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These are out of print but worth reading; try getting them from here!
Anglo-Catholicism: A Study in Religious Ambiguity
By W.S.F. Pickering
Marginal Catholics: Anglo-Catholicism: A Further Chapter of Modern Church History
By the Revd Ivan Clutterbuck

These are available:
Cranmer’s Godly Order
By Michael Davies
Holy Bible, King James (Authorized) Version, 1611
The original Anglican version with the Apocrypha unlike Protestant Bibles
The English Missal
The Roman Mass in classic English: reprint of altar edition from 1958
Monastic Diurnal
Anglican Breviary
Antiochian Western Rite Orthodox Book of Common Prayer
Anglican Papalism (more)
The movement that produced the English Missal and Anglican Breviary
The King’s Highway
A classic instruction manual
Pocket Manual of Anglo-Catholic Devotion
By Bishop Andrew Burnham

These are in print:
Merrily on High
By the Revd Canon Colin Stephenson
History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland
By William Cobbett
The Panther and the Hind: A Theological History of Anglicanism
By Fr Aidan Nichols, OP

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Fr Seraphim (Rose)
For a condensed version of all his writings, look through Fr Damascene Christiansen’s 1,000-page biography, Not of This World (now updated and re-released as Father Seraphim Rose: His Life and Works).
One of his manuscripts was published after his death as Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age.
Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future
The Soul After Death
Fr Seraphim taught the traditional Russian Orthodox pious beliefs about the form of the particular judgement right after death (including the aerial toll houses where sins are assessed). In so doing he explained phenomena such as the astral plane (New Age)/Bardo plane (Tibetan Buddhism), ‘out of body’ experiences (DON’T try them!), ‘near-death’ experiences - all these are of the same dimension where the particular judgement happens - and even UFOs (he believed the ‘aliens’ are really the demons of the aerial plane in modern guise).
More Orthodox books
The Seven-Storey Mountain, a book he thought highly of and so do I.
More on Fr S here and here.

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