Morse Code Practice

Two programs for practicing Morse code.

About the programs 

There are two versions of the program. With both you can
Have random letters sent to you.
Have only letters from a group you specify sent to you.
Have letters from a text file sent to you.
You can set the code speed, tone frequency, and volume.

The zip file contains the regular version of the program.
With it, the tones will be sine waves.
The zip file also contains some dll files that must be there for
the program to run properly.

MidiMorse.exe does not need any special dll files and should just
run by double clicking on it. This program essentially works like the
regular version, but instead of using sine waves, you can choose from many "voices".
some are pretty wierd, but some work well for morse code practice.

Down load either of the files below to your computer.   It should run as is, but some users may
need to install the Visual Basic 6.0 runtime files which are available for free from the
Microsoft website.

No payment is required for this program, but if you would like to thank the writer, you
can send $2 via PayPal as described when you click the "info" button-->on the "settings" tab in the program.

Regular version