichols, Retired 1988 from Headquarters-Hit and Run Squad-worked most of the east side from 1954 to 1971. This is daughters email address--he is quite sick and I was trying to contact old comrades to get the word out.  Worked "hit and run" from 1971 to 1988-worked most of eastside from 1954 until then--15th, Davidson, Harbormaster.
xPaul L. Ninelist, Beaverton, MI. 9/22/06 5-10-65 to 5-10-90. #16, PSU, STRESS, Mayor's Detail, #4 DB, ARMTS, Homicide, PFAU, Court Liaison. Retired Active RDPFFA
Terry Novak, Harrison Twsp, MI. Passed away 1/8/11 #7; #5; mounted; #15; liquor license. live on lake st clair in  and fish every chance I get!! Heaven
Ronald S. Nowicki, Detroit, MI.  
Charles Nye,  Hessel, MI. #3 IOS (vernor),  Retired. Det. Sgt. 1985
William "John " Nyikes Roseville, CA.  7/22/12 04/24/1972 Left_Dept_ = 07/02/1980 Class = 72-J Worked = 13th Pct.,  Harbormaster Active_Retired = Retired: City of Union City CA. PD Active_RDPFFA_Member_Y_or_N = N  Former DPD
O xJoseph O'Brien, Lewiston MI. 2/10/11 1-6-69 to 4-30-94. Seventh, Tenth, Thirteen, APB, Fatal Squad, Uniform Store, Retired Active RDPFFA
xDonald Oehmke, Harrison Township, MI. 7/25/12

4-16-7-3-6-2007. Class = 73-H. #15, TSS (Canine), Chiefs Staff, #13 (New Center), #4, TEU (Motor), HQ Surveillance, Homicide Retired (Active_RDPFFA)

John Ogg, Henderson, NV Old #1, #3, Central Events, new #1S.O.S., Tac Ops, Retired
Alex Olariu, Dearborn, MI. 7/18/10

12/11/72 to 01/03/03, Class = 72D, Old #2, #16, #8, Legal Advisor, Retired Non Active RDPFFA

xJoseph O'Leary, Livonia, Mi. 7/28/06                    Passed away 12/6/02 01/12/70-07/13/02-Class-70E. 1, 12, Tac Ops, 13, 14,  West Surv, HQ Surv, CATS,  ICD, 8. Retired. Active RDPFFA,   HEAVEN
Richard Olejnik Sr., Armada, MI 10th precinct, Narcotics, (Retired) Kick Butt, Knock down doors, Take care of business! (New Address)
Jim Oliver Retired Inspector
Tom Oneil, Brownstown Twp, MI. 2/16/06 #6 Old & New. Retired Active RDPFFA
xChet Opolski, Henderson, NV. 4/3/06 07-28-69 to 08-17-97, Class=69K. 13th,HMS,TMU,TMS,TSS, DPOA. Retired Active RDPFFA, (New Address)
Jim Orlando 9/19/08 15th precinct, TSS, Retired. now at U of D Mercy, Retired-     (New Address)
Owen William O'Rourke, "skip", Saint Clair Shores, MI. 13th pct 25 yrs, 5th pct. 6yrs, waiting for 2.8 multiplier. Active
Bill  Orton, Pflugerville, Texas 4/30/04 #11, TMU, Racket Conspiracy, Organized Crime, Major Crimes Mobile Unit. Retired (New Address)
xDarrell W. Osborne, Roseville, MI.9/3/13

7/18/77 to 5/10/2010, Class=77P. Retired. 1st,and 13th  (New Address) Active RDPFFA

xMichael O'Sullivan, Dearborn Hts. MI. 2/18/06 #2(#3), #10, #16(#8), Communications Operations, Communication Systems. Sgt. #3 Retired Active RDPFFA
Arthur L. Owczarzak, Algonac Mi. #7, #11, #15, Mayor's Security and Personal. Retired 1986
P Thomas E. Page, Pasadena, CA.

16th precinct from 1977 to 1980.  Laid off and joined the LAPD.  Retired from LAPD in 1999.

xAnthony C. Pakula, Boulder City, NV. 10/21/06 03-07-1955 to 05-06-1980, 16th Pct. 10th Pct. 6th Precinct, Police Headquarters, Youth Bureau, 2nd Pct, 5th Pct. all, except 15th.       (New address)   Active RDPFFA
Sharon Brozovic Palazzolo, Lathrup Village, MI. 4th pct, 14th pct now 2nd pct and vice section. Retired
Dennis Palka, Howell, MI. 1/1/04 6th Precinct and Tactical Mobil Unit, Retired Dearborn P.D.
James (Jimmie) Palm, Oscoda & Milan MI 3/21/05 # 4,  AOS,  # 4,  Retired 1997 (New address)
Stephen Pardo, 2/18/04 Narcotics Special Enforcement Section (Gang Squad), 3rd Precinct. Left for better places.
Glenn Parham, Detroit, MI. telephone crime reporting unit, Retired
Augustus (Gus) Pasko, Washington, MI. 1/10/04 11th Pct. Davison and Conant 1960 to 1968  Transferred SHPD (New address)
Michael Passage, Lieutenant 7th Precinct - Active
George Patak, Farmington Hills, MI.7/4/09 6/26/78 to 9/16/85, Class 78-N. Left DPD for Wayne State University, left in 1985 for Ann Arbor PD, Retired from Ann Arbor PD 2005 .
Jim 'Fuzzy' Patterson, Clearwater, FL. 4-4IOS Cargo Theft Unit- Temp. assigned to O.C. left 1983- Private Investigator. Retired
xJohn Patterson, Marshall MI. 5/27/08 TMU,16/8 IDENT,8TH,GULF WAR,10,BACK TO 8,BACK TO 10TH PROMOTED TO INV 93,10 IOS,99 HQSU UNTIL RETIRED 1-11-03 SER. STARTED ON 3-26-73 LITTLE REGRETS Active RDPFFA (New address)
xWayne Patton, Pinehurst, NC. 10/15/08 12-4-1972 to 8-19-1998, 16th Pct.;  1983-Sgt. at IA/ICB;  2nd Pct. IOU;  1988-Lt. at 10th Pct.;  10th Pct. IOU.  1998-Retired. Active RDPFFA, (New address)
Jerry Frank Pawelski, Algonac,MI 15TH PRCT, 9TH PRCT, Retired
xMary Ann Pawlak, Fairfield Glade, TN. 2/27/09 12/12/74 to 5/20/94, Class 74C, 7th Precinct, Police Academy, 9th Precinct IOS. Retired Active RDPFFA
xThomas Pawlowski, Brooklyn, MI. 1/4/08 10-13-62 to 8-14-87. 10th, 16th,6th, Academy, C.J.I. Retired Active RDPFFA
James Pazarena, 1964 at #5, promoted to sgt 1973 to #11, 1974 #5 IOS then to court liaison office, Retired in 1991(New address)
Donald Pedersen, 06/02/04 6th. Active
xDwight Pfeil, New Baltimore, MI. 11/18/11

2/9/1970 to 7/9/97 Class 70 F. #7,  Narcotics, Gang Squad, Management Services Bureau Retired. Active RDPFFA

xErnest C Peltier, Bad Axe MI. 6/29/06 5-15-67-9-26-92. #5-T.M.U. Major Crimes, and #13 Retired. Active RDPFFA
Kenneth Peltier, Milford, MI. 4/24/05 5th, P.N.U., TSS. A. R. U. , 13th, M.C.M.U., Mini Station, 15th, Homicide, 12, 11, Narcotic Retired.
 Baghdad, Iraq Police training mission.
xGeorge D. Penick, Clinton Twp  Mi 11/2/09 12-68 - 2-96 Class 68B.  #7 Eastern Morality Vice Public vehicle  Organized crime unit  Liquor license. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xRon Peplowski (Possum) 7/28/06 1st. Prct, Vice, 15th, Prct, Racket Conspiracy Bureau, Central Photo. Retired.  (New address) Active RDPFFA
xGeorge Perry, Westbranch, MI. 4/26/05 #15,Stationary Traffic, Recorders Court,#1Special Operations, Tactical Operations. Retired 1-21-92. (New address)
xRobert Persyn, Macomb, MI. 3/22/08 10/26/70 to 03/12/91, Class 71B. 13th Precinct. Retired Active RDPFFA
Robert Peterson, Active, (New address)
James F. Peyton, Tampa Florida area Fourth Pct. Retired
Bernard Pieper, ClintonTwsp MI. 7/10/05 7th prct /APB/Ident/Auto Theft/CATS/13th pct/CATS
James Pierce Jr. Belleville, MI. 10/15/12

1973-2003, Class = 73 L. Worked = #12, #10, Cadet Program Mayor Security, #10 Vice, Gaming, internal, Aband. Retired from DPD.  Presently Chief of Police Sumpter Township. Active RDPFFA

Vincent Piersante Sr. Lansing, MI. 7th, 15th, Narcotic Bureau, CIB, Detective Division Exec. and Retired 1967. 
XVincent Piersante Jr.  Algonac, MI. 11/15/10, 12/19/72 -07/22/98 Class = 72D. Worked #11, Narc Sec, DEA-TF,#7,#12, IA, CA-Prop., CATS, WAMACO-TF Homicide, #4, Retired.Active RDPFFA
Jonathan Pilkey, Harrisville, MI. (God's Country!) Worked at #13, Special Events Section, #1, Retired 1995 (New web site address)
xCharlie Phillips,  Royal Oak, MI. 1-22-68 to 10-4-86, class 68C. #10, TMU, #16, #16 Traffic Unit,  Retired 1986. Active RDPFFA
Tom Phillips Jr, Headquarters surveillance. Active
Bill Plietz, Houghton Lake, MI. 15, Retired
Joseph Poirier, Grosse Pointe Park,MI, 4/2/04 Harbormaster Section, Eleventh Precinct. Former DPD
Leon Plowman, Bellaire,Mi 9/12/03 14,STRESS,scooters,15IOS, MCMU, TCRU, arson, 7IOS, 8, Surviellance,.Retired
xRaymond L. Pomaville, Gibraltar MI. 12/5/07 06/17/68 to 08/01/2000, Class 68g. 14, stress, 15, mcmu, 11, scu, forfeiture, 1-ios & general assignment unit(check squad). Retired Active RDPFFA (New Address)
David Pomeroy, 9th Pct Special Ops, ATF Achilles Task Force, Headquarters Surveillance, Back to #9 Special Ops, Central Services Bureau Surveillance Unit.  Active
Eleanor (Ellie )Ferland-Poole, Haines City Fl. 3/31/08 10-24-77 to 7/1989 class 77B -5th precinct- tct warrant office-8 th precinct- WAYMAC (Wayne Macomb Auto theft Unit)-5th precinct patrol and 80"s series Retired  1989. enjoying  sun and fun. NON Active RDPFFA
xGeorge E Porter, Detroit, MI. 5/13/08 2-17-69 to 8-17-94, Class 69D. #6, Retired, Active RDPFFA
xMike Posler, Newaygo, MI. 7/23/09 #12,#16(#8), c.a.t.s., retired. (New Address) Active RDPFFA
xCharles E. Powell, Jr., Sterling Heights, MI. 6/30/07 5/17/77 to 1/7/05 Class 77-F. 15th, T.S.S., Chief's Staff, Chief's Staff Unit, 10th Precinct, Gang Squad. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xPaul Pranskaitis, Holton, MI. 9/25/09 10th precinct, Retired (New Address) Active RDPFFA
xColm (Scotty) Prentice, Detroit, MI. 1/24/08 12/70/71 to 1/16/96. Arson, Retired.  Active RDPFFA
Lorita (Gadson) Prentice # 6, # 4, VICE, ORGANIZED CRIME, PUBLIC VEHICLES, HOMICIDE AND # 1.  Retired July 28, 2000
William Presley, Macomb, MI. 6/20/04 5th pct,  16th pct, MCMU, and Homicide. Retired 1996
xBilly Price, Carleton, Mi 7/20/11 2-19-68 to 08-02-2000, 14 pct-Precinct Support Unit-10 pct- Motor Unit-Stress-12 pct-16 pct-Communications/dispatcher, Retired 8-2000 Active RDPFFA  (New Address)
Dan Price, Pinckney, MI. # 12, # 4, COP, # 16, # 8, Property Section, Retired
William D. Pridemore, New Haven , MI. 11/12/05 Old 15, Communications Operations (Dispatch ), Communications Systems Section ( BI Radio). Retired (New Address)
Leslie Pritchett # 3, Active
xJim Purrington, Whitmore Lake, MI. 10/24/06 2-17-69 to 2-18-94, Class 69D. 1st Precinct, Tactical Reconnaissance Unit, Organized Crime Section, Vice Section, Comm. Retired Active RDPFFA
Thomas Puszczyk, Cadillac, MI. 8/26/04 15th precinct & Harbor Master. Retired
Q xJohn C. Quayle, Waterford, Mi. & Port Charlotte, Fl. 11/25/11  3-8-71 to 4-15-87 Class 71 F.  #14, police academy, old 2nd pct, #6 Plymouth & Warwick. Retired (Active RDPFFA)
  Mickey H. Quinn, Hart, MI. Passed away 2/16/06 #4 precinct and harbormaster. Retired. Heaven
R xJames Patrick Raby, Pinckney, MI. 2/2/09 03-27-78 to 2-17-02 Class 78L, 12, TSS, Narcotics. 6, 8, Retired. Active RDPFFA
James F. Radcliffe, Fairfield Glade, TN. #14, west side morality squad, apb, auto squad, and sec/treas of dpb & pa  Retired 1993
xWalter Rakicki, Bellaire, MI. 2/5/11

01/07/1952 to 01/07/1977. 11, recruiting & 7. Retired Active RDPFFA

Edward Radtke, Sterling Heights, MI.12/15/03 10th- 14th-motor -crimes against property. Retired
Chet Rakowski, Palm Bay, FL. Old #2, Ball Park Detail, Special Events. Retired 
David A. Ramsey, 8/24/03 Retired ... 1969 16th precinct
John Ramsey, 9/29/03 6th precinct, graphic arts unit, Retired
James J. Raniszewski, Livonia, MI. Sixth Precinct
Bill Rebrovich. Passed away 12/6/02 13th pct Retired Heaven
Danny Reed, worked at #9, and the bomb squad
Gerrie Reedy 8th Pct. Active
xAndrew Regish, Jefferson, PA. 9/16/06 7-24-67 to 7-24-92. 4th precinct, information system section, Retired 1992. (New Address) Active RDPFFA
xStephen Regish, Fredericktown, PA 12th Precinct, Information Systems Section, Retired 1990 Active RDPFFA
xPhilip A. Reich, Grosse Pointe, MI  11/25/10 05/26/1977 to 09/18/2007 Class  77-H. 7th Pct.; Vice & License Section;  Organized Crime Unit; 11th Pct.  OCI;  Firearms Training Unit;  6th Pct.  Retired
Lou Reichlin, Indian River, MI. TMU, #10, Central Vice, #10PNU, Retired
Matt R. Reilley, Ft. Myers, FL.. worked at TMU short while many summers at HMB then lots time   #10 Retired
Gerald E. Reinke, Bradenton, FL. 9/21/04 Appt'd 6/06/55, - 13th, old #2, MTB, old #6. Ret. Sgt 09/81  Relocated to Harrisville, Mi.  was appointed & served as magistrate in 82nd District Court     until retirement in july.1998. Retired
xDonald Rem, South Bbranch, MI. 6/1/10

July 77-May 03, 2010 Class = 77-O. Thirteen precinct before lay off.  Recalled to the Fifth,   till transferred to the Evidence Tech Unit,  Retired May 03, 2010. Retired Active RDPFFA

xJeffrey W. Renshaw, Farmington Hills, MI. 1/10/07 10/04/1971 to 11/04/1999. Class 72B, #10,Vice, Organized Crime, #14, Mich. State Police CID, #2, Law Department. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xTom Renshaw, Gilbert,AR. 1/18/07 2/11/63 to 2/11/88. #6,MTB, Narcotic Sec.,#16. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xHenry M. Respert, 10/20/06 06/1977 to 1/5/95, class 77J. 8th pct 2rd pct 5thpct 10pct special assignment (Tigar Stadium)
Reuben Ricard, St. Clair, MI, Passed away 6/26/03 Appointed 07/21/48;  #15, Motor Traffic Bureau 1949, #7 1965;  Motor Traffic 1967;  Western District 1972; Traffic Division 1973;  RETIRED June 1975;  Utica P.D. October 31, 1974, Retired July 31, 1988 (New Address)
xAnthony (tony) Ricci, Myrtle Beach, SC 10/29/12 10-12-70 to 7/15/97. Old #2, Motor Traffic Unit, #4. Retired 4th pct 1996. (New Address).  Active RDPFFA
Robert Ricci, Houghton Lake, MI. 3/20/05
1st Pct, Goals & Standards, Inspections, I.A., #12, #8 , #13 IOS, Retired Sgt, ..Now - Antique Dealer. Retired #13 IOS
xLenny Riccinto,, Weeki Wachee, FL. 7/18/06 10/02/72-10/04/2002, 73/B. 7,cop,TSS,bluebirds,9,spec ops,carjacking task force. Retired
 Active RDPFFA
Elroy A. Richards, FL. Worked 16th/8th, Accident sect., TCRU. Retired. Living in Florida since '91. Work Asset Protection for "Target"
Dennis Richardson, 6th, 13th, 5th, and 16th Pcts, ARU, Homicide, MCMU, ROP, VCTF, and Major Crimes Division. Headquarters Bureau - Retired as of January 27,2003
xDonald W. Richter, Leesburg, FL, 11/22/08 #12 #10 (Petoskey & Livernois) Stress #13 Central Morality Narcotics #16. Retired 1986 (New Address) Active RDPFFA
Mathew Rietz, 4/4/05 11th precinct plt. 1, currently on plt. 2 at #11. Active
Leonard Riina, St Clair MI. 10/1/03 class 69-E  Traffic Unit,  Traffic Safety Unit, 13th pct. 15th pct, 11th pct.  now working as a Court Bailiff in the 72nd District Court St Clair County .RETIRED (1994)
Clyde Ritchie # 1, narc., # 7, western surveillance, criminal investigation bureau surveillance, # 6, Retired
xArthur Rivers Bliss, MI. 10/30/08 4/01/68 to 04/01/93, Class = 68E. Old #2, Harbormaster (Summer Detail), STB, Stadium Detail, Court Section, Warrant Office. Retired. Active RDPFFA
Jim Robbins, #13, Mini-Station T. F., #8, Evidence Techs, # 11, Evidence Techs (Sergeant) Active.
John B Roberts, Linden, MI. Worked #6, #6 IOS And # 4 IOS. Retired In 1986,now live in Linden, MI after 10 years in Bradenton, FL
Rochelle R. Robinson #10, #8, Active since 1987
xWilliam W. Robinson III Detroit, MI 8/17/13 10-21-85  = 01-25-11 Class = 86-C , #03, JUNIOR POLICE CADET UNIT, #01, #03 SPEC-OPS, SGT.@ #10, #02 IOU, RETIRED Active RDPFFA
Beverly Rodgers, 4th precinct, Active
Kevin Rodgers, 13 precinct. Active
Philip J Rodriguez Jr., 11 pct. and I am now working at the narcotics division. Active
Alejandro Rojas, Detroit, MI. 5/20/06 05/98. Class 98 A. 3rd PCT, South West Dist. Active, Reserve.
xRichard Rollet,  (The Roller) #1, 15, 9, Crime Prevention Retired (New Address) Active RDPFFA
Harry W. Romolino, Roseville, MI. #5 #15 #13   Morality , Tactical recon Unit , Narco ,Traffic Enforcement Unit ,member DPD Honor guard. Retired
xLawrence Rosevelt, Jr., Detroit, MI. 9/27/13 6-24-75 to 12-31-05, Class = 75-P, Special Events, 1st Pct., 1st Pct. Boosters, 3rd Pct., 4th Pct., Mini-Stations (10th Pct.) Office of the Chief, 9th Pct., IAS, 10th Pct., IAS, Recruiting, Special Services, Retired 12-31-2005.   Active RDPFFA
James A Rosni, Redford, MI. Passed away 5/3/07 1st Precinct 1956 to 1972, 4th Precinct 1972 to 1990  Retired Heaven
Brian Ross 3rd Pct., Child Abuse Unit. Active
xPatrick Rourke 4/28/06 01/13/1975 to 07/08/2000. Class 75E, #1, #3, #5, and Narcotics (Retired). Active RDPFFA
Angela J. Rudolph Been in the Tenth Pct. Since 1986, Worked 1045, Rangers, Community Relations, Environmental and Timekeeper. Active
Michael Anthony Rudoni Sr, Traverse City, MI. 2/9/04 Old #2, #3, Commercial Auto Theft. Retired
xMichael Rudzis 6th pct, 8th pct, 8ios. Retired. Director of Security, Canadian Lakes, Michigan 49346 Active RDPFFA
Steve Rupkus, Clinton Twp. MI. 12/8/03 1 st Former. DPO
Jacob Russell, #7 and #5, Retired. 2nd add.
Jo Ann Russell, Dearborn, MI. 1/17/05 Mounted, 12th pct,  4th pct,  Recruiting,  36th District Ct. Retired
Kenneth A. Russell, Dearborn, MI. 2nd, 6th, 4th(previous), MSB (current) Retired (New Address)
Jeb Rutledge, #13, Active
Matthew Ryan, Saint Clair Shores, MI 1/14/08 11-28-94 class 95-c. 11th precinct Northwest District. Active
xWalter Ryan, Warren, MI. Sen. Date 9-17-66,  #6 6840 McGraw 67-72,  WD, WCSS, and Sex Crimes 72-80,  Harbormaster 80-98. Retired Active RDPFFA
Donald Ryckewaert, Metter, GA. 7/2/02 12/1972 to 08/1996. #5 /1972 to 1996 Traffic/Accident Investigator. Retired. NON Active RDPFFA, (New Address)
S Laurie Anne Sabatini (Smith), #12 patrol, chief's staff, #10 patrol, mini stations, belle isle (summer detail),  sex crimes, tactical operations section, crime prevention, gaming- casino/ community liaison unit
xSam Sabolovich, Sterling Heights, MI. 1/5/08 #1, police band:) and #15. Still alive and living in Sterling Heights. Retired Active RDPFFA, (New Address)
James Saffold, Rochester, MI. #13,Stationary Traffic, Vernor Precinct, Narcotics, and Homicide. Retired
Christopher Salisbury Livonia, MI. 4/4/05 Currently assigned to K-9, previously at #10, Housing Support Sect.  Active
Frank Samborski, Traverse City, MI. Retired 1990, #1, TMU, #14 IOS, IA, #14 Uniform.  Retired from #2 (old #14)  Currently living in Traverse City, MI working at the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa!
xChalmers F. Sanders. Troy, MI. 6/14/06 5-15-1967-01-19-1994. 4th Precinct, COP, 12th Precinct, Civic Center Bureau, Homicide, and Auto Theft. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xClyde F. Sanford, Southgate, MI. 3/16/10 01/03/1961 to 01/03/1989, 4th Pct Uniform and IOS , Homicide 1974 -1980. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xRichard J. Santarossa, Roscommon, MI. 02/28/13 4-21-1969 to 4-23-1994, Class F, 11th Prct.  T.E.U. Retired. Active RDPFFA
Patrick Saunders, DMPA, Cadet
Rick Savin #15, RCC, HMS, #5, #7, Mayors Sec, Photo Lab, USMS, Signing up from Kosovo. Retired
Hubert "Bert" Sawyers, Jr. Detroit, MI. 8/28/06 11-20-72 to 01-10-2003. Class-73-C. 7, 8, Communications (Belle Isle Radio)   - Sergeant # 11. Retired.       NON Active RDPFFA
Rosie M Sawyers, Detroit, MI. 8/28/06 11-14-74 to 03-31-02. Class-74-A. 7, Communications (Dispatch). Retired NON Active RDPFFA
Mike Scanlon, Killed Feb. 12, 2002 Detroit 08 pct accident investigator. Heaven
Michael Scarborough, Millington, MI. #5th Precinct Traffic (Motor) Unit, Part Time Instructor at the DMPA (Police Academy) for Driving and Accident Investigation. Member of the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Former Member of Michigan 1 (Metro Detroit)\Now a member at large. Retired July 98.
Gary Schaal, Ninth Precinct IOU, Sergeant, Active
xDon Scherf,Warren Mi. 12/6/07 1956 to 1986. Class 9/24/1956. Belle Isle radio. Retired (New E-Mail add.) Active RDPFFA
Wayne Roderick Schick, Redford MI. 7/10/05 lein operator   8th precinct  32 years Retired (New E-Mail add.)
Sharon Schilling, #11, New Center Detail, Mini Station Section, #9, Active
Don Schimmel, Crossville, TN. 13th precinct, MTB, Retired 1974, now living in Crossville, Tennessee
xMartin Schlachter, The Villages, FL. 10/17/07 08-14-67 to 08-14-92. Class 67F. 16, TMU, Motor, 13, Communications, and 8th Retired. Active RDPFFA
Michael Schlage, Heaven Jan. 12, 2006 # 15, # 9 Harbormaster  Retired from harbormaster in 1998. Heaven
Thomas Schlarman, #14, Mounted, Evidence Technicians. Retired 1995
xWilliam K. Schmidt, Jr. FL. 10/29/05 Retired from #7,also worked at #5. (New E-Mail add.), Active RDPFFA
Michael Schmitzerle, Marlette, MI. 4/8/07 09/10/73 to 01/90. Class 74-A,11th,1st,2nd,TSS/K-9 Unit, Internal Affairs,10th precinct. Retired 40&8. Currently working for the Oakland County Sheriff's Department. NON Active RDPFFA
Thomas Schneider, Rochester Hills, MI.  PSU,  #16,   Retired  DPOA President.  (New E-Mail add.),
Darryl Schoeneweg, Davisburg, MI 6/21/05 Fifth Pct., Stationary Traffic, Central Events, Abandoned Vehicle Task Force (AVTF), First Pct., Tactical Operations Section, Retired 1996,  (New E-Mail add.),
Joe Schrader, Hillsboro Oregon 2/5/05 #4, #14, #9, YAU. Retired
Geoffrey Schrock, Belleville MI #10, APB, #14- #2 and retired from the Traffic Safety Unit in December of 1994
John Schroeder, Detroit, MI. RETIRED 1987,  #4   Living, yesy alive, DETROIT   still.
Walter M Schutzler, aka (Wire) St Clair Shores, MI. Heaven #1, #12, TMU, Narcotics & Retired from #13 IOS. (Heaven 11/26/04)
Richard William Schwab, Roseville MI. #5 patrol still employed with the wonderful city of detroit......
Craig W. Schwartz, Currently assigned to the Homicide Section, former assignments include the Headquarters Surveillance Unit, Underwater Recovery Team, Commercial Auto Theft Section, Violent Crime Task Force, 11th Precinct, 11th Precinct I.O.S., and the 10th Precinct Active
Peter J. Schwartz Sr., Brighton, MI. #16, Motor Traffic Burough (MTB), #11 Traffic, Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU), Fatal Squad. Retired 1995
Greg Sebaly, Macomb Twp., MI Old #14, Scout Car 14-11, #14 Traffic Car 14-XR. Former  DPD, Det. Aspen PD
James Sebes, (Heaven 12/29/08) # 1, cop, youth crime unit, bluebirds, western surv unit, hq surv unit, cats, intelligence unit, firearms inventory. Active (Heaven)
Mike Sedmak #15, Crime Prevention Section, Internal Affairs, Mini-Station Section, Community Services Division, Retired (Sgt) 1992
George E. Seeley, Taylor MI. 1/27/04 First, fourth, seventh, APB. Retired
Curtis Alan Selby, Brimley, MI. #11 and TSS.  Retired 1988. Working with Michigan Dept. of Corrections.
xRon Selke, Largo, FL 5/9/06 July 1957-Dec 1982. #13, Motor, Intelligence, #14 DB, Rackets, #5, #16, #14. Retired  Active RDPFFA
Carl Selz, Grosse Ile, MI. 2/10/04 Fourth Prect, Retired 1984, now employed by U.S. Treasury Department, treasury agent.
xLarry Seneski, Port Austin, MI. 3/28/11 11-18-63 to 11-18-88, #1, #2, ARMTS, CATS. Retired Active RDPFFA
xMichael Senn, Ortonville, MI. 6/28/07 10-29-73 to 12-10-88. Class 73-c. #7, #15, #3, TSS. Retired Active RDPFFA
x Ron Sexton New address 7/22/12 Active RDPFFA
Philip Edward Shade # 10, 63-69, PSU69-70, # 14, 1970-71, YB 71-72, # 2 IOS,72-73, Police Academy 73-80, TSS 81-88 Retired   (New E-Mail Add)
xLynn Shanks, Land O Lakes, Fl. 9/6/10

10-3-55 to 1985, 15th, Motor Traffic, PEB, 5th, 6th, PDU, CSI, Traffic Court. Retired Active RDPFFA

xLinda Martin Shanks, Land O Lakes Fl. 9/6/10 06-24-75 - 2000,  5th, 1st, Traffic Court,  Ninth Floor Cellblock, Auto Squad.Retired Active RDPFFA
Steve Shannon, Sterling Heights, MI. 10/12/05 10th Pct., Tactical Service Section, Narcotic Section, Mimi-Station Section. Retired.NON Active RDPFFA
Joseph A Shearrer, El Dorado Springs, MO. 1/8/06 4th, TMU SGT, Intelligence Bureau, Organized Crime Task Force, Homicide, Crimes Against Persons Retired in 1977. Retired MO Sheriff 1996, Deputy Coroner Current
Scott Sheets St Clair Shores Mi. 7/20/11 09-27-1999 2000-A Active, First Precinct, Central Events, Ninth Precinct,  and fatal squad.
Dianna Sheldon, Richmond, MI. 1/5/06 11, 9, 3, 7, 2, Recruiting, Personnel, Medical Section, Mini-Station Section, Crime Prevention Section Retired
Bill Shell, #2, TMU, Vice, Research and Development, #14 DB, Headquarters, Homicide Retired
xGeorge F. Sheridan Richmond, MI. 6/6/11 8 6 73 to 1 11 99, #7, Fox Dtl,  #1,  #1PDU(DRH), Retired 1999,  active st clair county (New E-Mail Add) Active RDPFFA
Candice Sherwood, Brighton, MI. 2/18/05 #14, #16, #4, Mini Stations, Narcotics, Drug Screening, Internal Affairs, Chief's Staff, #3, Disciplinary, Narcotics (again), #9. Active
Donna Sherwood, Fenton, MI. 2/19/04 #12, #2 (3), #6, #4, Central Events, City-County Section, Labor Relations. Retired
Christopher Shier, Detroit, MI. 2/23/06 #11, Fatal Squad. Active
John M. Shuell, organized crime unit, western ops surv unit, #16. Retired
Norm Sieloff #1, TMU, TMS, TSS, TacOps, SRT, Aviation.  Retired in 1994.   Licensed Private Investigator. (New E-Mail Add)
Sue Siemaszko (aka Kearney), Royal Oak, MI. 11/15/10 4/27/1970 -10/26/1981, Class 70-H. WD, Sex Crime, Tac Ops, Homicide. Former NON Active RDPFFA
Donald Sims (domino) Detoit and Idlewild MI. #11, narcotics, cats, chief staff, #10, 11iou. Retired 01/08/00.
xGerald J. Sington, Lander, WY. 4/25/08 12-11-72 to 1-24-98, Class 73-D, #14, Chief's Staff, Organized Crime, Vice, DMPA, #3, IA. Retired. (New E-Mail Add) Active RDPFFA
xMitchell Skazalski,, Milford, MI. 9/14/10 11-23-70 to 7/5/96, Class 71C. Stress, Old #6, Evid Tech Unit, #16, #14/#2, New #6, Retired.  Active RDPFFA
John Skinner, Port St. Lucie FL. 11/19/03 Cadet /Youth Services Section PO at #12, TSS, # 7.Left DPD in 1981Presently, Chief of Police Port St. Lucie FL.
Jason Skoczylas, #4, Active
xDaniel Skomra, Woodhaven, MI. 8/23/06 5/1/72 to 1/3/03. Class-72-K. Old#2,Vice,#4,Auto Pd,#12-IOU,#3,Court Sect, Medical Sect. Retired (New E-Mail Add)  Active RDPFFA
Darryl Skonieski (Skoni) 9/18/03 7/86. #4 - Active  (New E-Mail Add)
Robert (Scott) Slivatz, Richmond, MI 11/29/03 7th Precinct, Scout 7-2. Retired-Duty Disability
Andrew J. Smith, III, Detroit, MI. 8/21/08 07/29/1985, Class 85-F. 10th, 12th, gang squad, tactical operation section. Active
xBob Smith, Bay Harbor, MI. 9/28/11 TMU, #5 Retired (New city) Active RDPFFA
Brandon Smith, Livonia, MI. #13.Active
David Smith, Dothan, Al. 12/9/03 # 9, Retired
xDouglas B Smith, 3/8/06 #13,Precinct Support Unit, Stress, #10 IOS, Hdqs ( CATS) Retired Active RDPFFA
xGregory Smith, Macomb Twp. MI. 3/24/07 06-21-71 to 07-02-90, 71-I. 15th Pct./9th Pct.  Retired, Active RDPFFA
Harry H. Smith (Miami) # 7 (30 series/cruiser) YCU (Gang Sq) Vice Section (OCU-Intelligence/Surveillance) SCS (Gang Sq) HQSU (old CIB) HQSU (Street Robbery Task Force) #7 (Midnights-Patrol Supv) Active
Joseph "Tattoo" Smith, Livonia, MI. 9/2/05 1-4-94, 94-C, #6, Narcotics, #8, Northwestern. Active
xJoe Smith, Leroy, MI. 6/11/06 03-10-1969-03-101994. Class 69E. 6th/mcgraw. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xKenneth M Smith, Chesterfield, MI. 7/11/08 110270 to 110295, Class 71B. 11th precinct,Communications,9th precinct. Retired. Active RDPFFA
Pamela A. Smith (maiden McCarthy) Livonia, MI.7/12/06 9-19-94-10-97, Class 95-A, #6, then resigned to raise kids.
Raymond C. Smith, San Antonio,  FL. 4/26/11 6th pct., TMU, 1st. Pct. IOS ... Disabled 1975. Retired (New E-Mail Add)
xRobert E. Smith, (Smitty) Charlotte, N.C. Started 01/03/72 Old #14. Worked #14PNU, D.B. & Boosters.  Mid 80's worked the Chief's Staff then transferred to Organized Crime where I retired in 02-03-91.Active RDPFFA  
xRobert Lee Smith Jr. Southfield,MI. 2/1/07 10-01-73 to 04-13-03, Class 74B. TMU/Recorder's Cout/#4pct. Retired Active RDPFFA
Robert M Smith, Springville, Iowa 10/31/04 13th 1970 to 1975. Former
Susan Smith (LeValley), Livonia, MI 12/26/03 #2, Western Precinct Support Unit, Bomb Squad. Active
Theo Smith, Detroit MI. 1/20/04 16pct, 4pct, 2pct,- tss, western surveillance, honor guard, 10pct, Retired-1989- state michigan private investigator -past 10 years.
Thomas Smith, old #14 until new #2. now assigned to evidence tech unit. Active
Vernon Thomas Smith, Apache Junction AZ. #1,Motor Traffic, #7 Retired 1982
xWayne D. Smith, Livonia MI. 3/26/07 8-10-64 to 7-5-91. 4th Precinct    Harbormaster Section. Retired Active RDPFFA
xGreg Smolinski, Shelby Twp, MI. 11/14/10 Heaven 7-9-73 to 8-30-98. #15, TMU, TMS, TSS, Chief's Staff.  Retired  Passed away 11 /14/10
Thomas J. Smoot Jr., Deroit MI. 7/18/10

09-13-71 to 09-13-2001, Class = 72A, No-6 Mcgraw  -  6-PNU - Narcotics Section - DEA Task force - 12PCT-IOS - Homicide. Non Active RDPFFA

Barbara A. Sneath, Long Beach, California worked the 16th precinct, 6 mile and GrandRiver, patrol Retired (New E-Mail Add)
Harold Sneath, Coldwater, MI. 3/16/12 13th Pct., Harbor Master, Youth Bureau, Gang Squad, Former DPD. Non Active RDPFFA
Gary Snyder, Sterling Hgts, MI. 6/13/05 #13, TSS, Harbormaster. Retired 1988 (New E-Mail Add)
Stephen Sokol, 12th pct, 3rd pct, Aviation. Active
Gretchen Solai, Brighton, MI. 12/31/04 Internal Affairs, Sex Crime Unit, Prisoner Detention, and Homicide Section Retired 1996
xRobert Solarz, Wayne, MI. 9/2/06 1-6-1969 to 5-1-1994. Class-69C. Old Second Precinct, Motor Traffic Unit, Traffic Court and Recorders Court Detail,  Special Events Section. Retired  Active RDPFFA
xJoe Solomon Harrison Township Mi. 1/20/08
#15,   TMU,  TMS,  TSS,  K-9,  SRT,  Firearms Training,   #13,  Chief Investigator's Office,  #9,  Gaming Division  Retired (New E-Mail Add) Active RDPFFA
Thomas Sommerville, Tucson, AZ. Present assignment # 6 Pct. past assignments # 14 (#2) honor guard DPOA  executive board. Retired
Raymond M. Soto, St. Clair Shores, MI.2/7/06 9th Pcnt. PLT 3. Former, Non Active RDPFFA
Ralph E. Spencer, Fowlerville, MI. 8/30/04 #s 12,10 ,6 comm. ops. Retired (New E-Mail Add)
Solomon Spencer Passed away 8/24/04 Old Hunt St Sta., # 10, YIB, 10 Cruiser, Ident Sect, Personal Affairs, Medical Sect, Retired '87 Heaven
Staccy Speck, 5th and 9th pct. Active
David Splitt, 11th precinct, Active
xCharles L. Springer, Venice, Fl. 2/4/07 6-6-77 to 7-89. Class 77-J. #5 and #11. Retired Active RDPFFA
Roy St Clair, Mi/Fla. # 15, TSS, # 9, Retired 1997
James E. Stano, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI. 2/13/06 5PO,11PO,7Investigator,12Sergeant ,13 Lieutenant. Active Soon to be Retired
xJames Stec, Commerce Twp., MI 5/4/07
5/7/73 to 9/30/98 Class 73-I. Precincts: Tenth-Eleventh. Bureau: TMU/TMS/TSS. Section: Court Services Section. Retired Active RDPFFA
Dolores Stefan, Grand Blanc, MI # 15, Recruiting Section, Personnel Section, Retired, (husband Martin Stefan, Retired 1991, #1)
xRonald Stephens, White Lake  Mi. 10/10/10 3-13-61-8-17-87, #10, YB, #2, Morality, IA, #14, Special Projects Sec.,  Chief White Lake Mi. 8-17-87 t0   9-1-10. Retired Active RDPFFA
Deborah Starr Steward, GAMING DIVISION, Retired,  (New E-Mail Add)
xBob Stoff, Sandia Park, New Mexico 6/4/07 06-18-73 to 08-05-98. Class 73-J. #3, #9YB, #7, #1, Harbormaster (summer detail). Retired, working in Insurance Industry. Active RDPFFA
xWilliam Stokes, Highland, MI  10/17/10 10-11-71-09 to 02-00 Class  72-B, #12, #16, the new #6, Legal Advisor, Back to #16, (now #8) Retired Sept. 2000 Active RDPFFA
Gregory Stopczynski #13, #11, E.P.S.U., V.C.T.F - Active
William Strahn, Sterling Hgts. MI. Passed away 2/3/08 15th precinct vice, 7th.prec. eastern morality, 5th.prec. Retired Heaven
John Stevenson, Mount Clemens MI. #15,13 & 5. Retired 98. Now Chesterfield Twp. P.D. (New E-Mail Add)
Thomas Stricker, Harrison Twp 11, TEU, 7, Retired 93
Robert Stricklen 13, 10, 15 PCT. RETIRED 1986
xWarren  Charles Sturr, Riverview, FL. 12/9/06 10/26/1964 to 11/16/1987. 2nd Pct., COPS, Central Morality, 12th Pct., 10 CIS, Wayne County Organized  Crime Task Force, Armed Robbery, Internal Affairs, Police Fire Arson Unit, Special Investigations. Retired 1987, Retired FL Dept. Corrections 2005. Active RDPFFA
xPatrick J. Sullivan, Highland MI. 8/10/08 10/24/77 to 10/16/92, Class 78A. 4th precinct, 5th precinct and Harbormaster summer of '85. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xCraig Tews, Cheboygan MI. 9/27/13 05-05-86, class 86-O, Worked = #10,#04 Reserves. Retired Active RDPFFA
Gary Sumeracki, Howell MI #13,Police Academy&#16, Retired. P&J Assoc. Investigations
Patrick Sun, Sterling Hgts MI. 1, # 2, # 11 IOS, # 10IOS, Organized Crime, Narcotics, Court Section. Retired 1990 (New E-Mail Add)
Dennis Michael Sundermeyer, (Peepsite) Fairfield Glade, TN. 10/7/06 # 16, TMU, Crime Lab (Firearms, Ballistics, Bomb Squad), Racket Conspiracy Unit, Organized Crime Section, Mayor's Security Unit, Chief of Police Special Detail, Police Academy, Firearms Training Unit, RETIRED (New address)
xKenneth E. Surma, Macomb MI. 7/25/12

09-20-1971-09-27-1997, Class 72a. 13th precinct, narcotics, 11th precinct, forfiture Retired  Active RDPFFA

John (SWAT) Swatowski, Detroit, MI. 7/25/04 1971 #5, 76 TSS, 89 K-9, 03 Promoted Sgt. #11. Active
xDan Swientoniowski, Macomb, MI. 1/29/07 5/25/70 to 10/9/87. 15th precinct, TSS, MEDICAL  RETIREMENT 1987 (New address) Active RDPFFA
Sean D. Sylvester, Saint Clair Shores, MI 12/21/11 1972 July 2003. #5, Motor, #7, #12, #11. Retired , Son of Retired Lieutenant David Sylvesster. NON ACTIVE RDPFFA (New address)
Nancy (Murphy) Syme, Brooksville, FL. 13th,12th, Central Events, Record Section and Narcotics. Retired 1992
Andy Szewczyk Passed away 11/7/08 TMU, Stress, Felony Prevention, Stationary Traffic, Central Events ,# 1 Special Ops, Color Guard, Precision Driving instruc. Retired 96 Heaven
Peter C. Szymanski, Fort Lauderdale FL. 12/21/04 #5 and #11. Retired
T Peter Tabachki, #7, #15 when it still was, Goals & Standards, YB#11  Retired
Doug Tally, Chicago, IL. 1/4/10 12/14/70 to 09/81, Class 71C. #5 Patrol, #5 PNU, #16 PNU, Narcotic Section, #16 PNU, #15 Patrol. Former DPD. NON ACTIVE RDPFFA (New address)
xJim Tanderys, Northville, MI. 4/19/10 # 1, 12th. Narcotic Div. Retired 6/92. Living in Novi, Mich. ( legally) (New address) Active RDPFFA
Louis W. Tanghe, St.Clair Shores, MI. 6/30/07 12th pct motor, 5th pct, Now with Berkley PD (New address)
xNorm Taube, Kewadin, MI. 3/28/07 6 12 67 to 5 17 85, #2  motor   #5. Retired  Active RDPFFA
xBenjamin Taylor, Detroit, MI. 8/29/08 1-30-75 to 1-31-02, Class 75 - F. 15th, 10th, Special Crimes, Youth Services, and Narcotics Special Enforcement. Retired Active RDPFFA
xDon Taylor, North Branch, MI, 4/19/07 8-21-72 to 8-22/98, Class 72-N. Same Precinct 2nd name change to Third. Retired Active RDPFFA
Sam Taylor,  3/25/04 7th Precinct. Active
Edward L Thebo, Savannah, (Skidaway Island) GA Assigned: 16, COP, 4, & 6. 1988 Retired Sergeant & 2002 General Mills S/E Kroger Sales Division.
xRoger W. Thom, FL. & MI. Retired from #5, in'78 moved to Florida, been there ever since, but now spend summers in Lexington Mi. Active RDPFFA
xGregory LaMont Thomas, Dallas, TX 7/8/09 9/12/74 to 4/12/98 Class 74L . 5th, 1st, Communications Operations, 9th .Retired Active RDPFFA
xJim Thomas, Houghton Lake, MI. Oct. 1947, # 4,1957, Uniform Sgt. # 6,1963,Uniform Lieut.# 16, 1966,  Det. Bureau Control Center, 1968 Uniform Lieut. # 5, 1970 Executive Lieut. # 16(acting Inspector (one year) got Comm. Nichols pissed, trans. to APB, Comm. Nichols changed his mind, trans. Aid to Director of Traffic. 1971 trans. Administrative Assistant to Superintendent. 1973 Retired.
1973 Chief of Police Manchester MI, 1974-1977 Chief of Police Frankenmuth, MI.
1977 retired from Law Enforcement.1978 Transportation Supervisor for the Houghton Lake School System. 1987 retired. Writing novels and short stories. Four short stories published, one due out this September in the Good Old Days Magazine...Retired 1973
Active RDPFFA (New address)
Karen J. Thomas (My other last names were Gill and Strickland) #12, 1st, public information, homicide, 13th, Chief's Staff and the original Municipal Investigation Unit. Retired 1994.
xMichael A.Thomas, Grose Pointe Farms, MI. 5/5/06 06/17/68-01/03/96, Class 68G. # 10  &  apb  fatal squad. Retired Active RDPFFA
Rodolfo Rudy Thomas, Gilbert AZ. 12/22/03 11th Precinct, 7th Precinct, Headquarters Surveillance, Youth Crime Unit, Gang Squad, Internal Controls Bureau, Narcotics Bureau, Street Enforcement Unit, Narcotics Special Operations Management Services Bureau. Retired
Donna Thompson, LeRoy, MI. 3/28/06 12-30-74 Left_Dept 8/93, Class-75C. 12,14,6, CAPS, Retired. NON ACTIVE RDPFFA
Samuel Thompson, Interlochen MI. 1st prct, T.M.U. Narc, K-9 unit (founder) Academy. Retired. left in body in 1980 but I never left the Blue, now living in Interlochen Mich. (just south of Traverse City MI. (New address)
Gene Thornton, Lake Linden, MI. 6/2/04 10, MCMU, 12, 2, 3, 16. Retired
Daniel J. Tibbals, Beaufort, South Carolina 1/14/13 06/11/73= 01/30/92 Class = 73-J. #10, TSS, #6. Retired. NON ACTIVE RDPFFA
Jim Thornton, 10/28/03 St. Clair Shores, Mi Stationary Traffic, #7, #9,Crime Prevention Unit, #5, Equipment Control Unit Retired
xGerald Joseph Tibaldi, Elmira, MI. 7/4/06 09/25/67-9/30/91. 4th, 10th, 16th,13th, west side morality, Homicide. Retired. Active RDPFFA
Dale Tiderington, 4/19/04 1st precinct, Patrol Man, Detective, Sgt., Vice Unit. Retired
Dick Tillman 1953 #1, APB, YB, #14DB, #4, TSS, 1987 Retired.  Currently: Director, Basic Police Training, Oakland Police Academy.
xRonald R.Tincher, Hudson, FL. 1/28/14 8-1-66  = 8-29-91, #6 mcgraw----#16 Active_Retired Active RDPFFA
Michael John Tinney, Dearborn, MI. Passed away 11/15/03 1st precinct, 1st precinct special ops, 10th precinct, 13th precinct, auto pound. Retired. Heaven
xGinagi Tiszczenko, Detroit, MI. 8/19/06 12-04-72 to 10-30-92. Class -73d. 15thprecinct, Retired. Active RDPFFA
James Tobin, Warren, MI. 5/8/06 May 16, 1974-Aug 14, 1999 ,Class 74-I. #5, #1, #3, BI Radio. NON ACTIVE RDPFFA
Harrison B. Tolliver III, Detroit, MI. Old 15th Pct, TSS, Mini- Station, Robbery, Sex Crimes, Internal Affairs, Notification and Control, 1st Pct, Retired 12-06-96, and working as a civilian supervisor with the Detroit Police Board of Police Commissioners, and also full time midnights with providence hospital
Roger Tomei, 10/2/03 15th Pct, 11th Pct. Retired 1998. Now working at Baker College, Clinton Twp. LIFE IS GOOD!.
Michael W. Tomlinson (yosemite sam), 9/8/03 13th pct, tmu, 10db, narcotics, court section, metro squad, 12th pct, 9th pct. retired since 1991
Charles A. Toms, Henderson NV. 8/30/04 # 5 and narcotics Retired
Doug Topolski, 11/12/03 Formerly #12....., Dearborn PD for the next 7.5 years...
Aric "VATO" Tosqui, Gaming Operations, Third Precinct, Belle Isle Summer Detail. Active (New address)
xAntonio "Taco" Tosqui, Westland, MI. 7/1/10

03-06-72 to 09-29-06. Class = 72-H. old #2 ,morality, narc, #4,Special Events,#1,Greektown,Recruiting,Aviation,Firearms Training . Retired. Active RDPFFA

Robert F (Bob) Trapp, Hudsonville  MI. 8/8/05 #7,13,15 Narcotic Bureau and CIB. Retired
Tony Treier #5, Mounted, Intelligence Bureau, #15, Evidence Tech. Unit. Retired Now at Macomb Community College Police Dept.
James P. Triano, Grosse Pointe Park, MI. Academy 71-J, WSUPD. Now, FBI Detroit Office
xThomas Trondle, Macomb Twp.MI. 10/15/08 3-22-71 to 4-1-96, Class 71 F, 5th. Precinct, Comercial Auto Theft. Retired Active RDPFFA
Howard Troost, Cedar, MI. 4/21/04 14th, TMU, 16th, 6IOS, IA, 12th, 6th. Retired
Gordon D. Troyanek, Detroit, MI. Passed away 2/2/13 #12 Palmer Park, Retired Heaven
Greg Trozak, Macomb Twp.MI. Old #1, Evid. Tech., Communications, #1, Retired 1998
John Tsampikou, Old #2, #7DB, #5, #15, #14, #13, Hqs
Joann Tucker #6,  #9,  Retired from TSS - 1993
Larry Tughan, Sammamish, WA. Old #14 (Schaefer & Grd. River) 1972-1976.  When's the next "shift party"?  
xThomas Turkaly, Jr. Warren, MI.5/3/07 10/26/64 to 9/22/91, First, STRESS, 9IOS. Retired 1991. Active RDPFFA
xTommy Turkaly III, 4/26/13 1st Pct, 11th Pct, Narcotics Division, 9th Pct, 8th Pct and Currently at GANG SQUAD. Retired. Active RDPFFA (New address)
Craig Turner, 5/9/04. (Passed away) May 1, 2006 #5. Retired. Heaven
Wyman Turner Alpharetta, GA. 1st. Pct., Brewster Projects Mini Station, Mini Station Section, 5th Pct., Narc. Prisoner Processing Unit,  Retired
John Turney (Joker) #13, #5, Repeat Offenders Program, #3, HQSU-Street Robbery Task Force, #2 - Active
Joseph Twardzik, Macomb Township, MI Retired from #7 IOS
xJack Tynan, Shelby Twp. MI. old #6, vice, 11, vice, 4, 12IOS, Narc. 9, forfeiture, chief's staff, #2...Retired  Active RDPFFA
U xCharles Urbanczyk, Roscommon, MI. 11/7/10 5/10/71 to 1/31/99, Class 71H. #12, Evidence Technician Unit. Retired 1999. Living in lovely Roscommon, MI., with my beautiful wife. Active RDPFFA
Mary Urbanczyk (Kunnath), Roscommon, MI Old #14, #4, Old #6, new #6, Vice, Gang Squad, Metro Division, Evidence Tech. Unit. Retired 1998. Moved to Roscommon, MI., with my wonderful husband.
V Ramon Valdez Old #15, #7, currently at Narcotics. Active
xCarlos Valverde, Detroit MI. 8/24/07 11/21/77 to 06/30/01 Class 78-D. Old 15th, 6th,4th,Pct. Retired Active RDPFFA
Duane Van Acker, 1989-1999 9th precinct, 1999-present Chesterfield Township PD
Tom Van Acker, Stuart, FL. #15,  Harbormaster Retired
xLaurence R. Van Alstine Jr., Tecumseh MI. 10/4/09 11/26/62-11/26/87. #10 , TMU, Old #2, TMS,  Old #6, Court Services, #14 IOS, #15(9).  Retired (New Address)  Active RDPFFA
Jim VanDevender, Arroyo de la Miel, Malaga, Spain 12/11/05 #4, APB,#1,COPS,liquor license, Harbormaster, Past DPOA Pres, Moved to  Spain 2001. Retired 1984 (No e-mail address Jim)  NON Active RDPFFA
Richard W. Van Haaren Heaven April.14, 2006 Precint 11 Retired 1987 Heaven
Merle Vanmarter (Ace) #7prct.,#15prct,Special Events, Internal Control, Sex Crimes. Retired 06/26/92. now with MCC pol.
Arnold Vann #10 since 1968 Active
Lawrence Van Sullen, St. Cclair Shores, MI. 9/29/03 old #10, #5, #7, EDCIS, #7IOS and #5 IOS - Retired
xPaul J. Van Wie, Rodeo, NM 7/22/12 9-17-62 to11/81, Class 1967 I. Radio, #13 Uniform/Clean up, West Morality Sqd,,  STRESS,  #12 DB,  #4 Uniform. Retired Active RDPFFA
Vito M. Vario, Warren, MI. 11/17/04 fifth pct. stationary traffic, cobo hall detail, first pct. sos. Retired
xDanny Vasser, Olive Branch, MS 8/9/09

10-15-73 to 12-2-98, Class C. 5th Pct, TSS (Blue Bird Unit), Narcotics. Retired. Currently Active as Commanding Officer Partrol Ops., Olive Branch MS. PD. Active RDPFFA

xNeil A. Veneri, Harrison Twp.,MI. 2/5/10

7-8-57 to 1-22-2008, #15;#11;#13;TMU;Homicide;#15IOS Retired Active RDPFFA

Guido Venier, Sterling Heights, MI Retired
Monica Verdusco, 4/4/05 11pct. Active
Matthew Vertin, Crofton, Maryland 3/10/02 4-27-1998 to 9-2002, Class 98-I. 11th Precinct. Former
Albert Vichunas, Hubbard Lake, MI 49747 3/6/05 5th, Communications Operations. Retired '98; now with Alcona County Sheriff Dept. as court officer
xWilliam Vitoratos, Brighton, MI. 12/3/06 10-30-67 to 10-30-92. Class  67D. 1st Precinct, #1IOS, Sex Crime Unit, Medical Section. Retired. Active RDPFFA
W xRichard C Walcheck, Crestview, Fl. 9/15/05 Mini-stations,TSS(K-9) Retired Active RDPFFA
xSuzanne C. Walcheck, NW Fla. 1/8/04 #4, TSS, Retired DD.1991 Active RDPFFA
Andre Walker, 11th pct. Active
Denise V. Walker, Worked at #7, currently at the Gaming Division
Joseph B. Walker, Boulder City, NV. Passed away 4/19/08 Retired 1973 as Exec. Sgt.#12 CID (Heaven)
xKenneth Quiller Walker, Brownstown MI. 11/2/08 7/24/67-10/14/87. Class 67F. Old /New #6, TMU, #4 IOS, Retired. (New Address)  Active RDPFFA
Larry Walker, 11/1/03 12th. Prct, Retired
Robert M. Wallet # 10, old # 6, # 4, Vice, Communications, # 6 old and new, Narc., # 8, # 6, currently at # 13. Retired (New Address)
Beth Walsh, 9/17/04 4th pct, 7th pct. Now with Shelby Twp PD.
Jeffrey Walsh Shelby Twp PD 1986 - 1995 7th Pct. 1995 - 1998 Narcotics Division. Resigned from the DPD
Candice Warlick, 1300 Beaubien - Message Center - 91. Now on Disability Retirement
Reginald M. Washington, Westland, Mi. 3/11/11 06/13/1994 class 94-G. Western Precinct Support, T.S.S., Chief Staff, Narcotics, #2, SWD. Active
John Watkins, 5/18/05 #4, Narcotics, #6, #10. Active
Dave Watroba, #10, Police Academy and DPOA. Retired
Donald J. Watson, Ft. Myers, FL. 4/10/04 APB, 9th pct., 14th pct., 2nd pct. Retired (New Address)
xJudy Lee Watson, 10/28/06 3/14/77 to 12/16/05, Class 77B. 1st, Communications, 4th, 16th, Personnel Bureau, Reserve Unit. Retired  Active RDPFFA
Justin E. Watt, Caseville MI. and Lakeland FL. 11/18/03 #8 from Acad, Band Bur,#6,#10 db, Internal Aff. Auto Theft, Retired 77, Chief white lake, Retired 87
xAdrienne C Watts, Detroit, MI. 1/6/2012 10/20/1970 to 10/10/1996 Class = 71. WD,Sex Crimes, security section, organized crime, forfeiture, legal advisor. Retired Active RDPFFA
Charles Watts, Detroit MI. 9/24/03 73-I, Old #2, TSS, Blue Bird Unit, #6 (cruiser), new #2, Reco-West (Reco70), TSS. Retired 1998, work for Mi. Court Of Appeals
xRichard Weaver, Harrison Twp., Mi. 1/14/11 4-21-69 to 4-1-07 Class = 69-F. old #6, Vice/Organized Crime, DPOA Secy-Trea. Retired Active RDPFFA
Boyd Y. Wedding, San Antonio, TX. 12/6/06 11-20-1972 to 8-31-79. Class 73. #2, TSS. Former
Jeffrey Weiss, Dearborn, MI. 8/21/07 1-6-97 Class = 97-I. 4th pct, gang squad, 11th pct, Northeastern District. Active
Robert Wells, 7/12/04 Housing and No. 9. Active
xAl Wendyker, Northville, MI. 7/22/12 10/26/64 Left_Dept_ = 01/26/04 Class = Worked = 4th precinct Active_Retired = Retired Active_RDPFFA
xKarl Wenk, Murphy, NC. 3/16/07 1/30/67 to 7/6/00, Class 1967, 12th pct, 4th pct, IA, Sex Crimes. Retired Active RDPFFA
xTom Wenson, Shelby Twp. Mi. 7/28/06 4-19-71-11-19-02-Class-71-G. First Precinct, Special Operations Section. Retired Active RDPFFA
Christopher J. Wenzara, 2/18/04 12th Pct. Left for better places.
Michael Werner, Wilmington N.C. Retired 16th pct.
Michele Wheaton  
Wilma Lois Whisman, Chesterfield Twp. MI. 3/27/04 5th Precinct, 7th precinct, 11th precinct Retired
Darryl C.White # 6(old), # 10, Mini Station Taskforce, # 8, and Detroit Metropolitan Police Academy, Retired. presently empoyed at the Wayne County Sheriff Department
xWilliam Russell Whitten, Gladwin, MI. 3/4/07 7-18-77 to 6-30-06, Class 77P. 2nd,6th,7th,11th,Prisoner Detention, Commercial Auto Theft,Medical Section(Drug Screening Unit). Retired Active RDPFFA
xJohn Whitty, Washington Twsp. MI. 1/10/11 #5, #13 and #1 Special Ops (White Hats) Retired Jan 99.Active RDPFFA
xPaula Whitty,, Washington Twp.MI. 1/10/11 #5, Sex Crimes, Major Crimes Division and CATS.  Retired Feb 99.Active RDPFFA
Edward Wilczewski, Passed away 5/7/08 Investigative court section, Retired Heaven
xAnthony J. Wilewicz Jr. Warren,Mi. 6/14/06 12-04-1974-5-7-1985. Detroit Reserve Officer- 11th Precinct. Retired Active RDPFFA
xThomas Wilk, Washington, MI. 1/20/04 #1, Personnel, MCMU, Homicide, Retired Sergeant in '93.  Now at Macomb College P.D. Active RDPFFA
xRalph Wilkewitz, Eaton Center, NH. 1/14/13 1965-academy, then #10, #4, #6. promoted to sgt. in 1975. to #16, #8, #4. Retired 1990.  (New address) Active RDPFFA
 Joseph Lawrence Williams, Riverside, California  12th Precinct Retired 1982
Kenneth Williams (Hawkeye) Newport Richey, FL. Passed away 2/12/08 13,narcotics,4,auto theft. Retired.  Heaven
Kenneth Williams Jr. Active P.O. at the 3rd Pct
Marcella Williams, Montrose CO. 11th precinct in 1975.  After 10 years went to work for Deputy Chief Brawner then to Special Services in conjunction with the Property Section.  Back to the 11th precinct and Retired.
Michael H. Williams, Farmington Hills, MI. Western Operations(Joe Areeda, Deputy Chief. Retired
Jim Willis(Buck), Novi, MI 14th Pct.,Harbormaster, Narcotics, Retired 1989.
Alford C Wilson, Detroit, MI Retired
xLawrence Winck, Fraser MI 15th Pct., Mini-Stations Section, First Pct. Special Ops (20 Atwater), Retired 1994 Active RDPFFA
xJohn Wing, Lake Leelanau, MI. 11/18/08 1-10-66 to 6-22-92, #5, TMU, Community Relations, Academy, Fire Arms Inventory Unit, TSS,  Mayors Security Unit, Mini Stations, Central Events, 1 st. Pct, Retired 6-22-92 Active RDPFFA
Mark S. Winn  Las Vegas, NV #6, Chief Staff, Crime Prevention. Retired
Raymond  Wisniewski, Sterling Hgts. MI. 11/29/03 Old & New 7th Precinct, #16, #13 back to 16. Retired in '83
Doug Witherspoon, #14,#2,WPSU,TSS,currently #8. Active
Jim Wixson, Heaven Apr 17, 2004 Retired from mounted section '96, (Deceased) Wife Charlene on family list.
xRobert Wojichowski, Shelby Twp, Mi 12/19/06 5th Precinct, CATS, EPSU, Communications (New address) Active RDPFFA
John T. Wolff, Sr., #15, STRESS, TMS, #5, Evid. Tech. Unit, #7, Retired
William John Wolfington, 8/9/05 #10,TMU,C.O.P., 1st Prect., Narcotics, Retired
David A. Womack, Detroit, MI. 9/24/04 12, 2, 2IOS, 3, Accident Unit,15, 15IOS, Violent Crime TF, 9, Motor Traffic,13. Retired
xJames R. Wood, Richmond MI.  7/22/12 7/69 to 7/85. 12Pct, 5th Pct, #5PNU, #15PNU,#15pct,#9pct. Retired Active RDPFFA
Keith Wood, Detroit, MI. 4/15/06 7-1977-1999, Class=77M. 10th Precinct, Duty- Retired. NON Active RDPFFA
xKeith Wood, Jr. Macomb Township, Mi 1/5/10 1973-1976 Eleventh Precinct 1976-1998 Tactical Services Retired in 1998 Active RDPFFA, (New address)
xMichael R. Woodhouse, Stuart, Fl. 8/16/10 3-16-70 to 1-3-96, Class = 70G. #5,#5 IOS, #3 YS #9 YS, #9IOS #9 CANDYMAN. Retired  Active RDPFFA
xJohn Woodington  (Woody) Passed away 11/24/08 #13(1974-1985) #16(changed to #8)(1985-1996) Retired in 96 now I got to work for a living doing accident reconstruction for various insurance companies Heaven
Kenneth Woody Woodruff, #10 stress hq surveillance #12 mcmu bluebirds special events Retired 2002
Glenda Horne Woods #12, #16, #6, Retired
John Riley Worden IV, Inkster, MI.10/5/08 2/26/68 to 4/2/88. 12,16,youth section(2,12,hdqtrs.,16,8),c.o.p.(12,6,),retired out of 16. Retired. NON Active RDPFFA  (New address)
Ed Wortman Passed away 4/13/07 Vice 64 to 75, Mounted 52 to 64, 7th Precinct 50 to 52. Retired Heaven
David Allan Wright, 13th Precinct 1961-1966 U.S.Customs 1966-1995 retired 1995 as Special Agent in Charge Buffalo,N.Y.
xGlenn J. Wright, 1/18/11 11/17/69 to 5/20/93 Class 70A,   12th,16th,14th,Traffic Enforcement Unit,6th,4th and First  Active RDPFFA
xDaniel Wroblewski, Detroit, MI. 2/26/07 6-18-73 to 10-92. Class 73-J, 1st Pct.,Graphic Arts, 4th Pct, Special Events and Fox Detail. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xDonna Wudyka Detroit, MI2/2/08 04-13-87 to 07-18-97, Class 87N, #7,  Retired,   MI-COPS Survivor 1-9-96,   Active RDPFFA
xWilliam K. Wylie, Sterling Hts, MI  5/20/10

May 10, 1965 to March 30, 2003, 1st, Patrol, Boosters, Motor (MTB), 2nd, Patrol, IOS, Patrol Inspector, 3rd, Patrol, Spec Ops, IOS, 4th, Patrol, Spec Ops, Homicide Section, 5th, IRU (IOS), 9th, Patrol Inspector. Retired Active RDPFFA

William K Wylie Jr, Shelby Township, MI #9, Rappel Rescue Team, Honor Guard. Now in Shelby Twp P.D. - Patrol, SWAT, Honor Guard
Y xJohn D. Yager, St. Clair Shores MI. 02/28/13 1968 to 1996. 12,11,12,11,Vice,Padlock,1,Central Events. Retired,1996 (New address)  Active RDPFFA
Rick Yamin, Clinton Township, Marion MI. 2/1/06 #5, #11, tshirt police, records section, Retired 99 (New address)
Barbara A. Yarnell, Westside Youth Bureau, Fourth Precinct, Mini-Station Section, Crime Analysis Sgt., #3 Pct (Vernor/20th), Tenth Precinct sgt, Seventh Pct Special Ops Lt., Tenth Pct Exec. Lt. (still working, 29 years)
Mary A. Yeager, Retired 
Thomas Yeip, Old #15 pct. TSS- Communications(dispatcher), 3rd Pct, 4th pct. Retired 1991
Mark Young, Detroit Michigan 1/14/04 6th Precint, CATS, 9th Precinct, 8th Precinct, 6 IOU. Active
James R Younger, Harperwoods, MI. 10/16/05 TMU, #13, Recruiting, Armed Robbery, Homicide, Sex Crimes, Special Assignment Unit, Headquarters Survelliance Unit, Gang Squad, Special Crimes, Felony Prevention Division, CIB. Retired
Z xFred Zaharoff, Grosse Pointe Park, MI. 6/4/06 1/4/71-1/98, Class 72-D. Police Cadet, 5, TMU/MS/SS, Publice Information, Management Services (The Hook) & 9 IOU. Retired. Active RDPFFA
Michael D. Zamieski 8/17/03 Member of the retirees union. Worked #5 from 1964 to 1973. Then completed my time at the cental narcotic bureau from 1973 to 1989 Retired
James T. Zanon, Warren, MI. 5/12/10

5/5/70 to 6/13/73. class 70-I, 2nd Precinct, 14th Precinct, & Harbor Master. Former DPD (New address)

xRob C Zarras, Livonia, Mi. 12/07/08 08/08/77 to 04/25/98, Class 77-R. 13,16,  Management Services, Risk Assessment. Retired   Active RDPFFA
Andrew P, Zazula Jr. Ann Arbor, MI. 3/11/12 Haeven 10/83 to 12/11. Patrol, DB, Motorcycle, SRT, Training Retired. NON Active RDPFFA
xBetty Zazula, Carp Lake, Mi 1/14/13

1964=1989, Class = Lt. Can't remember them all  Widow of Andrew P. Zazula . Active RDPFFA

Eric Zdankiewicz, Harrison Twp, MI. 2/11/07 9th. Active
xFrancis Zdankiewicz, Richmond, MI. 7/25/06 9-2-69-705004, Fifth Precinct and Ninth Precinct Retired Active RDPFFA
xFrederick Zech, Jerome, MI. 3/17/08 3/26/62 to 7/26/89, #10 - Dispatcher - # 1 - Vice - #4 IOS - #1 IOS. Retired. Active RDPFFA
xJohn W Zehel, Canton, MI. 10/5/08 01/17/72-02/01/97.Class-72F. #1,# 3, #14, #16, Mini Sta Task force, Narcotics, # 3 DB. Retired.Active RDPFFA  (New address)
Mark Zellman, Detroit, MI. 2/20/06 14, #2, Fatal Squad  (New address)
xEdward Ziemba, 3/19/08 #1, #4, #10, Central Morality, Communication Operations, Chiefs Staff, Retired from Rouge Range July 2000. Active RDPFFA
Nick Zingo, Former DPD ofcr. asgd. 15th Pct. the real one @ Gratiot & Conner. (Badge 3585) Currently LAPD Lt. asgd Training Division, OIC Tactics, Firearms & EVOC Units.
Walter Zmija, #11 - Active - seniority date 11-16-70 class of 71B
Edward J. Zupancic, Florissant, Colorado Old #10 (Petoskey) & New #10 (Livernois), S.T.R.E.S.S.,#6 (McGraw), Ident, #5, Ident. Retired. Great 31 years.

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