A war is waging not just over land in the middle east, but a war between good and evil in the spiritual realms. Our nation, in its "war on terror" needs to realize that this is much bigger than international relations or oil; those are the LEAST of what is going on. Happily, our current president, who professes Christ as his savior (of course so did our last president and if you believe he was saved, then I've got a nice bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you) and so far our current president seems to be doing what is right by standing by Israel against Islamic terrorists. Israel is under fire and has been since time immemorial. Why is that? God has said in Zechariah 12:2,3

"Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem....all that burden themselves with it (or fight against or persecute it) shall be cut in pieces."

Those that would fight against Israel shall find themselves fighting against God Himself!! Surely no one would be so stupid to mess with God's chosen people? Sadly, Israel has many enemies for many are the enemies of our God and Lord, Jesus Christ. God has promised to preserve Israel. If Satan could manage to turn the world against Israel and destroy her, Satan would make God out to be a liar! Of course Satan cannot win, but that does not mean he will not give it his best shot. He has powerful earthly allies, three primary ones who are vehemently opposed to Israel and will stop at nothing to destroy her. These three are-- the U.N., Islam, and the Catholic Papacy. We will examine each and their specific role in their war against God.

Let us first look at the United Nations. The UN is without a doubt a wolf in sheeps clothing. The liberal agendas are in stark contrast to Christ and are perfectly in line with the one world government of Anti-Christ prophesied about in scripture. I AM NOT saying the UN is the Anti-Christ, I am saying they will be a valuable tool to him. The UN does not hide its opposition to Israel. They have chastised Israel over 370 times for defending herself against Islamic terrorist attacks. They have NEVER spoken out against the PLO's (Arafat's terrorist organization) mistreatment and murder of innocent Israeli civilians. In fact, their "peace force" in Libya is a weapons storehouse which has provided aid to PLO attacks on Israel (read Cup of Trembling by Dave Hunt). They applauded Arafat when he received the Nobel Peace Prize even though Arafat has said, and I quote....."Peace for us (Arabs) means the DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL." Yaser Arafat is not a peace loving man nor a legitimate world leader, he is a terrorist plain and simple....and the UN aids him while condemning Israel!!!

Israel's next enemy is the Papacy or the ruling body of the Catholic church. I am not saying this to "bash Catholics" I am saying it because it is verifiable and historical fact!!! During the Crusades, the Catholic Church slaughtered thousands of Jews in an attempt to win the "holy city" Jerusalem. Pope Urban II ordered his armies to....

"start upon the road to the holy sepulchre to wrest it from the wicked race (jews) and subject it to yourselves."

The Papacy has long wanted Jerusalem for the "Mother Church" and will stoop to any level to get it. The Papcy NEVER chided Hitler or Mussolini (both lifetime Catholics) for their actions against the Jews. In fact, Hitler's relationship and correspondence with Pope Pius XII is a well known fact of history. Pius could have threatened both with ex-communication from the church in an attempt to curb their attrocities....he did no such thing. Pius not only did not speak against Hitler and Mussolini, he openly befriended them, in essence giving silent assent to their crimes against humanity. Pope John Paul recently apologized for Catholics role in the holocaust but he completely side-stepped and refused to take any responsibility for the "infallible" Pope Pius XII who condoned Hitler's actions!!! If the Pope cannot err in faith and morals according to the Church of Rome, who is right, John or Pius? They cannot both be right, but John Paul cannot answer without shooting the doctrine of Papal infallibility straight through the heart!! The Church of Rome has never been Israel's friend and to this day seeks to gain Jerusalem for the Vatican.. (see the book or video- A Woman Rides the Beast).

Israel's prime and most vicious enemy is Islam. Contrary to what the media and George Bush say, Islam is not a religion of peace. There may be many Muslims who oppose terrorism but they are doing so by opposing their own professed faith. It is the Q'ran that states,

"Take not the Jews and Christians as friends; slay them wherever ye find them." Surah 5:51

"slay the idolaters (jews/christians)....strive with all your wealth and your lives in the WAY OF ALLAH." Surah 9:5, 41

The way of Allah in cased you missed it is MURDER. Many will retort, "Yeah, but look at what Christians did through history in the name of Christ." Let us get something straight- most all of the attrocities in history attributed to "christians" where committed by the Papacy, not in the name of Christ, but in the name of greed and power. They used and blasphemed the name of Christ to gain riches and did so in DIRECT OPPOSITION TO CHRIST'S TEACHINGS!!! The Muslims who kill do so IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE Q'RAN'S TEACHINGS!!! While we are on the subject, Allah is not "another name for God" and Allah IS NOT the God of the Bible. Allah is a contraction of the name Al-ilah the pagan moon god of ancient Kabba. That is why most mosques display the crecent moon symbol even though they may not know its origins. This "teachings" of this moon god are vile and murderous. Muslims who kill Israeli's are not "fanatics" they are simply being true to the teachings of Islam. Mohammed, no holy man, was a killer and a pedophile. Author Robert Morey documents from MUSLIM WRITINGS in his book "the Islamic Invasion" that Mohammed took as one of his many wives an EIGHT YEAR OLD BRIDE!!! Mohammed boasted that she was "still playing with her dolls" when he had his first sexual relations with her!!! It is this vile pervert who founded the religion of Islam!!! It was this pervert who said,

"The last hour will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and the Muslims kill them." -Mohammed-

With a terrorist for a religious founder it is no wonder the terrorists today attempt to win through murder and lies. The biggest lie of all is that Israel occupies Palestinian territory and that Palestinians are simply trying to reclaim land from oppressors. Firstly, there is not now nor has there ever been a "Palestinian nation or people." Palestine was comprised in recent times of Jews and Arabs. The much fought after West Bank is what used to be Samaria and Judea and has been under Jewish occupation since Old Testament Bible times!!! Yet Arafat claims this site was a great Muslim and Palestinian nation up to as little as a hundred years ago. Really? A little over a hundred years ago, author Mark Twain visited this area and recorded this on his journey.....

"Bethlehem where the angels sang is untenanted of any living creature. Palestine sits in sackcloth and ashes....desolate."

So Mark Twain was at the site of this "great Palestinian nation" when Arafat claims it existed and Mr. Twain said the area was desolate and no one was there. Why would tourist Mark Twain lie about what he saw? Are we really going to take a man like Arafat at his word with no proof of his claims? Incredibly, that is exactly what the UN and the news media have done. They are taking a known terrorist at his word and opposing Israel. The question is why? Very simple....the same spirit is driving both....the spirit of the world, the prince of the power of the air....the devil. If Israel is wiped out, then God is a liar because God has PROMISED......

"All this land that I have spoken of will I give to your seed, and they shall inherit it FOREVER." Exodus 32:13

"The land shall not be sold forever, for the land is Mine." Leviticus 25:23

"Dwell in the land that the Lord has given unto you and to your fathers FOREVER." Jeremiah 25:5

The Bible tells us that "God cannot lie" in Titus 1:2. If Satan can destroy Israel, then the Bible becomes untrue and God is made a liar!! Of course this cannot and will not happen. Comparing Satan's power to God is like comparing the head of a pin to the Sun. There is no comparison. This war will play out because of the hard hearted rebellion of men who knowingly or unknowingly choose to serve Satan rather than God. At the culmination of the last times God will reveal his glory and destroy all who opposed Israel.....

"I will destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem." Zechariah 12:9

Whatever happens in the coming months/years, one thing the Christian can be certain of is this.....God cannot lie. He has promised that those who oppose Israel will be destroyed (that includes the U.S. if we are that foolish). No matter what Israel may face, God shall not abandon her to the hands of those who hate Him. We must pray for Israel, for even though God has and will defend them, innocent lives are being lost to terrorist bombs and gunfire. Lift up our President in prayer and the people of Israel that God would be merciful and spare them from the attacks of the Islamic hordes that seek to destroy them. Those men are beasts and make no preference to whom they kill- men, women, children, or infants. The Satanic evil of false religion has blinded them and filled them with hatred. Pray not only for their defeat, but their repentance and salvation. These terrorists, the UN, the Papacy, the news media, and any others who play a part in the persecution of God's people will answer to the one who tells us "if thou do that which is evil be afraid for He beareth not the sword in vain" Romans 13:4. All who have had their part be it Bin Laden or our media who favors the terrorists over Israel will be subject to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Indeed we can say, "Woe to them that call evil good and good evil" Isaiah 5:20. There is no escaping the wrath of our Holy God. Praise God He has opened our eyes to His truth and may He give us the courage to share that truth....Amen and Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

regarding Israel....."I will bless them that bless them and curse him that curseth thee." Genesis 12:3

regarding those who call good evil and evil good...........

"Behold I come quickly, and my reward is with me to give every man according as his work shall be." Revelation 22:12