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Part Two (B) - Be Fruitful & Multiply - Thomas & Frances James

Thomas Malcolm James

Thomas was one of three or four sons of Thomas M and Jane Taylor James. Thomas was born in County Wexford Ireland in 1805, emigrating with his parents and siblings to America in 1806.

The Children of Thomas and Frances James

David H James

Viola Priscilla James

  • Viola and George had six children

    • Arthur David Beatty, born May 24, 1870. Moved to Kalgoorlie, West Australia.
    • Thomas James Beatty, born April 17, 1873. Lived in Akron, Ohio. Died in 1919.
    • Mabel Beatty Lay, born May 28, 1874.
    • Elva Jane Beatty, born March 4, 1877. Elva, Mrs John R McRae, died in 1925.
    • George Dempster Beatty, born Jan 24, 1881. Died August 30, 1958.
      • George served in the Spanish American War, in the Phillipines, along with John McRae.
    • John Burrell Beatty, born March 16, 1884. Died Nov 6, 1966.
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    Jane Ann James

    Lucretia D James

    • Lucretia DeHumma James, born 1843 in Bloomingville, Erie County, Ohio.
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    • Lucretia never married.
    • Died at age 75 in 1918, in Sandusky, Ohio.
    • Preferred nickname Humma.
    • Buried in Bloomingville cemetery.
    • Family rumors are that a statue of Lucretia is located somewhere in Sandusky, Ohio. To date, searches have been unsuccessful.
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    Thomas M James