(Equipment from Bement & Dougherty, unless otherwise noted)

Engine lathe, 28o/oo x 8 foot bed
Horizontal boring and drilling machine, table size 24o/oo x 44o/oo
18o/oo x 48o/oo engine lathe, C&P
18o/oo x 24o/oo engine lathe, C&P
Vertical boring mill 54o/oo
Car wheel boring mill, 48o/oo table
10o/oo slotter
Wooden jib crane, 20, mast, 15, boom, 4.5 ton capacity, C&P
Punch & shear, 30o/oo throat (used for rivet holes)

Car Shop

18o/oo rip saw
Lowell drill press
Tice shaper/molder

Blacksmith Shop

Fulten 500 pound power hammer (for forging)

All of the rotating power machinery was driven by leather belts from overhead master shafts. These, in turn, were powered by a stationery steam engine in the adjacent power house. A similar facility can be seen preserved today at the East Broad Top Railroad, in Rockhill Furnace, Pennsylvania. The key differentiator of the Mt. Savage Shops was their production of locomotives from the rail up, as opposed to just repair and rebuilding.

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