Long Range Handgun Match

Sundance, Wyoming June 18, 19, 20th 2015

Shoot at 500, 750, and 1,000 yards!

Light Gun Class up to 7.5 lbs and 15” barrel.

(NEW) Hunter Class up to 12 lbs and 15” barrel.

Heavy Gun Class, up to 16 lbs, and 18” barrel.

(Weights reflect a ready to shoot (unloaded) gun with scope, etc, barrel length does

NOT include muzzle brake.)  Any “Light Gun” MAY also shoot in the Heavy Class.

Handguns of ANY manufacture are welcome! $70.00 entry fee for

any of the 3  Bench Matches. A percentage paid back as prize money.


In 2015, we will again offer 2 IHMSA style “Freestyle” Position Handgun 500

Yard  events, Scoped and Iron Sights.  Entries for either sub-event is $20.00,

with a percentage as prize $$$.  Lots of vendor donated winners prizes!


For details, or questions, please consult the MOA website or call Richard Mertz at:


MOA Corporation

285 Government Valley Road

Sundance, Wyoming 82729

Phone (307) 283-3030