Octahedral Refractive Quark Theory of Nuclear Structure

the Inframatter Research Center

Aran David Stubbs

An early look at post-modern physics.

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Assumptions DocX
Known Problems DocX
Alternate Arrangements for Tables of Isotopes PDF Word DocX
Illo Abstract
Standard arrangement (z * n : 120*180): half life data & structure links, 21600 cells. Illo
Best arrangement (n-2z * n-z : 74*70): half life data & structure links, 5180 cells.
Best arrangement (n-2z * n-z : 74*70): half life data only, 5180 cells.
Explanation of Energy Function PDF Word DocX
Best arrangement (n-2z * n-z : 74*70): energy data only, 5180 cells. Illo
Medium arrangement (n-2z * A/3 : 74*100): energy data & structure links, 7400 cells. Illo
Long arrangement (A/2 * n-z : 150*70): energy data & structure links, 10500 cells. Illo1 Illo2
Best arrangement (n-2z * n-z : 74*70): decay data, 5180 cells. Illo
Nuclear Structure PDF Word DocX
Abstract Conference
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Size of Nuclei (In Progress) PDF Word DocX
Proto-photon sub-shells PDF Word DocX
Complete Structures: All Best Fit
Ridgelines: Even Odd
Terminology: Best for Ridge Cousin Dipole
Refraction, Forces, and the Fundamental Particles PDF Word
DocX Abstract
A Disagreement with Dirac's Law PDF Word DocX
A Quantization of Gravity PDF Word DocX
Angular Momentum and the Neutrino PDF Word DocX
The Particulate Nature of Sub-Atomic Matter (in progress) Abstract PDF Word DocX
Refraction as Mechanism of Fundamental Forces PDF Word DocX
Of Matter: Light and Dark (in progress) PDF Word DocX
Under Pressure (in progress) PDF Word DocX
Tertiary Nuclear Power (in progress) PDF Word DocX
The Electron Configuration of ununennium PDF Word DocX
The Absorption of Light (in progress) PDF Word DocX
History of this Theory PDF Word DocX

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Sample Nuclei: best for ridgelines with 1 to 14 rows