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Sample Papers

On the Transverse Emission and Propagation of Light from Moving Sources (Don Johnson) (in pdf format)
Quantum Riddles Part I: Charge, a Case for Causality (Constance Perry Phillips and J. Micheal Robinson) (in pdf format)
Dynamic Model of Elementary Particles and Fundamental Interactions (George P. Shpenkov and Leonid G. Kreidik) (in pdf format)
To See the Light Is to See the Invisible (John-Erik Persson) (in pdf format)
Light and Gravity Aberration, Ether-Wind Detection (John-Erik Persson) (in pdf format)
Collapse of SRT 1: Derivation of ElectrodynamicEquations from the Maxwell Field Equations (Sankar Hajra & Antina Ghosh) (in pdf format)
Collapse of SRT 2:Earth Carries Along Electric and Magnetic Fields (Sankar Hajra) (in pdf format)