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Secrets in the Fog cover.

Secrets in the Fog (copyright November 2007) can be read in thesis format at the Reeves Memorial Library of Seton Hill University, Greensburg, PA.

Set on a college campus near Bar Harbor, Maine, this YA romantic mystery tells the adventures of a teen prodigy and her first love experience during a summer program for outstanding high school students.

Cover art by Ellen Spain.


Secrets in the Fog cover. Secrets in the Fog cover.

Invisibility is more than "Harry Potter's" cloak or the illusion a good magician performs when she makes a tiger or a Hummer disappear. FACT: The real invisibility cloak was developed by the Federal government and is used today by the military. The invisibility project's secret, along with that of the Puke Ray, was leaked to the media and is now the basis for television programs anyone can watch on the Discovery and Science channels. Now imagine a scenario that took place a few months before the invisibility project and the puke ray became public knowledge, when some teenagers with special psychic abilities stumbled upon a militarily secured government test site shrouded in secrecy by the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Secrets in the Fog: the Invisibility Project is a paranormal thriller in which teenage prodigy Morgan Walker discovers her destiny. Born with clairvoyant ability but instructed by her parents never to use it, she realizes her fate while attending an island ecology summer program at a prestigious college near Bar Harbor, Maine. She develops a close friendship with sixteen year-old Peter Dugua, a Passamaquoddy Native American intent on preserving his heritage. As they secretly investigate why nearby Acadia Laboratory is producing a black toxic fog, they discover that the Defense Intelligence Agency is secretly testing a highly classified invisibility cloaking device on nearby Gull Island, a wildlife sanctuary. The students get caught up in a life and death situation when they discover corrupt federal security contractors for the project helping terrorists steal the invisibility cloaking system.

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Secrets in the Fog: the Invisibility Project was contracted in 2008 and released in June 2009, by eTreasures Publishing LLC as an eBook and as a printed trade-back, ISBN: 978-1-61623-076-0 and is available from the publisher's bookstore eTreasures Publishing and from Amazon.com For a personalized signed copy of the book, contact Ellen.

Secrets in the Fog: the Invisibility Project was re-released in Oct. 2015 wiith a new cover.


Ellen at Caritas Christi

Ellen Spain visited the Sisters of Charity at Caritas Christi in December to bring Christmas cheer. She brought with her gift bags that included sparkling angels of joy that she fashioned in her craft room at home. Ellen also made beautiful centerpieces for the sisters' tables on the second floor. Sister Anne Toomey accepted the gifts and centerpieces on behalf of the sisters.

Ellen also donated copies of "Secrets in the Fog: The Invisibility Project" to the library at Caritas Christi.


Award nominations for Secrets in the Fog: The Invisibility Project:

Secrets in the Fog: the Invisibility Project ranked #5 in P&E's January 2010 Reader's Poll:


Secrets in the Fog: the Invisibility Project was a Nominee for EPIC's 2010 Awards for best YA novel:


Reviews of Secrets in the Fog: The Invisibility Project:

August 24, 2009, by WEAVERS OLD STAND PRESS:

Secrets in the Fog: the Invisibility Project is a delightful young adult mystery/suspense novel. The authentic New England coastal setting of a college campus for academically advanced students has appeal even to adults who enjoy harking back to their college days. The intellectual investigations prior to the launch of the research expedition to the island builds toward the crisis of the serious technology theft which ties into the black fog.

It's fascinating to watch young people learn to marshal all their resources including some psychic abilities to work together as a team. They push aside competitiveness and self interest to rescue each other and discover the Secrets in the Fog.

Barb Miller, Weavers Old Stand Press


A group of interesting high school students with psychic powers find their abilities challenged and their lives threatened when they join a special college program--only to uncover a top secret military project that certain operatives will do anything to protect. A definite most excellent read.

Adaptability: This is the sort of project that sometimes comes together under the aura of unexpected big box office, a Young Adult novel that spills over into mainstream. There's plenty of bumping around in the woods and dangers along a fogbound coast, but even more in the way of strange and unusual phenomena...paranormal communications, flashes of electrical disturbances, oddly threatening storms...all made more frightening by the presence of the special teenagers, who are only coming to understand their unique powers.

Production Consideration: The author knows the rugged coast of Maine like the back of her hand, and writes knowingly of the dangers and mysteries that abound there even today, when people think they know more than actually they do about themselves and the world we live in. The special effects, while important to this picture, do not present difficulties.

Pitch this directly to Producer Carroll Ballard. He might like to be connected to the next Harry Potter-ish series to hit the big screen. Studios and agents may contact the author directly.

John Klawitter, Hollywood Havoc Book Reviews

January 2011, review by Dr. Wesley E. Blamick:

Hi Ellen, Thanks again for sending me a copy of your novel. Secrets in the Fog, the Invisibility Project was suspenseful and engaging throughout. Your intimate knowledge of Bar Harbor and surroundings, and of the people living there, infused the story with realness and vitality. The use of new technologies, as well as the involvement of characters from local institutions, the military , and national government agencies made for a timely and believable presentation , not unlike much of what we see and hear in the media. I thought that the epilogue was especially meaningful as it tied together loose ends and gave a present and a future to the characters in the novel. I could not help but think that a young real-life Ellen Bigenho might have been very much like Morgan Walker. I was honored to have a character with such a lofty reputation named after me. That is appreciated. Best wishes for continued success in your writing. Sincerely, Wes (Dr. Wesley E. Blamick, Florida & Sugarloaf Mountain, Maine)

March 20, 2012, by Marilyn Meredith (Author of Bears With Us):


Believable Characters and Exciting Plot

What I liked best about Secrets in the Fog: The Invisibility Project was how real the main characters were. It isn't easy to create teenaged characters that truly have realistic characteristics and dialogue. Other reviewers have described the plot so I don't need to do that, but I will say it was plenty exciting and kept me turning pages. I loved the setting, a place I've never heard of before and it was revealed right along with the story. The author did a great job and I am recommending it, not only to young people, but anyone who enjoys an exciting story with a touch of the paranormal to add that extra spice.


Danny cover.

Secrets in the Fog: Danny's First Love

Danny Fennchar is a shy, teen prodigy looking forward to attending his high school Prom in a few weeks, and then onto college in June. There is a problem, at least to Danny. He is just diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and thinks his future plans are totally messed up. He doesn't have a date and in fact, being home schooled most of his life until high school, Danny never went anywhere without his mother. Danny feels so insecure until he meets Christine Dillon from his senior class, who is quite mature for her young teen age. Their Spring romance blossoms in the beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine lighthouse setting.

Secrets in the Fog: Danny's First Love was released in July 2011, by eTreasures Publishing LLC as an eBook and is available from the publisher's bookstore eTreasures Publishing and from Amazon.com.

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Ariana award logo The book is a nominee for the ARIANA 2013 Award.

Reviews of Secrets in the Fog: Danny's First Love:

Love Heals. Posted by Barb Miller, Weavers Old Stand Press on 4th Aug 2011. This is an exciting prequel to Secrets in the fog from Danny Fennchar's point of view. It hints at what he suspects about the government project that killed his father. The story also takes us inside an authentic young love that blossoms while Danny is battling the onset of MS.


Prom Night cover.

Ellen is published in Prom Night Anthology

Genre: YA, Total pages: 228, released in print by eTreasures Publishing (November 2011) and available from the publisher's bookstore: eTreasures Publishing.


Front cover. Back cover.

Ellen is published in Creative Spirit 2011 by Dr. Henry Reed

release date: December 2011 in print form by the Flying Goat Ranch Publications, Mouth of Wilson, Virginia

Dr. Henry Reed is the Director of the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies and Professor, Transpersonal Studies at the Association for Research & Enlightenment's Atlantic University in Virginia Beach. Henry, a psychologist, also known as the "Father of Modern Dream Work" is a respected internationally known author and educator. www.HenryReed.com and www.arecatalog.com/Authors/Author.aspx?ID=106.

Creative Spirit 2011 is a compilation of short stories by the students participating in Atlantic University's "Big House Retreat Revival of the Inner Heart" program in May 2011, held in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Included is the short story "Casablanca Fantasy" written by Ellen Spain, a long-time member/researcher with A.R.E. and the Institute of Noetic Science. The photographs for Creative Spirit 2011 were taken by Ellen during this May program.


Coctails Magazine cover.

Ellen is published in Cocktails Fiction & Gossip Magazine (June 2011 issue, page 14-15, "A Writer's Secret")

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eTreasures publisnhing blog

Ellen is published in eTreasures Publishing Blog ("A time for Scones & a Time to Write")

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PennWriters News Letter

Ellen is published in The Penn Writer May/June 2012 Issue: ("Becoming an Active Reader")

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Ellen Spain is published in "Voices of Fiction: Footsteps of a Writer" May 8, 2012, doing an interview on Characters and Outlines. http://www.chergreen.blogspot.com/

Ellen is published in Coffee Time Romance magazine in the Forum section May 13, 2012, "Why a Writer Should File a Schedule C". http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/board/showthread.php?t=24566&p=159771#post159771


Forbes Road cover.

The Old Forbes Road: from Hanna's Town to Pittsburgh (copyright 2006 & 2012, coming soon: non-fiction History) is a photographic approach to appreciating the rich history of Colonel George Washington's and General Forbes' trek in Westmoreland County to secure Fort Duquesne.

Here are some samples of the pictures to be included in the book:

Forbes Road marker. Forbes Road Washington statue. Forbes Road marker.

Duck Island cover.

Adventures on Duck Island (coming soon)

Ellen and Dad on GDI beach Mom and Ellen Mom by pirate rock Dad digging for pirate treasure

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