Google Secrets

Google Secrets Google Secrets are hidden easter eggs, features and secrets in Google products.


Search Secrets


Instructions - In your web browser's address bar type, and hit enter.

Note - The number "466453" spells "Google" on a phone keypad.

Google Barrel Roll

Instructions - In Google type, do a barrel roll and hit enter.

Similar - Z or R twice

Note - "Z or R twice" is a references to the Nintendo video game Star Fox.

Google Christmas

Instructions - In Google type, Christmas and hit enter.

Similar - 12 Days of Christmas, Christmas Lights, Father Christmas, Merry Christmas, Santa Claus

Google Hanukkah

Instructions - In Google type, Hanukkah and hit enter.

Google Kwanzaa

Instructions - In Google type, Kwanzaa and hit enter.

Note - Happy Kwanzaa (FrontPage Magazine, December 26, 2002)

Google Recursion

Instructions - In Google type, recursion and hit enter.

Note - Recursion is a programming method in which a routine calls itself.

Google Tilt

Instructions - In Google type, tilt and hit enter.

Similar - Askew


Calculator Secrets

Google answer to life, the universe and everything = 42

Instructions - In Google type, answer to life, the universe and everything and hit enter.

Note - This is a references to the book, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Google bakers dozen = 13

Instructions - In Google type, bakers dozen and hit enter.

Google beard-second = 5 nanometers

Instructions - In Google type, beard-second and hit enter.

Google donkeypower = 250.033167 watts

Instructions - In Google type, donkeypower and hit enter.

Google loneliest number = 1

Instructions - In Google type, loneliest number and hit enter.

Google ngogn = 11.5938151 milliliters

Instructions - In Google type, ngogn and hit enter.

Note - ngogn is from Mad Magazine's Potrzebie System of Weights and Measures.

Google number of horns on a unicorn = 1

Instructions - In Google type, number of horns on a unicorn and hit enter.

Google once in a blue moon = 1.16699016 x 10-8 hertz

Instructions - In Google type, once in a blue moon and hit enter.

Google Potrzebie = 2.2633 millimeters

Instructions - In Google type, Potrzebie and hit enter.

Note - Potrzebie is from Mad Magazine's Potrzebie System of Weights and Measures.



Pacman Pacman

Instructions - In your web browser address bar after '' type, /pacman/ and hit enter. Then select 'insert coin' to start.

Note - Selecting 'insert coin' a second time will add a second player as Ms. Pacman.



Google 2000 - Google MentalPlex

Google 2002 - Google PigeonRank

Google 2005 - Google Gulp

Google 2006 - Google Romance

Google 2007 - Google TiSP

Google 2008 - Google Virgle

Google 2009 - gBall


Search Engines

Google Bork, bork, bork!

Note - "Bork, bork, bork!" is a line sung by The Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show.

Bork, bork, bork!

Google Elmer Fudd

Note - Elmer Fudd is a Warner Brother's cartoon character with a speech impediment.

Elmer Fudd

Google Hacker


Google Klingon

Note - Klingons are a fictional race from the science fiction series Star Trek.


Google Pig Latin

Pig Latin

Google Pirate




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