Cable Modem + Router + Xbox + PC

Wall > Modem > Router WAN Port > Router LAN Ports < Devices

This is the easiest setup method!  The router assignes Xbox an IP address if your Dashboard is set to DHCP.  Xbox live will easilly connect this way also.

If you are using a SWITCH or HUB instead of a router, then you need to use STATIC IP settings.  IF you have your cable modem into the switch or hub as well Be careful, because your Cable Modem (ISP) may assign the Xbox an IP address, and they charge you for the extra IP addresses that are NOT behind a router.  Most new cable modems support up to 32 devices.  Comcast charges 7.99+ per device the Cable Modem assignes IP addresses to. 

Wireless Setup

Wall > Modem > Wireless Router > Wireless Adapter < Xbox

Wireless-G routers are as low as 39.99 now.

Xbox Wireless Adapter

Fully compatible with all 802.11g and 802.11b Wi-Fi networks.

The Xbox wireless adapter comes with a SETUP disc.  You can't use any Wireless adapter on Xbox, and you can't use a USB to RJ45 adapter on cheap USB wireless adapers.  This adapter is designed specifically for Xbox. 

The other alternative is a wireless "Bridge".  This device works like the Xbox adapter, but is an extension of your wireless router. It would be just like plugging the xbox into the router, and is simply configured by a PC.  Xbox will not even know it is a wireless device. 

Wireless Ethernet Bridge can make any wired Ethernet-equipped device a part of your wireless network.

Cable Modem + Xbox

Wall > Modem < Xbox

Use the cable that came WITH the modem.
For Xbox live only, no FTP access.

Windows ICS Connection (Shared PC)

Wall > Modem > PC USB/NIC1  > PC NIC2 < XBOX

Xbox Live is supported through Windows ICS for only Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows 98 SE. Depending on your operating system, the ICS software might or might not have been automatically installed when your PC was configured. The steps to enable ICS differ based on what operating system you have.



The following routers have earned the Xbox Live Compatible logo:
Microsoft              Supported Firmware
MN-100 1.08, 1.11.017
MN-500 1.08, 1.11.017

DLink                    Supported Firmware
DI-524 1.05, 3.00
DI-604 2.18, 3.2, 3.36
DI-614+ 2.18, 3.2, 3.35
DI-624 2.25, 2.28, 2.42, 2.50
DI-784 2.38
DGL-4100 1.2, 1.3
DGL-4300 1.2, 1.3

Linksys                 Supported Firmware
BEFSR41 (v3) 1.04.8, 1.05.00
BEFW11S4 (v4) 1.45.3, 1.50.14
WRT54G (v1,v2,v3) 3.01.3, 3.03.6
WRT54GS (v2) 3.37.6
WRT55AG (v2) 1.10

Netgear                Supported Firmware
WGR614v1 1.40
WGT624 (v2) V4.2.6_1.0.1

Incompatible Routers
These routers have been found to be incompatible with
Xbox Live.

DLink Linksys Netgear SMC
DI-754 BEFSR11 MR314 7004VBR
DI-764 BEFW11S4 (v2) RP114 7004WFW
  NR041 RP334  

Wireless Bridges

The following wireless bridges have earned the Xbox Live
Compatible logo.

Microsoft Supported Firmware
MN-740 and later

Linksys    Supported Firmware
WGA54G 1.10
WGA54AG 1.0
WGA54Gv2 1.6


The following gateways have earned the Xbox Live
Compatible logo.

Model Firmware Logo-Certified
on Provider
Efficient Networks
Speedstream 6300
3.0.2 (004-E771-A3Z), 3.2.0 (004-E771-A5X) Sympatico (Bell Canada)
Netgear CG814WG 2.94d02 Comcast



1 or 2 network cards ( NIC’s ) being referring to them as NIC’s from now on.... You’ll need 2 if you want to be connected to the internet at the same time that your connected to your xbox.

1 crossover cable. Very important that you have a crossover cable. This is how you know if you have a crossover cable take the 2 male ends of the cable put them side by side; If the colored wire patterns are exactly the same it means you have the WRONG cable. You know if you have the right cable when the wires looked mixed up, or in a different pattern compared to other end, so make sure of this.  It's a very crucial part.

Xbox or boot disc with evolution x


What you need to do next is configure your computers ip address’s.. so go into your computer network connections and go into the properties of the nic that is connected to the internet. Check off obtain a IP address automatically.

Now for the nic that is connected to the xbox; go into the properties- check off  "use the following IP".

Next, where it says IP address, enter: Where it says Subnet Mask, enter: , and where it says default gateway enter

Next while still in the properties of the nic, click on the configure button. Then click on the advanced tab, then click on network media and set it to 10baseT full duplex.

Now your computer should all be good to go.

Now you want to startup evolution x and go into the system settings a get your IP address. It's usually something like that, but make a note of it.

Now you want to fire up flashfxp

Flash FXP:
1. Download this program
2. Open it up and click on “Site Manager” then click “new site”
3. Name the new site whatever you want, (My Xbox, Xbox, etc.)
4. Go to IP and enter the IP you got from evolution x system setting menu
5. The port should always be 21
6. Your username and password will both be “xbox”
7. Hit the “Options” tab and click off passive mode COMPLETELY.
8. now apply. and the connect

This is all you should have to do get it to work!

IF it is not working, turn off or dissable any firewalls!