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The 9th Annual M.O.A. "Cold Turkey"
Long Range Handgun Match
June 18, 19, 20th, 2015

        MOA Corporation has held an Annual Long Range Handgun Match since 2007. Unique within the industry, the MOA Shoot joins many of the nation's Specialty Handgun enthusiasts in a 3 day Match Competition occurring in Sundance, Wyoming. Shooting at 500, 750 and 1,000 yards, these handgunners routinely prove that they are equal to many rifle shooters. Typically encountered guns are the MOA Maximum (of course!), Freedom Arm's New Singleshot, and the Remington XP-100, Savage Striker, as well as numerous custom and semi-custom rigs, most with a 14" to 18" barrel, and usually equipped with a muzzle brake. Cartridges often encountered are the .243AI Win., 6x47 Lapua, 6mm-284, and 6.5-284 Win., etc. While many shooters use pistol scopes, more have in recent years moved to "rifle" scopes, taking advantage of higher magnification, and improved optics to realize their pistol's full potential.

        The shoot is casual and friendly...many of your fellow shooters will help to ensure you have a positive experience; most share the reasons for their success openly and unselfishly. Every year the equipment list used by shooters improves somewhat; and unlike some other disciplines, rare is the shooter in Sundance who isn't happy to tell you all about his new rig. Indeed, it's all about the advancement of the sport! We have found that many first timers are apprehensive shooting at these distances, but they soon find they can shoot amazingly small groups, even at the advanced yardages!

Pistols, Prairie Dogs...Prizes...and more!

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         The match was a great success in 2014 due to the addition of a new class, perfect weather, and the efforts of the host – Richard Mertz. A “hunter” class was added to encourage shooters who are not necessarily bench shooters. Slightly heavier weight limits of the pistol, no mechanical rests were allowed (sandbags and bipods only). Also no wide(2 ½ max) were allowed. The shooter has the option to shoot from a field position or the bench. This class did have the largest participation. Richard was blessed this year with perfect weather – no rain, snow cold temps, or howling winds. Also he was fortunate to have enough volunteers to help run the match. 2015 will be the ninth anniversery of the match. With the cheap gas and the Hunter class hopefully more shooters will join in the fun.

        On behalf of Rich and Theresa Mertz, the Shooters Committee, and all of our Match Competitors...our sincere Thanks and Appreciation to all who have donated prizes, to all those that helped to organize and help at the match, as well as to the many great forums (and magazines) who helped to "get the word out" about the Match!

See what the MOA Match offers!

A bonus for MOA Competitors!                      Read about the 2009 Shoot...

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Shooters, Advertisers, Sponsors Wanted!

      We invite interested parties to participate as shooter's, advertisers, or sponsors in the MOA Match. If you want to get the word out about your company, product or service, please consider Prize Donation based advertising for the Match. Contributions of product, or redemption certificates for products or services SHOUT OUT to our participants that you support our sport. Going to the next step, Sponsorships can be surprisingly inexpensive, and a committee provided canopy booth can be made available at the Match. Your donation of "winner's circle" prizes will receive great recognition within our community.

The MOA Shooters Committee Welcomes You....
..and invites you to browse our pages...please make yourself at home!

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This page has been created by the "M.O.A. Shooters Committee", comprised of past and future participants of the M.O.A. Match, with the permission and acknowledgment of M.O.A. Corporation. The Committee's interest is to promote and enhance participation in this Match, and in the sport of long range handgunning. Our combined goal is to "share the knowledge of techniques, technology, and equipment that will enhance our experience and success in the sport". Our continual interest in product development and improvement via our feedback as users, will serve to stimulate vendor participation with the introduction of products that work for our (handgunning) needs. And finally, by encouraging the "new" shooter, we will enable the sport to grow.

Interested parties should consult the Pueblo Valley Firearms website,
or for 2015 Match information call Richard Mertz at (307) 283-3030

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