CP-290 Interface Programmer
Download/Upload data to/from your CP-90

CP-290 Programmer 

This program allows you to program events into your CP-290

Down load the file below to your computer.   It should run as is, but some users may
need to install the Visual Basic 6.0 runtime files which are available for free from the
Microsoft website.

You will need a working RS232 port on your pc and a cable to connect it to the CP290.

You will be able to try this program for free, but unless you pay for it and obtain a registration
number, any events you download into the interface will only be "one time" events.   This means
that even if you specify that a certain light should go on every day at 9:00 PM, it will only do so
the first day.   This will allow you to verify that the program will work with your computer and interface.
Once you are sure the program works, send $7 via PayPal as described when you click the "Help"
button in the program.