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2014 Combo Prairie Dog Shoot
and Field Steel Shoot
*You MUST be an NRA Member!

  • Place: Approx. 45 minutes NW of Gillette, WY
  • When: June 17th & 18th, 2013 (Mon.- Noon on Wed.) preceeding the MOA Long Range Handgun Match

          Located on a private ranch, with a healthy population of PD's which has been shot over only occassionally, this shoot will afford a target rich environment. All persons must be a current NRA Member, including any bystanders. *The $100.00 per shooter (covers all 2 1/2 days) and includes the steel shoot.

  • Date will be June 16-18,through noon on Wednesday of the 18th for dogs. Private ranch-Specialty pistols only (no rifles). Shooting reactive steel will be from 3 landings (you can drive to landing). This will NOT be a roving/walking/hiking field course. Steel shooting will be from the prone position. If there are enough who want to bring a portable bench (I am not supplying benches ohboy) we will have a bench group. If someone uses a front rest in the prone position will be competing with those using portable benches. No port-a-potty, no tents, and we are not shooting from air conditioned buildings Troll. You will need to bring everything you need for yourself. 100 rounds will be more than enough for the steel shooting. Round count in terms of dog shooting-that is up to you. There will be some cost involved. There will be some cash prizes for the steel shoot (Maybe prizes).

    • Contact: Ernie Bishop is generously organizing the shoot, he can answer your questions. Email Ernie or call him at (307) 257-7431 9a-6p MST

      What you need to be Legal....

      Although Wyoming does NOT require a hunting license to shoot P-Dogs, it does require individuals born after 1965 (and who are using a firearm to shoot PD's) to possess a valid Hunter Safety Education Certificate. Please plan ahead for this requirement! Here is a link for Wyoming Game and Fish Misc. FAQ's

      Information, Guidelines, etc.

    • The prairie dog shoot will only take place on June 16-18, 2014 (Monday-Wednesday) ending at noon Wednesday.

    • No steel shooting on Wednesday. Need to be an NRA Member and sign a waiver. Cost is $100 for the 2.5 day shoot (pd's and steel shoot). This is a package deal. You can participate in what you want, but the cost will be the same.

    • I will need your name and cell #. Make/Model/Color of vehicle will be helpful also. Cell reception will be limited or non-existent at times between Gillette and the dog town.

    • No toilet facilities. Please bury or cover up any mess.

    • If you have GMRS or FRS type radios, bring them to communicate with other shooters on the ranch.

    • Bring your own coolers, water, drinks, food, snacks-No alcohol allowed on the ranch.

    • Pick up trash and your brass when you are done.

    • Respect the landowners, their land, and their livestock. No shooting at big game animals. Avoid shooting in directions of Methane Gas Wells and electrical power lines. Be aware of your backstops.

    • NRA membership is required for all to attend as it provides insurance, plus they support hunters/shooters.

    • There will be a liability release form to be signed if you want to attend. Please wear eye and ear protection when shooting or nearby shooting.

    • If you want to use a stool or bench you will need to bring your own....You can of course shoot prone if you want.

    • I would encourage shooters to stay in Gillette on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening to make it easier to get back and forth from the prairie dog shoot.

    • Meet at Ernie’s house on Monday morning of June 17th, 2013 @ 7:00AM. The best times to typically shoot dogs are in the early morning and late afternoon.

    • If some want to go into Gillette and get lunch and take a break then go back out in the afternoon you might better your odds at long-range kills.

    • Bring lots of ammo, your camera, video equipment, and you may want to bring your gun cleaning kit. If you are wanting to make the 500, 1,000, 1,500, or 2,000 yard club with Varmint Hunter Magazine, you will need a witness with who is also a VHM member.

    Contact information:

    Ernie Bishop
    306 West Flying Circle Drive
    Gillette, WY 82716
    (Please call from 9am-6pm MST)

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