3.8 Mustang is a site geared for the V6 Mustang owners. It has an extensive message forum covering topics from exterior/body modifications to modding the engine to get the most performance out of the engine. The forums are moderated by very knowledgable admins in the threads they watch over.

This is where I went to find out about all the work I could do under the hood and under the car and even inside the car. It has a for sale section for those who are selling items that they no longer need or want which saves you a bundle over buying online or from a store. My first modification was a Cold Air Intake and this is where I went to get advise on where to get one and what I had to watch out for when installing it. I only had to buy four bolts due to the ones that came with my CAI were one metric size too big. I also bought the self-locking nylon insert nuts and some washers. With the advise given, installation was a breeze.

I also bought a phenolic intake spacer from one of the members who made them and was directed to an excellent how-to. All I had to buy extra was two intake gaskets. After the install, I could tell a difference in the response to the accelerator.

3.8Mustang is definately a great place to learn about a V6 powered Mustang. There are members who have supercharged, turbocharged and installed nitrous and will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have. There is even an Off-Topic thread for those who just want to shoot the breeze or share something funny they found on the web.

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-Added pics that Gary & Pat emailed me. Gary & Pat organized the 2nd Annual Ocean Shores Fun Run! Great work! Looking forward to next year!! :-D

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