Sudoku Worker

Friendly work grid in which to solve Sudoku puzzles

Sudoku Worker 

This program is a friendly environment in which to solve the increasingly popular Sudoku puzzles.

Is not intended to solve the puzzle for you, or even offer any clues to solve the puzzle.
It is also not meant to be a source of Sudoku puzzles.   You have to enter the puzzles yourself into
the starting grid.   Once a puzzle has been entered, you can save it for later solving.  You can save
as many puzzles as you want and you can save them at any stage of completion.  

The Sudoku Worker will let you know when you have solved the puzzle correctly by the
appearance of "Elvis" my favorite penguin.   You can also click a button at any point while
solving to find out if you have made any mistakes up to that point.

Down load the file below to your computer.   It should run as is, but some users may
need to install the Visual Basic 6.0 runtime files which are available for free from the
Microsoft website.

No payment is required for this program, but if you would like to thank the writer, you
can send $5 via PayPal as described in the Help -->About menu in the program.