The World of Arcynia's basic concept was thought of by my friend Lloyd Keefer in the summer of 1990. His
ideas were very basic at first, a few sketches and notes with a small story plot, but it continued to
develop over the years to come. With my help as he and I both Dm'd we were able to create a delicate and
detailed world system with rich stories and exciting characters.

Lloyd and I had worked out ideas developed through trial and error that was done though the most part by
our old role-playing group. For years we had a dedicated group of 4-5 individuals that met on a regular
basis to play AD&D 2nd edition*, one of the greatest RPG's ever invented. It was through this group we
created intricate characters, evil and good, to populate this world, thereby developing Arcynia's history.

Alas as all good things do sometimes, the group finally broke apart due to moving and family obligations.
I have decided to compile some of this work and put it on web pages dedicated to a ongoing RPG I am running
myself through web based play.

Arcynia is a area of life, adventure, and tragedy. Anything is possible, magic is rich, minerals are pure.
Honor and valor are sound, Greed is alive, and Evil never sleeps, were dreams become reality and life is
lived to the fullest. The basic concept is of the old medieval lifestyle. Lifestyles of great Kings and
noble lords. This is a land where dragons are still prominent and vast treasure hordes abound for the taking.

The world is only partially inhabited, humans are considered minorities except on the continents of Arcania
and Sembora. There are also great Elven Kingdoms as well as powerful Dwarven clans, plus a strange race
called Draconians or Dracs for short, that dwell in the land of Dark Mist. Many of Arcynia's known races
have staked claims on the unknown territories, but none have ventured far beyond their own domains.

You adventurer are you prepared to take the next step as you begin your journey in the Kingdom of Barovia.

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