Diskeeper Testimonials

"I think defrag is an excellent tool for keeping your performance and the health of your drive up to par. So the larger these drives get the more data people are storing on them, and the more you store on them, you edit and save and pull it back up another day. It sort of gets spread out across the hard drive so when you defrag you are pulling all of these files closer together. What this does is he doesn't have to search over this 750G drive to find pieces of a file; they're all aligned, kept nice and clean in one area. The more frequently you defrag your drive, the shorter the time it will take to do it. So it's pretty good to do it as frequently as you can."

- Joni Clark, Product Marketing Manager Seagate

"We've seen a lot of evolution in Diskeeper since it first appeared; and, it keeps getting better and better - not just in cosmetic ways; but, "under the hood" (where it matters most)."

- Gerald Sotolov, President CYDEX Corporation

"I have always liked Diskeeper since I first downloaded it. I like the feature capabilities of this version. It further improves performance and reliability without degrading system resources"

- Ken Partlow, Field Engineer/Service Manager Replay Systems

"I enabled Diskeeper I-FAAST on my Windows XP machine, and was informed that it should improve my performance by 38%. I have set it to run daily, monitoring the results. I set it to run on the next hour, since I wanted to see just what it did. I was surprised and impressed to see the way it worked. On my 32 and 64 bit Windows XP systems, the performance dusts the other defragmentation programs I used. For the initial run, Diskeeper doubled the speed."

- John W. Davison Jr., Factotum

"I downloaded the Diskeeper 10 Workstation Premier edition on a Desktop at home and on a workstation on the business network. I can say I see significant improvement in productivity after the I-FAAST option was exercised on the PC. It has improved significantly - the PC is more responsive and robust! From a Workstation, IFAAST has noticeably improved network performance. For example, we have an Accounting System from SAP, which has slowed performance to an average system response of 5 seconds, since we introduced the software in March 2005. We have bought Pentium IV with Hyperthreading, increased RAM to 1 gig on two workstations, and made a lot of improvements on the Server, but nothing helped until we introduced IFAAST. Response time went to immediate."

- Joseph V. Paone, Vereens Stores

"I have put Diskeeper version 10's I/O Smart to some VERY strenuous testing. Specifically, I've burned DVD's at 16x speed using an ISO image file (4.7 gigs) that was located on a drive actively being defragged (via "Set It And Forget It", lowest priority). I'm pleased to report that I/O Smart works PERFECTLY now. It completely backs off during the burn, and fires up again IMMEDIATELY as soon as the burner software is finished accessing the drive. I've tested this repeatedly and can't get it to impact my performance EVEN A LITTLE BIT."

- Joey Lindstrom, Gary Numan Fan Website

"I have now bought 63 more licenses for Diskeeper, eight Diskeeper Server licenses and one for Diskeeper Administrator. I use only Diskeeper and the best feature I find is the speed in defragmenting drive partitions - perhaps that's obvious. With 60 machines to deal with plus the servers, I have my priority list. Most of these machines are used for office applications like Word and Excel; we're not a specialized shop. I have always recommended Diskeeper to others since first buying version 4. I have now use Push-Install and the remote defrag, which works much better."

- Phil Morgan, Network Administrator, Pepsi-Cola

"Diskeeper is working great. We have Server Standard Edition; I set it up when I first got it and it's been working as advertised since then. It is installed on seven servers at this point and has speeded up backups. Setting time aside to manually kick off a defrag on our servers is one less thing I have to worry about. Our company manufactures cement products. Absolutely, I recommend Diskeeper to others."

- Tony Suarez, A Titan America Business, Medley, FL


Diskeeper vs. the built-in "Disk Defragmenter"

"I have the Diskeeper software running on my PC. I installed a copy from our Software Registrar. Diskeeper does the job that Microsoft does not. I would recommend Diskeeper as the standard corporate desktop component. I use my PC for a myriad of researching the Internet, e-mail communication worldwide, write proposals and statement of works, cost analysis, and the usual PowerPoint presentations with executive pictures/graphics. The Microsoft disk defrag and system tools lacks Diskeeper's bite. It's nice how Diskeeper works silently in the background."

- Neil Kevles, Application Integration Technologies Manager, Unisys Blue Bell Information Technology, Blue Bell, PA

"I am exceptionally pleased with the Diskeeper software that I purchased. I had made a test and ran the built-in defrag that was provided with the computer and it said my disk was totally defragmented. I then ran the Diskeeper; it indicated that there were still a lot of fragmented files that needed to be cleaned up. I really like the "Set It and Forget It" mode as I know that my computer will be operating at peak performance now, without me doing anything. I am currently working in Italy for Lockheed Martin. Our company builds military and civilian aircraft (most notably on the military side, the F16, F35 and C130). I am running the Non-destructive Inspection Laboratory and I use my computer to design forms, keep track of Oil Analysis Programs and overall shop functions. This also involves a lot of e-mail traffic and it is very, very important to both my company and me to keep my computer running at top efficiency. This is where your Diskeeper program has helped me out."

- Dave Madlock, Engineer, Lockheed Martin, Akron, OH

"Diskeeper program is performing very well on our server. The original defrag program that came from Microsoft was very poor. An IT friend of mine recommended Diskeeper. I would recommend it to someone else that has need for it."

- Ken Cornelius, Network Administrator, Holbrook Manufacturing, Franklin, IN

"I had Diskeeper on my former NT system and used it regularly. When I got a new XP Pro system, I thought I would not need Diskeeper because of XP's built-in disk defragmenter. After some months of using XP, I finally got around to using the disk defragmenter. I ran it once, and it defragged almost, but not all, files. So I ran it a second time; fragmented files were still there. A third time; same story. Feeling some irritation, I got online and downloaded Diskeeper. I ran it once, and no fragmented files remained on my disk. I now run Diskeeper; it takes only a couple of minutes. If I run it before, rather than after, the virus scan program I use, it appears the virus scan program takes about 10 fewer minutes or about 20% percent less time."

- Bill Collier, President, Multiprocessor Diagnostics, Wappingers Falls, NY

"I am small business that offers manufacturers, distributor alike the means to find the best means of transportation of their goods from suppliers to end users. I deal with all forms of transportation systems, customs brokers, warehousing and finding markets for these companies. Ever since I saw your advert in a PC magazine 4 years ago, I found Diskeeper to be a great tool that I can trust at all times. I have purchased each and every upgrade so that I am able to maintain a free and smooth operating machine. I run a full accounting package and found the system performs well with your Diskeeper working. At one time I would defrag monthly with the built-in utility, however as the days wore on, the machine got slower. Now with the "Set It and Forget It" setting with scheduled defrags, what a difference to the running of my machine! Being a small business operation, I need all the time and energy of my machine. I am still using a Pentium 2 350 has processor but the speed of defragging is far superior than that given by MS with their OS programs. Many thanks for a great tool of defragging, and promote it every I hear someone having defrag problems."

- Douglas Maidwell, CSP, K-B International, Wasaga Beach ON, Canada

"The Diskeeper has done a good job on getting my computer back together again. It is definitely superior to the packed software that came with Windows XP Pro. I use it regularly but initially had to defragment 6 successive times before the page-file was put into one piece (it was in 760 pieces!!!). The performance difference is incredible. I use ArcView GIS by ESRI as well as Access on a continuous basis so the disk gets pretty crowded with fragments within 2 days. Thanks for the software and keep developing - you are definitely on the right track for my needs."

- Jan Warnke, Geomarketing Director, COMM INC., Quebec, Canada


Diskeeper vs. PerfectDisk

"I have owned Diskeeper for quite some time, but had problems with it early on and switched to PerfectDisk. I found my boot-up times becoming long and my system just didn't seem to run as well after a couple months. I just reinstalled your Diskeeper and found all the updates you have made. I can only say what a difference! Boot-up time is fast, system operates smoothly, fragmentation is down, and I am greatly satisfied. I spent some time reading about the updates and now can say I would recommend Diskeeper to anyone. You have put PerfectDisk at the bottom of the heap."

- Robert Armstrong Jr., Verizon, Hershey, PA

"What first interested me in Diskeeper was back in the days of NT4, when it didn't have a defragmenter built-in. I started using Diskeeper 4, tried the competitor PerfectDisk and found you were much better so I never left again. The defragmenter is working perfectly. I run the server and workstation versions. I find after defragging the response time is much quicker - I have an AMD 3000+, dual-channel 1 GB memory, 80 GB with 8 MB cache hard drive, Comcast Pro and XP Pro, I notice a distinct difference after the operation and my main system is quick to begin with. I have my Microsoft Certifications, working on Cisco and Exchange. I plan on making my business grow and I plan on making your product one of the products and services I offer to customers."

- Scott Miller, Great Scott Services, Bellmawr, NJ

"I just purchased Diskeeper NT Server and installed it on a very busy SQL server. It has been great! The terrible fragmentation which was slowing down access to information on the server has been eliminated. I store about 20,000 new images per week to the server and about 200 reports every day to the same server. Fragmentation was a real problem. I compared Diskeeper to PerfectDisk and found that product to be far too slow to allow it to run on my server. Thanks for a great product."

- Ted Carmack, First Service Federal Credit Union, Groveport, OH

"The Diskeeper defragger is working great. When I recently defragged a 160GB external hard drive that was connected via firewire, the entire process took 3 and 1/2 days. The defragger was never halted the entire time and the computer wasn't used at all. The computer in question was a Pentium 3 with a 1GHz CPU and 512MB of ram running Windows XP Pro. When Diskeeper didn't seem to be doing anything, I tried PerfectDisk which did show activity. However, Perfect Disk won't always run, claiming some other process has locked the hard drive. Diskeeper ALWAYS runs and never with a problem."

- Jory Earl, GOC Systems, Vancouver, WA

"I had a 15 GB disk compressed to 30 GB using Windows 2000. There were about 125,000 files on the disk, totaling almost 95% of the available space - I was down to having about 500 MB free! I ran Diskeeper continuously for about a week and it started coming up with the complaint then it couldn't improve things because it didn't have any space to work in, even though there were a heap of small files (less than 500 MB) that were fragmented. I then tried Raxco's Perfect Disk 5. This seemed to take a different approach to where it stored the files it moved. It also took about 24 hours of continuous work to fix up the files. I'll certainly keep Diskeeper!"

- Michael Irwin, Software Developer, Baltimore, MD

"I researched 3rd party disk defragmenting software for about a month before purchasing Diskeeper; I downloaded and tried Diskeeper along with two competing programmes (O&O and PerfectDisk) and found Diskeeper to be the easiest to use and best performing of the three. Diskeeper is working very well. I am running it on a 600mhz P-III laptop with 512Mb or RAM. I love the performance and convenience of having Diskeeper running in the background. I set it and forget, although I do tend to defrag manually as well. Definitely, I do recommend Diskeeper to others. Thank you for a wonderful product. My computer runs more smoothly because of it."

- Michael Plant, Sportshots, Golden, CO

"I wish I had purchased Diskeeper much sooner! It keeps my system running very smoothly. I've tried PerfectDisk and Norton's DiskDoctor, and only Diskeeper defrags my system 100%...continually! I use my PCs for many user-type tasks; emailing, browsing and the like. Primarily, though, I work with many photo files and do a lot with music files. Thanks for a great product! I wouldn't say it if it was not the truth."

- Thom Parker, Clinton, ID


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Diskeeper is the full, automatic version of the limited built-in "disk defragmenter". Now over seven generations newer, it includes enhanced features that Defragment your computer automatically, faster and more thoroughly. The High Speed Defragmentation Engine runs 300-500% faster than the built-in "disk defragmenter". Real-Time Defragmentation automatically handles fragmentation as it occurs with no drain on system resources. InvisiTasking technology allows Diskeeper to run invisibly, keeping your PC defragmented while you are using it - you will never even know Diskeeper is running. Power Management for laptops prolongs battery life by suspending background defragmentation while on battery power. Diskeeper offers the best performance of all commercial Defragmenters. Hard Drives are the slowest component in your PC, do not let Disk Fragmentation slow it down even more.

This graph shows how fragmented your Harddrive can get after just two weeks of using only Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word.

Fragmentation Levels