How To Setup Cygwin

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  1. Create a folder c:\cygwin
  2. Download setup.exe from and save it to c:\CygwinInstall
  3. Start setup program and answer the questions:

    "Local Package Directory"   c:\CygwinInstall

  4. Install the rest of the packages (might take a while).

       + rxvt
    and so on ...

  5. Right Click My Computer->Properties-> Advanced->Environment Variables.

    Click "New" button to add a new entry to the system variables:
    name=CYGWIN value=ntsec tty server

    Highlight "Path" system variable and add ;c:\cygwin\bin.


Cygwin Ports

Some software packages have their own cygwin repositories. All you have to do is to add their URLs during installation process.


User Account

Right click on the Cygwin icon on your desktop, and select "Edit". Replace the standard Windows shell with:

@echo off
chdir C:\cygwin\bin
set EDITOR=vi
set VISUAL=vi
set CYGWIN=codepage:oem binmode title server
rxvt -sl -tn xterm -cr red -sr -sl 2000

Note that you should have installed rxvt terminal simulator found under Shells category (I know, I know - very counterintuitive) in the installation step.


ssh Daemon

To setup ssh daemon:


IPC Services

Cygserver runs in the backgroud as a server and provides:

First, configure the service:

% cygserver-config

Now, you are ready to run the service daemon:

% cygrunsrv.exe -S cygserver

Ensure that CYGWIN environment variable has "server" option enabled.


Copyright © 2005 Vladislav Grinchenko