Who We Are

John Beeler, known in some quarters online as Serge and more recently the Young Fogey, is the owner and editor of A conservative blog for peace, has lived in the eastern US since 1990 and keeps an eye on the war in Iraq and other peace and justice issues (too important to be left to the liberals), issues of liberty, some British and Russian doings (he is an amateur Russian speaker) and the church Catholic in general.

Samer al-Batal, a born Byzantine Christian who belongs to the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, is originally from Syria, has lived in Canada and the Lebanon. (Link: Samer and his mother on the steps of the Eastern Orthodox shrine of Said Naya, Syria, 2004.) Here he describes his background.
John Boyden, our traditional Roman Rite member (more), has known John Beeler in person since the 1980s and lives in Rome and sometimes in London. (Link: John, right, gives TV travel-show presenter Rick Steves, left, a tour of the Vatican.)
Dave McLaughlin, a Sept. 11 World Trade Center survivor and Irish Gaelic speaker (Daithí Mac Lochlainn) who worships at St Michael’s Russian Catholic Church, lives in New York. In January 2005 Dave stepped out and started his own blog, The Gaelic Starover, which he’s since replaced with Keltalingvaj Novajoj (which uses Esperanto!), about Celtic languages.

Lee Penn, a Russian Catholic after being an Episcopalian for about 20 years, lives in San Francisco. (Here is a short article on Lee.)