Lechthaler/Gerwig, Friedel/Young, Supcoe/North, Powell/Barge Families


This web site displays ancestry information for the Lechthaler/Gerwig, Friedel/Young, Supcoe/North, and the Powell/Barge families. Three display formats are available. The advantages and disadvantages per display type are:


Program That Generated Display

Display Type



Personal Ancestry File


- Shows all photos

- Shows all notes

- Shows all sources

- Full photos captions

- Shows only ancestors noted

- No Tree Display

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- Limited Tree Display

- Shows all sources

- No photos

- No notes


Click on the following icons to open each display.


Program That Generated Display

Lechthaler /

Gerwig Tree

Friedel /

Young tree

Supcoe /

North Tree

Powell /

Barge Tree

Entire Database

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Personal Ancestry File

Only Direct Ancestors of Donald Lechthaler (updated 9/4/2015)

Only Direct Ancestors of Dennis Friedel (updated 10/10/2014)

Only Direct Ancestors of Robert Supcoe (updated 9/4/2015)

Only Direct Ancestors of Karen Powell (updated 9/4/2015)

(updated 9/4/2015)

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(updated 9/4/2015)



Photos of individuals, structures, and tombstones as well as images of German/English church book records, estate documents, vital record documents, and land records can be found by clicking on the [scrapbook] link available for many individuals in the Personal Ancestry File display.


Please contact me at the email address below if you have any questions, comments, corrections, or suggestions on this web site or the data it contains. Any additional information, photos, documentation, etc would be very much appreciated. Additional documents, files, and photos not displayed by this web site are available upon request.


Please note that any information that has only an Internet family tree or family web page as a source should be considered unverified unless the web site cites specific archive or library resources. I use this information only used as a placeholder. In no way should the information be considered credible until independently verified.


Census record sources noted (e.g. "Series T624, Roll 555, Page 222") refer to the location of the census record in a National Archives micropublication. Census records can be viewed by most people for free via their local libraries website access to the HeritageQuest service or a paid ancestry service. 2015 Update: HeritageQuest was bought by Ancestry.com and is no longer available. Ancestry.com can't does not use the same location references. You now have to search using name, year, and location.


Tree Status Notes


Lechthaler/Gerwig (updated 6/18/2015)

Last done: Pfrommer and DeŁblin lines in Altburg church book; Schmid line in Seitzental from Ortssippenbuch Neubulach; Stone line;


Next to do: Hinkley line;


Friedel/Young (updated 5/17/2014)

Last done:


Next to do: Information on Charles C. Heintz; Reel line;


Supcoe/North (updated 7/31/2015)

Last done: Warwick line; Ross line; Benson line;


Next to do: Cogar line(North line); Information on Joseph North(b 1771 - North line); Funkhouser line(Supcoe line); Information on William Hamrick(North line); Durell line(North line);


Powell/Barge (updated 4/29/2015)

Last done: Galeone line; Lanzinger line; Lillie Moore Woolfolk death certificate;


Next to do: John Powell (b ca 1670); Snell line; Cobole line;


Don Lechthaler



Don on Find A Grave

Don on RootWeb

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This website is dedicated to George T. Powell, Claude Rahn, Harry Kirby, and Gladys Lechthaler, ancestors who through difficult pre-Internet efforts worked to research and document family lines. Also, a special thanks to the countless people who have been kind enough to help me with this effort through the years. I found this written elsewhere and it perfectly fits my sentiments:


"I believe in genealogical karma. Give your time, money, learning and tricks of the trade to others and it will more than come back to you. We depend on the kindness of strangers to send us documents from distant places and it is important to be generous with those that need assistance. Plus, there is the added pleasures of helping people achieve their goals."

(Source: http://ascendingthestairs.wordpress.com/2011/05/29/genealogical-karma/)