Adopt-A-Rescued-Kitty, Inc works for the welfare and protection of Cats and
Kittens through rescue, and medical care. This includes Veterinary health check,
receive vaccinations, parasite treatment, and are spayed or neutered.

We are a nonprofit, no-kill, all volunteer organization dedicated to providing a
loving, safe, happy and healthy home. Either through lifetime adoptions or providing
a safe haven in our sanctuary or a managed colony... for many are unwanted.

We have a responsibility to help and protect those who cannot speak for
themselves and to show them love, compassion, mercy and respect.

There are not enough homes for them all. Humanely reduce the feline over-
population, Spay/Neuter your pet.


Our Cats and Kittens all pay a visit to a veterinarian for a health check, are
tested for Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV),
receive vaccinations and parasite treatment.

We require a completed Adoption Application, which requests information about
you, your family and household. Along with names and phone numbers of two of
your friends we can call for personal references, and your Veterinarians name
and phone number.

We use this information and personal face to face interview to match one of our
Kitties personalities and characteristics with a potential new guardian, their
families, and new environment.

We ask for a $75 adoption donation to help cover our medical costs.

If a match between one of our Cats or Kitties and you is found, you will be asked
to sign a legal contract sealing your commitment and promise to provide a loving,
healthy and forever home for the Kitty.

Adopt-A-Rescued-Kitty reserves the right to refuse to adopt to anyone that we feel
would not be a suitable match, or anyone who might place the Kitty in harms way.

See our Kitties at: PETCO on Saturdays from 10am until 6pm
Sundays 11am until 4pm
Atlantic Blvd and Kernan Road in the Super Wal-Mart
Shopping Center
If there is a particular Kitty you would like to see please call:
Adopt-A-Rescued-Kitty at (904)246-3050 and leave a message.


We'll make sure the Kitty is at PETCO the next Saturday!

Cats that found Homes ~Success!!
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Meet Kris! Click` HERE

Kris is a kitty born with cataracts. Petco has already donated
partial funds to help Kris have corrective surgery. Would you
like to donate and help Kris be able to see?

Please send your donations specified for Kris, or for the
daily mission and expenses of AARK to:

Adopt-A-Rescued-Kitty, Inc.
P. O. Box 331362
Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233

Sugarcane is a female 5 to 6 months old sweet kitty.  One or no other kitties,
maybe a quiet dog and no small children is her desire for a safe haven.  Sugarcane
was found wandering an apartment complex looking for love.  A nice tenant took
pity on Sugarcane and gave her refuge.  She is unhappy being at Petco in a cage and
needs a home to roam free.

Looking for love - can you spare some?
Ivory, her sister and her four young kittens - Molly, Charlie, Mittens, and Mitzi were
left behind to fend for themselves when their human family just up and moved. A good
neighbor scooped them up and took them in. Charlie and Mittens found a loving home.
Can you find room in your heart for Ivory, Amber, Molly and Mitzi?

Leo ~ A sweet laid back kitty was dumped into a colony and would sure like a
warm and dry home with someone special to love.

Jessica and Stuart
Jessica and Stuart were found at the tender age of 3 weeks and are now looking
for love in all the right places. Can you be there for them?

Misty is a very sweet and laid back kitty. She's as soft as her coloring.
Come give Misty a cuddle test for free kitty hugs and kisses!

Mary Mary Quite Contrary!

Mary was found abandoned in Mayport Naval Station cruising the street
looking for food and a safe haven to shelter and protect her unborn kittens.
According to Naval Station Mayportís current edict, she was to be left alone and
starved to death. Violate this edict and your are subject to base arrest and/or
eviction from housing.  Starvation is the Stations strategy to control the stray and
feral population.

Defying the Stationís edict, the game warden and allergies, a kind hearted family
took Mary in, gave her food, veterinary care, shelter and protection to birth her
kitties in safety.

The kittens have all found homes. Now itís Maryís turn. Can you provide the forever
home and love so she can have the fairy tale life she so deserves?

She is a little contrary upon first meeting her, but she loves to be held and have
head rubs. With love and tenderness she will come to trust you and return your love.

Mary has been spayed, tested negative for Feline Leukemia Virus and Feline
Immunodeficiency Virus, received her vaccinations and treated for parasites.

Pappy, a Classic Tabby with the Bulls Eye pattern, along with his brother Percy and
sister Paris were born near Parisians at the Avenues Mall.  Their mom was a feral
kitty surviving because of a generous caretaker.  The kittens were very scared, but
thanks to a great foster are socialized and friendly.

Pappy is quiet, loves to give kisses, and have his head rubbed.

Pappy, along with Percy and Paris will celebrate his first birthday in July, is
up-to-date on his medical, neutered and ready for a new home.

Bio coming soon!

In February 2002 Stormy was found living in a storm drain all alone and on his own.
He was 14 weeks old.  He soon let us know that he was very scared and really didnít
want anything to do with the two legged creatures that captured him.  Placed in a
safe environment he refused to be held and didnít trust or warm up.  Finally, deemed unadaptable, he was placed with the general population to live out his life in safety and

In October 2003 Stormy did a complete turn around and jumped into his guardians
lap as if to say Ė OK Ė Iím ready for loving now. A beautiful, loving, big black male
kitty Stormy loves to give chin rubs, chew on your hair and craves attention.

He has been tested, vaccinated, neutered and is looking for love.

Coming Soon!

Colony Cats ~ Society's Failures
Rescue Rundown ~ From trapping, to fostercare,
         to a new home. You would NOT believe the work that
         is involved. Definitely a labor of love!

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