The Plymouth Fury

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One of the truly classic automobiles of the 1960s and 70s is the full-size Plymouth Fury. As an admirer of these cars, I have put together a collection of pictures from old advertisements and catalogs that I've gathered over the years.

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65 Sport Fury Convertible

65 Fury I 2-Door Sedan

66 Instrument Panel

66 Fury III Hardtop

67 Sport Fury Hardtop

67 Instrument Panel

67 Fury III 4-Door Hardtop

67 VIP 2-Door Fast Top

68 Fury III 2-Door

68 Fury III 4-Door

68 Sport Fury Fastback

69 Sport Fury 2-Door

69 Fury III 4-Door

70 Sport Fury 2-Door

70 Fury III Hardtops

71 Sport Fury 2-Door

69-73 Fury Speedometer

71 Fury III 4-Door

72 Fury Gran Sedan

73 Fury III 2-Door

73 Fury Gran Sedan

74 Fury Gran Sedan

74 Fury Dash



75 Fury Salon 4-Door

76 Fury Sport 2-Door

78 Fury Sport 2-Door

In 1975, the FURY name was given to Plymouth's mid-size line.

The full-size car was renamed:


75 Gran Fury Custom

77 Gran Fury Brougham

81 Gran Fury

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