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On the field at RFK after the Freedom's historic June 15 win over the San Diego Spirit

I follow soccer - at least some aspects of it - with considerable enthusiasm. Befitting my usual contrariness, my main devotion is to women's soccer, not just the World Champion national team but also the WUSA (the women's professional soccer league) and their local franchise, the Washington Freedom. The star of the team is all-time great Mia Hamm, but my favorite player (continuing with the contrariness) is my hometown girl, Carrie Moore.

Pages I've created:

Washington Freedom photo galleries:

Good links:


Washington Freedom - Team site.
Women's Professional Soccer - League site
WPS fans - League community site for fans
National team - U.S. Soccer Federation page for the Women's National Team.

News and photos:

 On the Sidelines - Great source of news and photos for mid-Atlantic teams
 Yellow Card Journalism - Source of copious photographs from many soccer matches - Basic news (note one 's' versus two for the previous entry)

More for fun:

 Crusaders Supporters Club - Independent supporters' club for the Washington Freedom
 Mia Hamm - My penpal Wiebke Held's cool page for #9
 Skylar & Jacqui Little - Fellow Freedom fan Heather's page for #23 and #24
 Nicole's voetbalpagina - Fellow WUSA message board poster Nicole's soccer page (currently in Dutch, but you can still figure out a lot of it)
 Beulah Sports - Look for Beulah's great reviews of women's soccer matches here

Where I hang out:

(You'll find me online as "StarCityFan," in honor of Carrie's and my shared geographic background.) - The ultimate message board for soccer, very active and informative, though it can get obnoxious
 WUSA Message Boards - Not as active or informative as Bigsoccer but also much more positive
 EZboard for the WUSA - An offspring of the WUSA boards, this one is less active but more independent, with some cool features.

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