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Glenside House Concerts
(Hosts Ken Yavit & Donna Ryder)

Concert Schedule

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Reservations accepted no earlier than 1 month prior to event.


CANCELLED:Fred's Mobile Homes more info
Saturday, June 27, 2015 -- 8PM
Donation: $20

Performer to be announced more info soon

a Saturday in September, 2015 -- 8PM
Donation: $20


Mary Gauthier more info soon

Sunday, October 18, 2015 -- 7PM
Donation: $20

Eric Schwartz more info soon
day, November 21, 2015 -- 8PM
Donation: $20

Never been to a house concert?

Many people don't even know what a house concert is. We've been inviting folks
to our concerts
for some time, but most haven't come yet.
Perhaps it's because they just don't know how a house concert is different
from any other venue at which to see live music. 

So, we'd like you to view a short video of about 3 minutes. This video
gives an excellent picture of what to expect at one of our house concerts.
(The video is not of our own concerts, but you will get a very
good idea of what the experience will be like.)


Please take a few minutes to view the video at: http://tinyurl. com/HouseConcert Invitation.

 We're sure you will have a different opinion, and, just maybe, will want
to reserve a seat at the next show at Glenside House Concerts.

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Booking Policy

We prefer NOT to receive inquiries from artists regarding booking.
We book only those artists we have seen perform in person.
If we would like to have you perform in our concert series, we will initiate contact.