Some more of my rigs,
you met the Big Johnson Viking Valiant

The Rigs are powered up and are shortcuts to the pictures

This is the Shack in 96, everything looks best in black and white

The equipment from top, left to right is; Johnson Viking II transmitter, Heathkit VF-1 VFO, Johnson Viking Ranger II transmitter, Johnson Viking Valiant transmitter. Row two left to right; Hallicrafters SX-100 receiver, speakers, mics assorted junk, Heathkit DX-100 transmitter (My First True AM Rig) and the Heathkit HX-10 Marauder transmitter. Row Three; National NC-300 receiver, D104 Mic, Heathkit IO-4540 Oscilloscope that is hooked to the NC-300 to look at the incoming signals, Heathkit TX-1 Apache transmitter. Many more not shown.

Here are some close ups of some of the equipment. Of course the pictures are a little out of proportion.  Bettie Page, the Queen of Cheesecake, dominates most of my pages, but I have included others.  They are getting to be know as the GPO Girls.  Most of the Pictures are Hot Links to more pictures and information about the featured rig, just click.

The Transmitters

Johnson Viking Valiant

150 Watts of plate modulated AM at only 83 pounds. It has three 6146 tubes for the RF Amp and two 6146's for the Modulator.

Heathkit RX-1 Mohawk receiver and TX-1 Apache transmitter

The Green Monsters will hold down any desk. The Apache boosts a watt pre pound at about 100.

Heathkit HX-10 Marauder

Another Green Monster, this is a Side Band Transmitter that has incredible sounding audio. The signal reports are always 5/9 or better and "FM Quality".

Heathkit DX-100B

100 Watts of plate modulated AM, it has two 6146 Fire Bottles for the RF Amp and two 1625's for the Modulator. This was my first AM Rig and is still going strong.

Johnson Viking II

100 Watts of plate modulated AM, the RF Amp is two 6146 Valves and there are two 807's for the Modulator, no internal VFO.

Johnson Ranger II

I almost forgot that I had this 50 Watter. I bought it to "Check-In" to the DX-60 Nets.  The Net is for the "Beginner" radios, 60 Watts or less.  It has a single 6146 Fire Bottle for the RF Amp and a pair of 6L6's as modulators.

Central Electronics 20A Multiphase Exciter and 458 VFO (not shown)

20 Watts on Single Side Band and about 7 on AM. It uses two 6AG7 tubes for the finals and has Magic Eye Tuning.

Madeline350a.jpg (17927 bytes)

Jefferson Travis 350A-1 Trans-Receiver

That's right a Transmitter and Receiver in one box, what a concept. This was built in 1942 for the US Army. 40 Watts of AM using a pair of 807's for the Modulators and another pair of 807's for the Finals. This picture is my tribute to Madeline Kahn and is showing the rig at about its right size. The 350A-1 and it's power supply weigh in at a little over 200 lbs.

Heathkit HW-101 Transceiver

This Transceiver is newer then the others but is all tube and has two 6146 tubes for the finals. The Hot Water 101 had only one problem, it is Sideband only.

On to the Receivers

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