Benchmarking Methodology Working Group

Interim Meeting Materials

This is the supplementary web page for the BMWG.  If you arrived here directly you should check out the IETF BMWG Charter, and the IETF Tools Page (in particular, the tools page for BMWG gives status of drafts). On the Tools page you can view diff-marked versions of the drafts on our charter, and find some of the drafts describing proposed new work.

Short Description:  The BMWG develops terminology/definitions for key performance characteristics of  internetworking technologies, and methodologies for laboratory  measurement of  these characteristics, or benchmarks. We have prepared a series of Informational RFCs that address specific technologies, and build on that foundation to address new technologies as they emerge and become relevant (while maintaining a reasonable work-load of items on our charter).

How to join BMWG:  Subscribe to the mailing list, read the charter, and review the list archive, but most importantly be prepared to help us with our current work by reading the existing drafts (also the key references to BMWG RFCs) and then share your comments on the mailing list.  If you have a new work area you would like to propose, scan the list archive for earlier proposals and check-out the proceedings from previous meetings, and you'll glean an idea of what's involved.
WG Last Call Process:  The BMWG typically requires more than one Working Group Last Call to reach rough consensus that a particular draft is ready for Area Director review, IESG Review, and subsequent publication following approval.  To accelerate this process, the WG leadership developed the WG Last Call Process Active Review Template.  When a draft is mature and enters the Last Call Process, approximately four WG members volunteer to complete the template, which is a set of detailed questions designed to help the reviewer consider all important aspects of specification development. This message to the bmwg list describes our current process in detail.

Internet Drafts of interest to Benchmarking Methodology WG participants:
(Note drafts submitted with filename draft-name-bmwg-foobar-00.txt will automatically be listed at the bottom of the BMWG tools page, as ALL now are.)

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Special Projects:
    SIP Metrics Comparison

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