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Photo's from Joe Burns year taken unknown

Danny Smith Mike Norris Joe Burns Rick Savin, Diver Mary Yager Pinky Ickes Tom Lovelace - Now gone Richard Fasse Boat 1
    Dolecki   Smitty Sgt. Smith   Charlie Porta    

Charlie Brown - used to play with the Globe Troters

Nincee Balone   Lt. Lee DeLand Romanowski Ed Capp  Passed away Aug. 31st, 2005   Sgt Roger Lambert Insp. Parker
Smitty Dan Mertz Tom Fournier Gawronski and Fournier - Fournier on Right Quaine


Benny Belk Fred Galmish - he's the one that just died Galmish   Wally Ryan
      Smitty and one of our divers Tom Lovelace and Morch - Both now deceased Don Wanzel        



 Jim Thomas Sept. 4, 2003  (Pics by Charlie)

Jim and wife Mary (Pics by Charlie)

The old and the older (Pics by Jim Thomas)

Charlie and wife Kathy (Pics by Jim Thomas)



   July 29, 1970


Here is what some of the police officers of the 5th Precinct did on their own time. Bob Baumgart, Joe Mistretta and Don Kelly drove the ‘Blue Bird Busses’ ( used to haul prisoners from the County Jail to Jackson State Prison) with 80 kids and their chaperons from the 5th Precinct Station to Edgewater Amusement Park ( the far West side of Detroit) Then also were chaperons to the kids on some of the rides. It was a big picnic for everyone, all free too.

(Pics by Jim Thomas)

(Pics by Jim Thomas)



Remember the article and pictures of painting retired Detective Lieutenant Harold Hogan’s home you put in your Old Timers Picture Page? Is it to soon to send you three more pictures I found in my archives regarding painting his house that day? These pictures, of the officers who painted that day, are very clear and the officers can easily be identified. One picture is of District Inspector Henry Sedmak ‘self appointed Chef’ for that day the other is Detective Lieutenant James W. Thomas painting Hogan’s house. The other picture is part of the crew that day


                 Compassion, and just plain friendship was their motto.

  A hard working group from the Detroit Police Department’s Detective Division. Doing something decent for a fellow human being on his own time. How can the present day Media or politicians claim the ‘Old Timers’ were so bad?


(Pics by Jim Thomas)

(Pics by Jim Thomas)



OK, don't ask me why.  This is for all of you that have moved from the city and miss the memories of the citizenry.  I was driving through Rouge Park & after seeing this display had to turn around and share with you all.  I am disappointed that the shot wasn't closer so that you can appreciate the two bird baths with flowered swans among the chairs.  Wedding, funeral, home coming from DeHoCo?  you pick.  No, I don't know who's shoe. Compliments of Bosco. What I want to know is what he was doing there.



The first Precinct Narcotic Unit 5TH. Precinct

Original Precinct Narcotic Unit. Back row left to right" Executive Lieut. James W. Thomas, Sergt. Robert Campbell, Patr. John Turney. Joe Sweeney. Jim Keck, Vic Peg, Art Carrier & Fred VanAntwerp.  Sitting at the typewriter is Patr. Keith Miller and standing next to him (black shirt) is Patr. Victor Peg. Hopefully someone will remember the other names.. Bottom Left to Right, Mike Zamieski, Keith Miller, Dick Mussetti,  Also I've included a tribute to those officers..Jim Thomas.

                                                                                                   Give them a ‘Hand Salute’


                                                                                                          James W. Thomas

A ‘hand salute’, should be given, by Detroit Police Officers, to Lieutenant Howard Austin and the patrolmen of the 5th Precinct who were the Pilot Program
of the Precinct Narcotic Unit, in 1969-1970.
Commissioner John Nichols selected Lieutenant Howard Austin of the Narcotic Bureau, along with an attorney well versed in Search and Seizure Warrants
dealing with the Narcotic Laws, to establish the Precinct Narcotic Units.
The Fifth Precinct was selected for the Pilot Program.
The 5th. Precinct patrolman in this photo volunteered their time to learn; to identify the various types of narcotics, to use the field test unit, importance of ‘Informants’,
and for surveillance. Also “ three narcotic purchase Rule”. They also instituted the use of the two-man Ramrod to knock down the doors to the Narcotic Dens.
The Fifth Precinct Pilot Program was a success.
Lieutenant Howard Austin then contacted the other Precinct Executive Lieutenants to set up their Precinct Narcotic Unit. In 1971 Precinct Narcotic Units
were operating in all thirteen precincts in the Detroit Police Department.



Class of 1947  

 (Pic from  "Al Balogh)

Police Commissioner Bellenger, Pete Bullach, ran the Academy, and Harry Reeves was the Firearms Instructor.
Some of the Officers, Baird, Dwienga, Knubles Dorf, Don Scharf, Ross, Al Balogh, Stewart( V.P. of DPOA at one time)

This was the class off 100 new Policemen. We worked 6 days a week every other month or so they added another leave day. Classes came out every month for about a year, with approximately 100 in each class. Six months after being out on the street you went back to the Academy for two more weeks of training. After about a year or so we went to a 5 day week program. There were about 6 classmates killed in the line of duty, 4 or more were fired for various reasons.

This was the front page picture on the Detroit Times. Thank you Al Balogh who retired in 1972





Bob Hahnke,Dennis David

Gary Sumeracki, Bob Hahnke Gary Sumeracki, Dennis David #10 1972 Softball Team
(Pics by BOB Hahnke, July 2003) (Pics by BOB Hahnke, July 2003) (Pics by BOB Hahnke, July 2003) (Pic. from Bob Morgan)



Class of 72 F Jan, 1972  (Pic from  "Skip" Smith)

Bottom Row L to R
Robert Butucel, Leonard Jamison Jr., Donald Will, Norbert Kozlowski, Ronald Kerwood, Alfred Bensmiller, Ronald Landry John Evans, Theodore Passineau, Lawrence Closurdo.
2nd. Row L to R
Sylvester Chapman, Alan Peden, Samuel Lucido, Woodrow Myree, Delbert Jennings, Leon Lightfoot, James Serda, Daniel Caloia, Richard Dinco.
3rd. Row L to R
William Gear, Clavon Hinton, Donald Kosakowski, Gerald Mullaney, John Przybyla, Donald Sims, Raymond Jenkins, Willie Merchant, David Cylkowski, Robert Hahnke.
4th. Row L to R
Lawrence Conniff, Roy St.Clair, Larence Kozma, Robert Smith, Lewis Colson, Maurice Cochran, Erroll Williams, Leonard Montie, James O'Donnell, Mark Zaleski.
5th. Row L to R
Dennis Anderson, James Giroux, Russell Stringfellow, John Osborne, Michael Passage, Donald Trent, John Zehel, Edward Wasmund, Thomas Rogers, Kenneth Harrell, Marvin Butler, Willam Freeman.
Flag Bearer: Woodrow Horne Jr.















#14 Reunion Breakfast May 15, 2003  (Pics from Roy Davis)


Unk. (Photo by Joe O'Leary) WD Centennial 1865-1965 Unk. (Photo by Joe O'Leary)
mctraining.jpg (51835 bytes) WD.jpg (603203 bytes) dpdoldcar.jpg (36134 bytes)


90"s Power Shift #5


(Photo by Bernadette Myers)

Lt. Foster "Skip"  Fitzpatrick Passed away Jan. 30, 2003 (Photo from Wally Ryan)

badge2heaven.JPG (7927 bytes)

Skip, Bob Slotke(sp), and Mitch Koleczao  (Photo from Wally Ryan)

Jonathon Pilkey after 7 years away in Harrisville, MI.
Lt_Foster_Skip_Fitzpatrick.jpg (13279 bytes) Skip.jpg (31447 bytes) JohnPilkey2002.JPG (180285 bytes)


Back in 1966 I was a Lieutenant transferred to the Detective Division Control Center. There I met Detective Lieutenant Harold Hogan. He already had 40 some years on theDepartment. He was a "fixture" in the Detective Division, respected by everyone, Superintendent, Deputy Chief of Detectives etc.We hit it off together, worked the same shift, became good friends. On the 10pm to 6am shift, around 3am he'd tell me about when he came on the Department. The RoaringTwenties. Bootleggers, Purple gang blowing up business places with their Protectionracket. I learned Detroit Police Department History.In 1967 his wife became ill, so he decided to retire. He refused to have a RetirementParty. I suggested to the Deputy chief of Detectives Bloomfield about painting his house because he told me he was going to sell it and move to Milford, Michigan with his daughter and be near the Nursing Home his wife is in.One Saturday 26 of us painted his house. Later sitting in the Control Center looking at the straight back wooden chair Hogan sat in, and no one else would sit in it. It was his "chair". I called Maintenance, a friend of mine was in charge. He told me to remove the metal tag from the chair( City of Detroit,Property of Detroit Police Department) return it to him and the chair was mine to give to Lieutenant Harold Hogan. I also had a bronze plaque made to place on the upper front ofthe chair, it said," Any man can walk in another man's shoes, but no one, no one can sit in Lieutenant Harold Hogan's chair". It had his date of appointment and date of retirement on it too.The Detective Division took up a collection, $600.00 and District Inspector Sedmac and I went to Harold Hogan's house and presented him with the money and " his chair".  A lot of old time Detectives will remember Lieutenant Harold Hogan; painting his house; and "his chair". ( Harold Hogan) put in 47 yeas on the DPD, ( Harold's dad) put in 50 years with the DPD. Harold wanted to make it 50 years too but his wife was to ill, had to go to a Nursing Home....Jim (From James Thomas)
hogan2.jpg (49377 bytes) hogan1.jpg (33482 bytes)



Bob Hahnke, New Hampshire. Former DPD Officer. NHSP uniform with my car taken just before I retired recently 2002.

JOHN TURNEY JR., JOHN TURNEY SR. & LITTLE ERIC TURNEY. UP NEAR GLADWIN. Photo from Dan Budz (John Sr. was my partner at ARU, & I worked with John Jr. at VCTF, don't think I'll be able to partner up with Eric)  

Renewing our wedding vows on 09/21/02 at our 50th Anniversary party.Alan Helquist

(Photo from Tim Kelly)
Hahnke.jpg (210786 bytes) turneys.jpg (40808 bytes) helquist.jpg (34760 bytes) 020916171135.jpg (58556 bytes)


25th Reunion Party of the Narcotic Section Aug. 2002

Party was held in early August, great get together, the people's came in from New Mexico, Florida, East Coast and West Coast.  There are some true legends in these pictures, unfortunately Stumpy could not make it, but his picture will be in the group from the mid to late 70's, along with Sgt. Dennis Barton, Sgt. Keith Miller, yours truly, Sgt. Dick Graves, Mike Cowlings, Sgt. Pat Rourke, Dave BelCastro, Bob Castro, Sam Agostino, Deb Michalak, Charlie Albright and many more that I missed. Lot's of friends showed up, Rose & Leila Abraham, Father Mike Cooney, unfortunately I embided in the grape and missed a lot of pictures.

A picture is worth a thousands words, compare them then and now!


Dick Graves

narc6.jpg (74298 bytes) narc5.jpg (51074 bytes) narc4.jpg (87809 bytes) narc3.jpg (52812 bytes) narc2.jpg (55205 bytes) narc1.jpg (43737 bytes)


Class of 1973

(Photo from Tim Kelly)

Cadet Class of 1970

(Photo from Tim Kelly)

Here is one of my dad taken in 1927, on  Gratiot ave.  Two years after he started DPD. (Bob Leitzel) Another photo my father took while he headed the photo bureau of the Accident Prevention Bureau.  This was one of those fun photo's for the department, taken at the police field day.  They were great back then (Bob Leitzel)
020916170734.jpg (71181 bytes) 020916170107.jpg (55164 bytes) 1927GratiotAve.jpg (9375 bytes) PoliceFieldDaySgtBillLeitzel.jpg (43758 bytes)


Knights of Columbus Class of 1950

(Photo by Bud Lingeman)

The Friday night meeting of the 3rd Floor powers to be preparting for the week-end, I think I was stuck with the weekly duty officer. (Photo by Bud Lingeman)

1949 group - I'm at the far left front. (Photo by Bud Lingeman) 12DB 1961 personnel. (Photo by Bud Lingeman)
kofc1950.JPG (712459 bytes) Fridaynightmeeting.JPG (119658 bytes) 49reunionin1974.JPG (127084 bytes) 1961_12DB.JPG (137286 bytes)


1949 picture of the 15th Pct. personnel at a party.  I suspect it was at Hec's but at this late date, I can't swear to it.  There are some #5 guys mixed it or so I'm told.   (Photo by Bud Lingeman)

Charlie Markham, Ret. #13 DB. (Photo by Charlie Phillips) April 2002 in Harrison, MI.

HQ Sur. Unit about 1975 L to R, Jim Watt, Larry Plemmons, Joe Monacelli, (sun glasses), Leon Plowman, Jim Majcher, Tom Turkaly, Dennis Dallacqua (Photo taken by Larry Nevers)

The Real Police about 1972 (Photo from Dick Graves)
1949_15pct_party.JPG (130649 bytes) CMarkham.JPG (63898 bytes) HQSU1975.jpg (137918 bytes) realpolice1.jpg (46942 bytes)







The Real Police about 1972 (Photo from Dick Graves) Class of 68H (Photo from Dick Graves) 3rd Precinct Morality 1986 (Photo from Dick Graves) Third Precinct, Platoon 4 about 1987 (Photo from Dick Graves)
realpolice2.jpg (80251 bytes) Classof1969H.jpg (35198 bytes) 3rdPrecinctMorality1986.jpg (20570 bytes) plt4_3pct.jpg (29151 bytes)





Taken in 1977 when the film, "The Betsy", was being made in Detroit, this photo shows Ray Downing, Jim Oliver, Sir Lawrence Olivier, and Ron Sexton.  Sir Lawrence was a class act.  He really liked coppers.  Photo was taken alongside Henry Ford Hospital, where several scenes were shot. Photo from (Ray Downing)

1970's Narcotic Section Photo (In Uniform)

(Photo's from Dick Graves)

The brain surgeons on the Third floor ordered all narcotics section personnel to report to various precincts for the election detail. See if anyone can I.D. these rascals.

Class of 73_I The TAC Officers are Sgt. Bob Rossi, Officers Clyde Jenkins and Ron Gilmer.  The Lt. Is Jerry Miller.  I'm in the 2nd row from the top, third from the left.From (Mike Kawa)

olivier.jpg (70933 bytes) narcs1.jpg (70249 bytes) narcs2.jpg (81222 bytes) Class73I.jpg (81822 bytes)








1985 TMU,TMS,TSS dinner dance: Bill Salisbury, Gordy Jackson, Rick Kosmack and Mike Kawa. From (Mike Kawa)

1999 15th Precinct picnic: Gene Fular, Greg Smolinski and Mike Kawa, the crew of scout 15-10 from 1974-1976. From (Mike Kawa)


Roy Cavan (right) and Doug Blanchard (left) (now deceeased) taken on Belle Isle in the summer of 1972.  Doug, Mike Kenley and I worked TMU 8-9.  From (Roy Cavan)

I believe this was the first group to receive union rings for years of service, this is also when everyone had hair and it wasnt gray yet. From (Roy C Gray)

scan2.jpg (59110 bytes) scan1.jpg (127619 bytes) 72TMU.jpg (52998 bytes) DPOA_rings.jpg (39820 bytes)






Class of 68 E (Photo from Art Rivers)

Old #6 Booster car Photo by Dan Budz

Class of 7-9-62 Photo from Roy Davis The 2nd precinct in 1965. Photo from Roy Davis
Class_68E.jpg (168636 bytes) Booster.jpg (76977 bytes) hp114.jpg (230831 bytes) hp113.jpg (568803 bytes)


1985 TMU,TMS,TSS dinner dance: Bill Salisbury, Gordy Jackson, Rick Kosmack and Mike Kawa. From (Mike Kawa)

1999 15th Precinct picnic: Gene Fular, Greg Smolinski and Mike Kawa, the crew of scout 15-10 from 1974-1976. From (Mike Kawa)


Roy Cavan (right) and Doug Blanchard (left) (now deceeased) taken on Belle Isle in the summer of 1972.  Doug, Mike Kenley and I worked TMU 8-9.  From (Roy Cavan)

I believe this was the first group to receive union rings for years of service, this is also when everyone had hair and it wasnt gray yet. From (Roy C Gray)

scan2.jpg (59110 bytes) scan1.jpg (127619 bytes) 72TMU.jpg (52998 bytes) DPOA_rings.jpg (39820 bytes)







DPD Motor Div.1930"s (Photo from Jeff Lemoux)

An appointment certificate from 1896 for Charles Schnabel and this is a picture of Charles Schnabel as a Lieutenant.  (Photo from Jeff Lemoux)

1890's Pistol Team (Photo from Jeff Lemoux)

DPD_Motor_Div_1930s.jpg (41076 bytes) Schnabelappiontmentcertif1896.jpg (55764 bytes)   LtSchnabel.jpg (21479 bytes) 1890s_Pistol_Team.jpg (44403 bytes)


DPD Track Team 1959 (Photo from Jeff Lemoux) Hunt Street - 3rd Pct - 1919 (Photo from Jeff Lemoux)

TMU with one of the first cars they had.  Photo was taken by my partner, Bill Wolfington, and you can see he was no photographer.  Taken in May '68 at Fort Wayne. George Lott

DPDTrackTeam1959.jpg (44283 bytes) HuntStreet3rdPct1919.jpg (45959 bytes) 68TMU.jpg (39606 bytes)


Trumble Station (Photo from Jeff Lemoux)

Dragging in the Snow pre (1966) (Photo from Jeff Lemoux)

Tug team (Photo from Jeff Lemoux)
TrumbleStation.jpg (22733 bytes) Dragging_in_the_Snow_pre_1966.jpg (42016 bytes) tugteam.jpg (35478 bytes)


1939 Reunion, Class of 1929

Photo from Ron Sexton

Anthony Peplinskiy 1985 Jim Berg, Montclair, CA.
reunion1939.jpg (250225 bytes) Mvc-009s.jpg (57062 bytes) Pepe.jpg.jpg (238689 bytes) JimBerg.jpg (14018 bytes)


L to R Dennis Sundermeyer, Jimmmy Radcliff, Ron Peplowski, April-2001 Fairfield Glade Tennessee

L to R Joan Radcliff, Dennis Sundermeyer, Judy Peplowski, Jimmy Radcliff, Shirley Sundermeyer, Both photos taken at Dennis & Shirleys home in Tennessee.

Glade6.JPG (17910 bytes) Glade7.JPG (21467 bytes)


16th Pct. 1978 Janet Tanks Softball Team(? faces)

16th Pct. 1980 Janet Tanks Softball Team (?faces)
Photos courtesy of Ernie Green Deputy Monroe County Sheriff
Tanks78.jpg (70967 bytes) Tanks80.jpg (129231 bytes)


1987 TEU Detail This is a picture of a picture I took with my camera. Its the escort we did for the Armenian Patriarch from the U.S.S.R. on November 11th 1987. Photo by R. D. Atkinson

DPD Academy class of July 13, 1959.  The arrow is pointing to Gil Hill.  (I'm standing second to the left of him). Photo by Ray Downing.

1987.jpg (50103 bytes) dpd.jpg (97839 bytes)


Dan McDonnell, 1999,    Indian River, MI.

L to R Sgt. Roy Davis. Lt Furlong. Sgt. Bob Lessnau  in 1972 with Detroit Police plane.                                Photo from Roy Davis

Photo by Dan Budz

mac99td.jpg (33676 bytes) hp116.jpg (61542 bytes) Aru2.jpg (45384 bytes)


Feb. 2001 Biloxi MS. Golf trip.(Annual)  Top row left to right. Jerry Lambert, Russell Pfouts*, John Tsampikou, Robert Slottke, William Shell, Geoff Wegehaupt, Frank Pruent, John Faulman, Cliff Grub, Marty Rosemau Bottom row Foster Fitzpatrick, Bruce Wilson*, Frank Seta, Art Carrier, Wally Ryan, Edward Ploe *Not with Department Photo by Wally Ryan

This picture was taken 1987 in Detroit when they were shooting the movie in # 4, Rosary Murders.  L to R Steve Livingston, Doug Blanchard (dec), Donald Southerland, Gene Napora (JEEP), and Mel Hines. Photo from Danny Budz

BiloxiGolf.jpg (87239 bytes) RosaryMurders.jpg (54151 bytes)


1999 or 2000 #15 Renunion. CLICK  here to see additional photo's. Photo's by Harry Romolino.

1st Class of 1967.

Photo by Wally Ryan

Class of 7-9-62 on 7-9-87, A couple of them had quit but came for the reunion. That is John Literacki on bottom right who just passed away wed. Photo from Roy Davis

01.jpg (67805 bytes) 67a.jpg (145163 bytes) hp115.jpg (189179 bytes)


Dick Howard, Paul Huizdos,

Ed Whinningham, Tommy McWaters

(Howard, Dick's daughter Ret DPD also) and John Huizdos, (Paul's grandson) Active Bloomfield Twsp. PD. Paul was Dick's God Father. All happened here at the 17th Precinct by E-Mail, for Deb & John. Picture from Deb Michalak

Old # 6 cruiser 1977

L-R, Dan Budz, Bill Bowman, Bob Schemanske and Doug Christy. Photo from Danny Budz.

1977cruiser6pct.jpg (60746 bytes)

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