Excerpts from “Secrets in the Fog: Danny's First Love”

Chapter One “The Boat Trip”

Danny Fennchar grabbed the cold wooden rail with one hand and leaned over the boat’s side rail for a better look at the island. His shortness and protruding life vest prevented him from reaching further. “Crap.” Uneasiness tugged at his stomach. A light mist cloaked Gull Island’s rocky shoreline. It darkened and raced toward him. His hand tingled. “I must be holding onto the rail too tightly.” The tingling raced up his arm and then down his spine into his leg. “Double crap.” He rubbed his leg.

“Are you all right little brother,” Peter Dugua asked.

Danny’s throat tightened. “Stupid Multiple Sclerosis!” His eyes misted, and a tear ran down his cheek. He wiped it with the back of his hand.

“Stay positive,” Peter whispered. “Don’t think about the M.S.”

Danny met Peter a few weeks earlier at a pre-orientation seminar sponsored by the prestigious Sieur de Cadillac College in Bar Harbor, Maine. They had been accepted as freshmen and became good friends.

Before Danny could reply, the hair on his arms bristled. A flash of light pulsed deep inside the fogbank. “I knew it.” A shrill scream pierced his ears.

“Did you see that flash?” Christina Dillon, one of the graduating honor students accepted into Island Research program at Sieur de Cadillac College, shouted. “We are going to die.” ...

Chapter Four “More Secrets”

Danny and Christina went up to the old Acadia Lighthouse several times in the following week. The weather was warm and beautiful. She taught him many sensual secrets. After exhausting himself, he fantasized inviting her to his room in the attic where they could feed on each other’s desires. “When Mother is at work,” he muttered….


…“Yes.” He turned around in his desk chair, leaning toward her for a kiss.

His mother yelled. “Are you two ready to leave?” Her footsteps grew loud, and then stopped as she appeared on the top landing. “It looks like you two are still conducting computer research.”

“Uh, yeah," Danny replied. "We are almost done. But I still need to log off the computer.”

“So you will be leaving in a few minutes?”

Danny nodded.

“Good. I’m leaving now. Don’t forget to lock the door.”

“No problem, Mom.”

“I’ll call you when I’m ready to leave work. Bye dear.” She walked down the steps and stopped. “Call me when you get back from Ellsworth.”

“Right on, Mom.”

The front door closed and her car engine started. He looked out the window. The car pulled out of the driveway.

He turned back to Christina and they resumed kissing.

“Danny, when do you want to leave?”

He looked at the clock. They didn’t need to be in Ellsworth for another two hours. “How about in an hour?”

They hugged. Christina pushed Danny onto his bed and undressed him. She licked his skin.

“More, more,” he pleaded.

In the next hour they did all the things young lovers do.

Chapter Six “The Abbe Museum”

… They soon pulled up to the entrance of the Big Box Super Store. Christina’s mother got out. “Oh, I forgot to tell you. The boss wants me to work a little longer today. That’s more money for the kitty. Pick me up at five, not four. I think they are going to offer me full-time. Hope the change won’t inconvenience your plans?”

“No problem, Mom.”

She shut the car door. “Bye, dear.”

Danny watched her enter the entrance door, and then whispered to Christina. “You are so cool.” He kissed her ear.

She grinned. “What do you want to do with the extra hour we have?”

“Fantasize with your body.”

Within ten minutes they were snuggled in Christina’s warm bed, hugging, kissing, and rolling around creating their own passion.

“Whatever you are doing, don’t stop.” Danny panted.