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Nora's Fish

I made this for my niece's first Christmas. Also a couple of bad limericks (are there any other kind?) which I found or wrote. It looks a little like a Seuss creation to me.

Where's Waldo sweater

My entry into the 2006 Knitting Olympics. I did not receive a medal for this event (but check out the cool badges which line this page!). CAUTION: the pattern did not perform satisfactorially. I present it as a horrible example. I will put up pictures once I've found my digital camera...

Knitting Badges

Proselytyze Knitting

Yes, I talk knitting, and explain how wonderfully relaxing it is to strangers who seem awestruck at the teeny-tiny stitches in socks... It's a great ego-boo.

MacGyver Level 1MacGyver Level 2

I've used bobby pins for stitch markers. Gave up eventually and got some actual stitch markers, though. Dull tipped size 7 knitting needles topped with decorative beads make nifty hair sticks, don't you know...

I will Impress You With My Math ProwessI Will Crush You With My Math Prowess

Not afraid of basic knitting math. Have knit mobius and Fibonacci, and collect geeky knitting links...

I've Knit Items With No Conceivable Application

...although my daughter did use that lovely cashmere blend vest as the basis for a two headed monster halloween costume.

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