AeroConversions, AeroVee (US)

AeroVee engines are Volkswagen auto engines converted to aircraft engines and are delivered only as complete engine assembly kits by AeroConversions, Inc. of Oshkosh, Wisconsin and distributed world wide by Sonex, Ltd., also of Oshkosh. Both the Sonex and AeroConversions firms are operated by the Monnett family. AeroConversions advertises that its engine development team has been involved with VW conversions for 30 years, with reference to John Monnett's earlier company, Monnett Experimental Aircraft, and that company's E-Vee, SuperVee, and AeroVee engines. The AeroVee 2180 below is an improved version of the Monnett AeroVee. Another product of AeroConversions is their AeroCarb carburetors, one of which is included in each AeroVee kit. Aerocarbs also are available for other engines of up to about 160hp. The present engines are known as the AeroVee 2.0 kits, which have several improvements. These improvements, along with a brief survey of VW conversions in general, are reported by Tim Kern (KP4/07). John Monnett is a well-known VW engine converter and aircraft designer, builder, and restorer. He was elected a Member of the EAA Homebuilders Hall of Fame in 2001 (SA1/02) and received the 2005 City of Oshkosh/EAA Key to the City Award. He is active in the present companies, for which his son, Jeremy Monnett, is in charge of operations. The information here has been obtained from the references below and the AeroConversions Website and Sonex Website.

O-133 - - {3.622 / 3.228 / 133.1} / {92 / 82 / 2180}

4cyl; AeroVee 2180; 80hp@3400rpm; 2002-present; Wt = 158-161#.
Carbureted engine with an AeroConversions AeroCarb; initial engines were delivered (2002-2004) with solid-state single ignition (SA5/03), but later engines (2004-present) have been delivered with solid-state dual-ignition systems (SA7/04).
AeroConversions Website; J05-06 to present; KP4/02, 6/02, 4/03, 4/05, 4/06, 3/07, 4/07; SA2/02, 5/03, 7/04; SP5/07.
Applications: (US) Sonex Ltd. Sonex, Waiex, Xenos motorglider.



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