Rutland Amateur Radio Experimenter's

 WW1VT QRZ 4X6(1)

WW1VT is the club callsign of the Rutland Amateur Radio Experimenters.
We are a small club where the main interest is in the technicial aspect of the hobby; such as homebrewing , projects, and experimenting with new modes. 

In 1995 it was proposed by Tony K2DDE and accepted that we use 147.800 for simplex operations.  This is the official club simplex frequency to date.
 Look for WW1VT-L on echolink or 147.800.
The  WW1VT callsign is used for many activities.From the ARRL VHF contests to QSO Parties etc.
A QSL card is required by the club from all members using the callsign for confirmed QSO's and for the exchange of QSL card information.  So please inquire as to who the authorized operator is when making a contact and how they wish you to QSL or if in doubt QSL to Trustee .
The Callsign Trustee is AA1PR.

73 de WW1VT
WW1VT is now a member of OMISS #9241
ww1vt omiss