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YDNA Tested Descendant of Moses Moore (b. abt 1760) Greene Co., TN
  Huff Family Cemetery at Confluence, KY abt. 1920
The Huff Family Cemetery at Confluence, KY abt. 1920.
This photo includes my great-grandfather and greatgreat-grandmother.

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John Moore
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Aurora Rico

"Pioneer Families of Leslie County"  by Sadie W. Stidham
 "The Hardegree/HardigreeFamily"   by Nova A. Lemons
 "Ancestors of the Huff Family" (unpublished pamphlet) by Jasper Huff & Hayden Sizemore
 " Dozens of  Cousins" (book on CD) by William O'Connor
 Kentucky Census Records1850 - 1910.
 Kentucky Vital Records Index 1911-1986

A special thanks to the following relatives and cousins who contributed information to this database:
     Phyliss Sizemore Hefelfinger - the Sizemore family;  Sandra Huff - the Huff family;  Sandra Morris Allen - the Huff  and the Morris Families; Diann McDaniel - the McDaniel family;  Theresa Goodwin - the Sizemore family;  Sim Morris - the Morris family;  Ella Winbro - the Moore family; Jean Frost - the Frost family; Patricia Bailey Annoot - the Bailey and  the Langdon families; Donna Shirley - the Warren  and the Frost families; Verlie Hardigree Moore - the Hardigree and Huff  families; Teddy Hardigree - the Hardigree  family; Dorothy Garland - the Oakley family; Josie Villegas - the Celaya family; & Gloria Celaya Scroggins - the Celaya  family.

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