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When & Where:

Friday & Saturday,
August 16 & 17, 2013
Winchester-Thurston School, North Hills Campus

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David Novak

Please print out this form and mail it or take it to Northland Public Library.





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Workshop Tickets

_______ # for Alan Irvine (9:00am-10:45am) "Intro to Storytelling: Getting Started (and Having Fun)"

_______ # for Joe Wos (11:00am-12:45pm) "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Storytelling But Were Afraid To Ask!"

_______ # for Bil Lepp (1:00-2:45pm)"Making the Lie Sound Real"

_______ # for Heather Forest (3:00-4:45pm) "Narrating the Natural World: A Storytelling Skills Workshop"

_______ # for Joe Wos (3:00-4:45pm) "Cartooning with Joe: How to Tell a Story through Pictures" Ages 8-13

$_______ TOTAL @ $35 per attendee per workshop

Checks payable to: Northland Public Library

I have enclosed a check for $______________.

Please charge my Visa / Mastercard / Discovercard (please circle one).

Card #_____________________________ Exp. _____/_____