Advanced Engine Design, AED, Spitfire (US)

AED Spitfire engines were built by Advanced Engine Design of Pontiac, Michigan. Little has been found to date about this firm except that they built a family of two-stroke cycle ultralight engines with the same bore and stroke in versions with one cylinder, inline two and four cylinders, and the two-cylinder HOAE described here. Some engine versions were air cooled and some, like the HOAE, were liquid cooled.

OL-27 (2-Stroke) -- {2.697 / 2.346 / 26.8} / {68.5 / 59.6 / 439}

2cyl; Spitfire 440 LC; 60hp@8500rpm; 1981-1983; Wt = 55#; TC = none.
Liquid-cooled, single or dual capacitive-discharge magneto-ignition engine with two carburetors and geared to N/A.
BGP; Brinks.
Applications: None found.


Updated 6/11/04