I'm an amateur musician with no formal training except for the occasional "singing school" at Persia Baptist Church in Tennessee as a kid. My father led the singing and my mother played the piano at the church for many years.

I listen to a wide variety of music but prefer music that uses the string bass - "acoustic" jazz, old-time country, bluegrass and symphonic.

I sing bass in a church choir and I used to play in a local group called "Too Wet To Plow" pictured on the right. My primary instrument is the bass fiddle but I putter around on the guitar, mandolin, fiddle, mountain dulcimer, harmonica, penny whistle and jaw harp.

This is a pic from our perfomance for the "Great American Road Race" which came through our town several years ago.

After "Too Wet To Plow" disbanded, the mandolin/guitar player, the banjo/guitar player and the bass player became "10W30 - The Multiviscosity String Band", which lasted until the mandolin player got his own church in Anna, Illinois and moved away.

Our bands originated as a result of our common membership in the Georgia Mountain Music Club, a group I helped organize and charter, about 1984, to foster and preserve Appalachian mountain music.

I am not currently active in the club but it still exists and has public jam sessions around town and plays for retirement homes, etc.

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