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The Scenic and Storied Sundance area is also home to nearby (spectacular)
family destinations, with Devil's Tower at the top of our list. I could go on...
...but a few photos will do it better...enjoy!

Just a few of the photos Jan took in June '09. The tower is under 40 miles from Sundance. Yes, the tower looks
different from various angles, distances, and direction. Included are some shots of the surrounding area as well.
The brightest shots, taken on the opposite side from the starting point are dramatically different than those on
the approach. The 1.3 mile trail around the tower is fantastic; you'll see references of climbing the tower...
imagine climbing the sides of a very tall building, clinging on with only a finger and toehold.(if you remember
the opening scene of one of the Mission Impossible movies...that's what they are talking about), thank
you..I don't do that..Here's the link for the Park Service for more: Devil's Tower, National Park Service

Interested in more of Wyoming?
Then click here...

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This page has been created by the "M.O.A. Shooters Committee", comprised of past and future participants of the M.O.A. Match, with the permission and acknowledgment of Gateway Precision Arms and M.O.A. Corporation. The Committee's interest is to promote and enhance participation in this Match, and in the sport of long range handgunning. Our combined goal is to "share the knowledge of techniques, technology, and equipment that will enhance our experience and success in the sport". Our continual interest in product development and improvement via our feedback as users, will serve to stimulate vendor participation with the introduction of products that work for our (handgunning) needs. And finally, by encouraging the "new" shooter, we will enable the sport to grow.

Interested parties should consult the Gateway Precision Arms web site,
or for 2016 Match information call Richard Mertz at (307) 283-3030

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