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Part Two (A) - Be Fruitful & Multiply - Henry & Abigail James

Henry James, was born 5 Nov 1800 in Ireland; He died 7 Dec 1878 in Bloomingville, Erie County Ohio, at age 78.      view grave marker    Henry's wife, Abigail Davis James, was born July 18, 1813, in Connecticut. She died Jan 20, 1887 at age 73, in Erie County, Ohio.   read obituary         

Henry (1800-1878) and Abigail Davis James (1813-1887), parents of Betsy, Nathan and others.

photo courtesy of Margaret Pontius.

Henry & Abigail's Children

Henry and Abigail were the parents of 3 sons and 9 daughters. Of the 3 sons, Of the 9 daughters James sisters From left:Cindy Stark, Kate Sweet, Franie(Sophronia)Mielke, Mary Hawes, Betsy Cullen

William T James

William T. was born in 1834 in Bloomingville, Erie County Ohio. William was killed at the battle of Corinth, Mississippi on October 4, 1862.   view casualty info. William was age 28 or 29 at the time of his death.

On February 24, 1859, William married Mary Stark. After William's death, Mary remained a widow and did not re-marry. William and Mary had one son, Elmer, born in April, 1860. Census data in 1860 shows the son's name as what appears to be "Simon", but the 1870 census clearly shows the son's name as "Elmer".

More about Mary Stark James, wife of William T James

Read about William's military service in the War of Rebellion.

Mary was the sister of Lewis Stark (Lewis married Sarah Leucinda James, a sister of William). Mary died a widow at age 37 on Nov 22, 1876. The administrator of her estate was George Beatty. Mary's will was probated on Dec 5, 1876. Her obituary says that her son, Elmer, had left home a few weeks before her death and was unable to be located. Shortly after Mary's death Elmer, age 17, was given a guardian, James D Chamberlain, a local official often called on to assist in settling estates. It is speculated Elmer was given a guardian to allow the probate to be completed.

More about Elmer E. James, son of William T and Mary Stark James

In 1877 when Henry James', Elmer's Grandfather's, estate was probated, Elmer was living near Cascase Locks, Oregon, in the Columbia River Gorge. The Skamania County, Washington, 1910 census shows Elmer and family living at Cape Horn, a rural unicorporated area across the river from Cascade Locks, Oregon, about 25 miles east of Portland.

Elmer James married Julia Mae Warren, in Wasco County, Oregon on June 26, 1901.

elmer 1910 census
1910 US Census for Skamania County, showing Elmer, 50, Julia, 25 and their 5 children.

  • Elmer and Julia had 9 children, but many did not live to adulthood.

    Elmer met his tragic death in a 1918 accident in a construction accident during construction of a logging railroad along Tide Creek, just west of St. Helens, Oregon, a small town on the Columbia River about 30 miles downsteam from Portland.

                              elmer death notice 1918
    Dec. 6, 1918 newspaper notice of the death of Elmer James in a logging railroad construction accident, near the town of St.Helens, in northwest Oregon.

                              elmer obit 1918
    1918 obituary notice for Elmer James. Note the reference to the numerous family members buried at Belle Center Cemetery in Washougal, Washington.

    After Elmer's death, his son Ben lived with Julia's parents in Cape Horn, while Elmer's daughters Abigail and Mrytle lived with, and were later adopted by, Julia's sister, Maude Warren Gregg and her husband, Mark.

    Nathan Howells James

    Nathan was born April 23, 1848 in Bloomingville. He married Frances Katherine Perkins March 29, 1870. She was born in Pennsylvania to Richard and Elizabeth (Meyers) Perkins on Sept. 12, 1850. Nathan died in Coupeville on March 29, 1930, age 82. Frances died in Coupeville on May 23, 1927, at age 76.  view Frances' grave marker

    Nathan, Frances and their family moved from Ohio to Lincoln Nebraska around 1890. A few years later, in 1894, they followed their daughter Abbie and her husband Andrew J. Morrill to Whidbey Island, Island County, Washington, across Puget Sound and northwest of Seattle. In 1878 Nathan was the executor of his father Henry's estate.

    Nathan and Frances were parents of 5 children:

    Read about Nathan's military service in the War of Rebellion.

    Nathan and Frances' Children:
    Abbie married Andrew James Morrill in Lincoln, Nebraska, 8-30-1892. They moved to Coupeville. Abbie died in 1932. Andrew was born 1857 in Wisconsin. He died 1924, in Coupeville. Abbie & Andrew were parents of:
    Jesse married William Wilkinson in 1892, also in Lincoln and remained in Nebraska with William, known as "Whitey", her daughter Francis and her son William.

    Jesse died January 16, 1908, in Lincoln.

                              jesse gravestone
                 Gravestone for Jesse Wilkinson, Lincoln, Nebraska.

    Jesse and Whitey were parents of

    Alma James married John M LeSourd in 1909. The 1910 census shows John age 34, Alma 25. Alma and John lived near Coupeville, on Whidbey Island, close to Eby Prairie, now a noted natural area, and Fort Casey, now a Washington State Park. Alma died August 19, 1918, in Coupeville, from complications of a fall. John lived to be 100 years old.   view John LeSourd grave marker John remarried a few years after Alma's death. Alma and John were parents of:
    Richard Harry James, born in Bloomingville, Ohio. Richard was known as Harry and moved with his parents to Coupeville, WA.

    Elva Louisa James, died in 1912 at age 20.

    top left-Abbie James Morrill 1871-1932

    top right-Jessie James Wilkinson 1873-1908

    lower left-Richard (Harry) James b1876

    lower right-Alma James 1885

    center left-Francis Perkins James (, wife of Nathan James

    center right - Nathan Howells James,1848-1930, son of Henry & Abigail James, brother of Betsy James Cullen.

    not shown- Elva James

    Photo courtesy Margaret Pontius, Federal Way WA.

    Betsy Jane James Cullen

    Betsy Jane James was born 1838, in Bloomingville. Betsy died July 28, 1918.   view grave marker  Betsy married Enos Cullen in 1855. Enos and Betsy are parents of:

    For more details about Enos, Betsy and the entire Cullen family, visit Jim Cullen's Cullen Family website.

    Betsy James Cullen obit, clipping courtesy Jim Cullen, Sandusky, Ohio

    Sarah Lucinda James Stark

    Lucinda James married Lewis Stark on June 11, 1859. Lewis was a brother of Mary Stark James (Mary married William T James). She was called Sarah, short for Sarah Lucinda. Sarah and Lewis lived in Bloomingville. Erie County, close by Henry & Abigail and also near the home of Nathan James, Sarah's brother. Sarah died Feb 24, 1917 and is buried at Sand Hill Cemetery, Erie County, Ohio. She was 76, almost 77 years old.   view grave marker

    Lewis STARK was born Dec 24, 1836; He died April 30, 1920, at age 83. Lewis is buried in Sand Hill Cemetery in Erie County Ohio.   view grave marker   Lewis's (and Mary's) father was Aaron Stark. Their mother was Polly Hunt, both parents were born in New York.

    Read about Lewis' military service in the War of Rebellion.

    Lewis and Leucinda were parents of 11 or 12 children.

    Caroline James Sweet

    Caroline married Oscar Sweet. It was reported that later in their life they lived in Mount Pleasant, MI. The 1860 census for Oxford township, Erie County, Ohio, lists Oscar Sweet and Caroline Sweet living at the same residence as Henry & Abigail James, along with Angeline, then 17, Harry (Nathan) age 12, Sophia, 7 and Mary, 6. Oscar is listed as 23, Caroline 18, both married in 1860. Based on the marks listed on the census form, it is speculated that they were married in March, 1860. In later life, Oscar was also known as "John" Sweet.

    Caroline was also known as "Kate".

    Caroline died October 17, 1919, in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. She was 78; She is buried at Two Rivers Cemetery.

    Read about Oscar's military service in the War of Rebellion.

    Angeline James

    Very little information has been discovered about Angeline.

    Sophronia James Mielke

    Sophronia James married August Mielke on July 16, 1876, in Erie Co. Ohio. 1880 census records show Sophronia and August living in the house of her mother, Abigail. This would have been after the death of her father, Henry James, in 1878. Sophronia died in 1904.   view grave marker

    Sophronia's husband, August Mielke, died in 1937.   view grave marker

    Sophronia and August were parents of:

    Mary James Hawes Skuse

    Mary James was born in Bloomingville July 22, 1855. She married Major D Hawes in 1875. Major Hawes was born May 5, 1849, in New York. After the death of Major Hawes, Mary married Charles Skuse. She was the mother of 14 children by two husbands. Mary died May 31, 1911 and is buried at Two Rivers Cemetery, Deerfield, Isabella County, Michigan. view grave marker

    Major Hawes was born in New York to Daniel Hawes and Harriet Purdy. The 1850 Census showed the family in New London township, Huron County, Ohio. Daniel 28, Harriett 22 and Major Daniel Hawes l month old. Major's siblings were Charles Wallace Hawes, b ~1850-1851, Return P Hawes, b ~1856, Daniel F Hawes, B ~1857 and Jay V Hawes, born 1862.

    Major Hawes died Dec 23, 1891 in Jefferson Twp. of Brights disease, age 42y 9mo l8days. Jefferson Township, Hillsdale County is in the South-East corner of Michigan, close to the Ohio border. Hillsdale County Records for 1894 list Mary L. Hawes, widow of Major, age 39, born in Ohio. She had resided in Michigan for 9 to 20 years.

    Mary was also listed on 1894 county records as married to Charles Skuse, age 37, born in Michigan, who was a farmer. Listed with them were 7 children, ages 2-15 years. Ruth, age 2, is the child of Mary and Major, born 18 days before the 1891 death of her father, Major Hawes. There were two children of Mary and Charles Skuse, Sarah and Charles Jr.

    Mary was the mother of 9 living children at this time of Majors death, so two children were not living in the household. The reports also show one girl living with them, Iva, age 14, listed as the hired girl. Mary remarried, to Charley, as she lost her husband in 1891 when she was 36 and had 9 children to raise.

    Mary and Major Hawes are parents of:

    Mary and Charles Skuse are parents of:

    Children of Cordilia and William Weatherwax:

    Excerpts of Obituary notices for Cordellia and William Weatherwax:

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