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"A Hole in the Heart"

Read some archived posts from the E-list:

"The City of Keidan" by B.C. Cassel (1930)
From "Jewish Cities and Towns in Lithuania" by Berel Kagan
"Worlds Gone By:" Scenes from Keidan by H.Y. Epstein
"The Destruction of Keidan" by Dovid Wolpe

Memoirs and Stories

"The Old Bridge"
"Summer Swimming"
"The Talmud Society"
Theater in Keidan
A Hometown Wedding
"The Feldsher"
"A Greeting from Keidan (1939)
"The Coachman"
Still more about Keidan
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Images of Keidan, then and now
The Keidan Cemetery Database
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This is an invitation to anyone with roots or interest in Keidan and its history as a Jewish community. Join us on an electronic-mail list, to share information and discuss Keidan, its past and present and the region that surrounds it in Lithuania. The list provides a channel for Keidaner descendents and others to network, learn from each other and deepen our understanding of our common roots.

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