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Congragulations...are in order !

Mark completed his Sheep Grand Handgun Slam with this amazing Wyoming Bighorn. His mature "Slam-Ram" is over 10 years old. Mark took this one in October, 2009 with his..... M.O.A. Maximum!

Read about Mark's Sheep Hunt in the August 2010 edition of "GUNS" Magazine here!

      Mark Hampton, Author, talented Writer and Chronicler of his outdoor experiences; a strong advocate of all things Handgunning; Mark's resume as a sportsman and hunter is unparalleled...utilizing Specialty Handguns Mark has hunted multiple continents, and has taken numerous magnificent and exotic world class trophies. His personal bio is equally impressive....if you are not familiar with Mark's accomplishments,click the link below. I met Mark in 2009 at Sundance; and I assure you, he is the "genuine article", outgoing, but soft-spoken and typically humble, with a manner that is casual, yet warm, familiar and friendly. He enjoys all the same passions for the sport that drives each one of us....

Learn more about Mark

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Ernie Bishop, Long Range Handgunning Enthusiast,
Accomplished Writer, and Communicator....

     Ernie has been a "sparkplug" for our sport for many years; his determination to share his knowledge and experience through his writings and communications is truly inspiring! His tireless work within our sport benefits each of us in some fashion. Ernie loves technology, and living in the West, has always sought solutions to "connect with small targets at extreme distance"...and apparently he has found at least many answers to that puzzle. He champions advancements in the equipment we use; one look at our photo pages, and you will see a progression in hardware sophistication that we would not have considered possible 20 years ago! Unselfish and extroverted, Ernie would rather tell you about what is new in the Handgunning industry, even while missing his turn to shoot. His past contributions to the sport have been many; I anticipate his future to be even brighter............. Ernie is still building momentum!

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     You may recognize Steve Hugel, a prolific writer, and staunch supporter of all activities pertaining to Specialty Handguns. Steve's works have appeared in numerous outdoor sporting publications, and he is regarded by many as a ballistics guru, and an expert on most reticle ranging systems found in today's optics. Steve routinely drives all night to attend our various functions, if only to shoot for a while, and renew his many friendships. An enthusiast of most things technical, Steve is commonly found in the midst of any intense, passionate, techno-discussion, where his views are considered with great weight. His contributions to Long Range Handgunning are a Specialty Handgun Hunter, he has been wildly successful, contributing a wealth of knowledge to the pursuit of western coyotes through his writings and teachings. Steve is a great personality!

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     Gary Morris, Shooting Enthusiast, Gary has had an intimate knowledge of M.O.A.'s since the early 1980's, and he knows the gun inside and out. Perhaps the most diversified and dedicated shooter of our group, Gary has competed in Silhouette, as well as the annual competition at Sundance. Besides Specialty Handguns, he has developed a more recent obsession in Long Range tactical rifle shooting, and is a regular and dedicated competitor in the Midwest. Apparently, this interest lends itself well to LR Handgunning, for I've witnessed his abilities with an M.O.A. pistol; Gary is an extremely gifted shooter; winning a number of times at the 1,000 yard Cold Turkey Match at multiple distances.

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     Mike Janes....I'm the new guy, the least experienced Specialty Handgunner of the group. Living in the Midwest, my nearby shooting and hunting opportunities were trap and skeet, and upland birds and small game with shotguns. Always an avid shooter, my interest in centerfires and later, precision handguns, resulted from my desire to try new things in the shooting sports. Living East of the Mississippi, I have always yearned for experiences in the West, and in 2009 it finally occurred. My first antelope, (above) taken at the Rich Bartman Hunt; the result of the help and encouragement by many dedicated handgunners.

I'm also the "web guy"...but they occasionally let me shoot......

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This page has been created by the "M.O.A. Shooters Committee", comprised of past and future participants of the M.O.A. Match, with the permission and acknowledgment of M.O.A. Corporation. The Committee's interest is to promote and enhance participation in this Match, and in the sport of long range handgunning. Our combined goal is to "share the knowledge of techniques, technology, and equipment that will enhance our experience and success in the sport". Our continual interest in product development and improvement via our feedback as users, will serve to stimulate vendor participation with the introduction of products that work for our (handgunning) needs. And finally, by encouraging the "new" shooter, we will enable the sport to grow.

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