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If you like beachcombing, especially for Japanese glass floats, then you've come to the correct spot. Growing up on the Oregon coast, I became addicted to beachcombing, agate hunting, and I have always enjoyed watching winter storms.

Contrary to popular belief, glass floats still wash ashore now and then. Glass fishing floats are still being made and used by the Japanese and Chinese, although in smaller numbers than in the past. Here is a picture of floats found in April 1996 on the Oregon coast. And yes, some of them were found by the kids:

Some of the floats of 1996

Not even K.D.'s sure about this one.
A large Chinese netted float covered with gooseneck barnacles found in 1997


If you've found any Japanese glass floats recently or you have some interesting floats, send me a picture and the story behind it, I'll display some of the best finds of the year.  If you want to find out more about glass floats, check out my introduction in About Glass Floats.

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What do you do with glass floats? I've found that they make great decorations. They're beautiful as they catch the light in different ways and as each ones unique, they each tell a story. It's amazing that something so fragile was used for fishing, is lost at sea, and traveled thousands of miles to be found by some lucky beachcomber.

Here's a few ideas for decorating with floats.

Finally, check out the Links Section for glass float related links.

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