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Instructions to Authors

Please use past issues as a general guide for formats and styles. Units should be expressed in the International System (SI). Use of footnotes should be minimized.  Journal references should include the full title and inclusive pages of the work cited, not just the author and first page. Book references should include publisher, city of publication, and date. For the reviewing process, authors should submit three hard copies of text and figures, printed single spaced and copied double sided, with minimum unused space. Unsolicited manuscripts are returned only if a self-addressed, stamped envelope is supplied.

If accepted for publication, the work should be supplied in electronic form, by email to galilean_electrodynamics@comcast.net , or on a 3.5 inch computer disk to the address for subscriptions on the How to Subscribe page. We use MicroSoft Word 2001 for the Power Macintosh but Word for windows, Word Perfect, or TeX are also usable. Please supply a copy of the file saved as text only, i.e. an ASCII file without word processor control codes. Please also supply a final hard copy. Exceptions to any of these specifications may be granted to an individual author if they entail excessive hardship.