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PC Magazine performance tested all the major commercial defragmenters. Including PerfectDisk, O&O and MST. Diskeeper came out ahead in all three tests: Disk analysis, Quick defragmentation and Full defragmentation.

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Diskeeper is the full, automatic version of the limited built-in "disk defragmenter". Now over seven generations newer, it includes enhanced features that Defragment your computer automatically, faster and more thoroughly. The High Speed Defragmentation Engine runs 300-500% faster than the built-in "disk defragmenter". Real-Time Defragmentation automatically handles fragmentation as it occurs with no drain on system resources. InvisiTasking technology allows Diskeeper to run invisibly, keeping your PC defragmented while you are using it - you will never even know Diskeeper is running. Power Management for laptops prolongs battery life by suspending background defragmentation while on battery power. Diskeeper offers the best performance of all commercial defragmenters. Hard Drives are the slowest component in your PC, do not let Disk Fragmentation slow it down even more.

This graph shows how fragmented your Harddrive can get after just two weeks of using only Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word.

Fragmentation Levels