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MITPlayer *

Music player dance database and more

Click this link to see the MITPlayer help file. Unfortunately, it looks better in  Internet Explorer                         than it does in Netscape.  MITPlayer users guide.
Here it is in powerpoint format:  Powerpoint version. Here it is in Acrobat format:  Acrobat version.
The Powerpoint version is usually more up-to-date than the html version.
Downloading the program: 
Option 1:
Click this link to download a zip file with the necessary MITPlayer files. Unzip these into a folder you create under c:\program files.
Drag the shortcut from the folder you create to your desktop. Double click the shortcut to start the player.
If the program does not run, you may need to install the visual basic runtime files or DirectX; Both of which are avilable free from the Microsoft website.
Option 2: 
Download these 3 files to your desktop if you would like to use the self-installer. After downloading, double click the setup.exe file on your desktop.
If the files open instead of download when you click the links, try clicking with the right
mouse button and selecting something like "save link target as..."
Other Information:
Note that the program needs a registration number that I will provide for you. You do not need to pay for the program to get this registration number. Just e-mail me the number that appears on the "about" screen which you can get to from the "help" menu when you launch the MITPlayer program.
Without the registration number, some of the dance chooser check boxes and radio buttons will be disabled, but the program will otherwise be functional.
*  While this software was originally written for the MIT Folk Dance Club, it  was not sponsored by that orginazation or the institute at which it resides.