De gustibus non disputandum est
Different traditional liturgical styles

‘...that our sinful bodies may be made clean by his body, and our souls washed through his most precious blood...’

My first rite re-enacted by Ref. Thomas Day wrote correctly that the unpretentious low Anglican church down the road can have more of a sense of the Catholic religion than St Novus Roman Catholic Church. At least I’ve always found it so. Godwardness.

The College@Clem’s

‘My soul hath longed for thy salvation : and I have a good hope because of thy word...’

Mass-and-office Catholicism: every Sunday afternoon in season through much of the Noughties this was where I was, breviary in hand.

Romantic Victoriana like what I fell in love with as a kid

I love the description of High Mass at Clem’s from the Ship: a Roman Catholic service circa 1905 as staged by Fellini. I think I know everybody in the picture.

The holy, Catholic, apostolic and Roman Church just like in the movies

Actually this is of a Polish National Catholic parish but it’s the same idea. What I thought church should look like when I was about 17.

This is the Canon (consecration) at a missa cantata (sung Mass). The local SSPX church does this every Christmas at midnight and it’s packed.

Crisp, austere liturgical-movement dreams

These happen to be Benedictines in France. You actually don’t need a lot of stuff or show to have the Catholic religion (after all look at Ref’s Communion service above, the equivalent of the Low Mass shown to the right); it’s to do with how you use what you’ve got. Of course I still love the baroque and Victorian stuff but Orthodoxy and the liturgical movement (which admired the Orthodox) have influenced me in this direction.

«Миромъ Господу помолимся...»

«Верую во единаго Бога Отца вседержителя...»

Just like in Western Catholicism there’s a divide in Orthodoxy between the romantic Victorians like the Russians (with whom I’m at home) and the ‘purists’, often converts, who want only Byzantine icons and chant (with the deep ison bass line).

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