Where's Waldo Sweater (and hat, eventually)

Note: This didn't work too well. The sweater came out just a schoosh too small, and will be my daughter's costume, not my husband's. More significantly, the striping on the yoke of the sleeves does NOT go the right way. I hope everyone worked that out before working on the sweater. When I locate my digital camera again I will post pictures.

I promise, in the future I will test all patterns completely before posting them.

Knitting Olympics Entry This was my entry for the 2006 Knitting Olympics. The hat was to have been knit 'on the fly' and not cast on until the ceremony began. I fully do intend to make it some day (before Halloween 2006).

The sweater was based on a free pattern for a striped sweater from Lion Brand Yarn. They gave me permission to post my woggled directions.
The front is on the circular needle. The back has been done, but the ends are not woven in yet.

at least it was fun to knit...

Skill Level:



Finished chest 42


Cheap acrylic worsted weight yarn (it's a costume piece, after all) I used Caron One Pound no die lot yarn
1 skein Bright White (A)
1 skein Crimson (B)
Sizes 9 (5.5 mm) and 8 (5.0 mm) straight knitting needles OR SIZES TO OBTAIN GAUGE (note: actually, I used a circular 29" size 9 and the 16" size 8 (below)
Size 8 (5.0 mm) - 16" circular knitting needle
Stitch marker
Large-eyed, blunt needle (or crochet hook, to work in ends)


14 sts + 18 rows = 4" (10 cm) with larger needles in St st (k on RS, p on WS) with two strands held together.
I knit straight on circular needles


K2, p2 Ribbing (multiple of 4 + 2>
Row 1 (WS) *P 2, k 2; rep from * across, end p 2.
Row 2 (RS) *K 2, p 2; rep from * across, end k 2.
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 for pattern.


ssk (slip, slip, knit) Slip the next 2 sts as if to knit, one at a time, to the right needle; insert the left needle into the fronts of these 2 sts and k them tog.


beg = begin(ning>
cont = continu(e)(ing)
dec = decreas(e)(s)(ing)
inc = increase(e)(s)(ing)
k - knit
p = purl
pat = pattern
rem = remain(s)(ing)
rep = repeat
RS = right side
st(s) = stitch(es)
St st = stockinette stitch
tog = together
WS = wrong side


With smaller needles and two strands of color A, cast on 74 sts. Work in k2, p2 ribbing for 7 rows. Change to larger needles and work stripe sequence in St st for four rows. Then switch to color B.
10 rows/stripe (2.5"), alternate A and B.
Knit until 14 3/4" from bottom of ribbing to armhole, then shape armholes Bind off 8 sts at beg next 2 rows - 58 sts. Work even until piece measures 23 3/4", end after WS row.
Shape shoulders and back neck Work in pat as established across 21 sts,and slip these stitches onto a piece of yarn or a stitch holder. Bind off thecenter 16 sts for back neck, work across rem 21 sts. Bind off 2 sts at neck edge twice and, AT SAME TIME, bind 6sts at shoulder edge twice, then 5 sts once. Join yarn and finish second shoulder the same way.


Work same as back until piece measures 7 3/4"above armhole shaping. Shape front neck - knit across 24 sts slip them to a piece of yarn or a stitch holder. Bbind off center 10sts, work across rem 24sts. Working both sides at once, dec 3 sts at neck edge once, 2 sts twice - 17sts. Shape shoulder same as on back. Rejoin yarn and complete second shoulder.

SLEEVES (make 2)

With smaller needles and A, cast on 30sts. Work in k2, p2 Ribbing for 7 rows. Change to larger needles and work stripe sequence in St st as for back, inc 1 st each end every 4th row 14times, then every 6th row 3 times - 64sts. Work even until piece measures 20". Bind off all sts loosely.


Sew shoulder seams. Neckband With circular needle, B, and RS facing; pick up and k15sts along left front neck, 10 sts of front neck, 15sts of right front, 28sts from back neck; place marker - 68sts. Work in k2, p2 ribbing for 5 rounds. Bind off loosely in pat on next row. Sew side and sleeve seams. Weave in ends.

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