HKS (Japan)

HKS of Shizouka, Japan is well known for the manufacture of after-market automobile and auto-engine parts for performance and racing. They also produce two versions of the four-stroke HOAE for light aircraft described below. Detailed information about the HKS company and its automotive activities can be obtained at the HKS Website. Details of the HOAE can be found from the US distributor Air Parts Sales Unlimited, LLC of Pompano Beach, Florida.

OL-42 -- {3.346 / 2.362 / 41.6} / {85 / 60 / 681}

Same bore as OL-43

2cyl; HKS 700E; 56hp@5800rpm, 60@6200 (TO); 1997- present; Wt = 121#.
Dual capacitive-discharge-ignition, two-carburetor engine geared to 0.388 or 0.288; air-cooled cylinder barrels and oil-cooled cylinder heads.
J99-00to present; KP12/02, 4/00, 4/01, 4/02, 4/03, 4/05, 4/06, 3/07, 3/08, 3/09.
Applications: (Canada) ASAP Chinook. (US) Avid Flyer; Bede America BD-6, BD-17 Nugget; CGS Hawk Classic, Hawk Arrow, Hawk II Arrow; Earthstar Odyssey; Excalibur; Fisher 404; Flightstar-IISC; Kitfox II; Kolb; Quad City Challenger; Quicksilver; RANS S-7, S-14; Skykits Savannah Bingo 4S; Sky Raider II; Sportflight Aviation Talon Magnum, Talon XP; Stellar Astra Trike; Titan Tornado; Zippy Sport.

OL-43 -- {3.346 / 2.460 / 43.3} / {85 / 62.5 / 709}

Same bore as OL-42

2cyl; HKS 700T; 77hp@4900rpm, 80@5300 (TO); 2008- present; Wt = 127#.
Dual capacitive-discharge-ignition, electronically controlled fuel-injected, turbocharged, and intercooled engine geared to 0.469; air-cooled cylinder barrels and oil-cooled cylinder heads.
KP3/09; SA4/09; SP10/08, 4/09.
Applications: (Brazil) Microleve Corsario seaplane. (Ecuador) Andes Aircraft Trike. (US) Earthstar Thundergull; Sport Flight Talon.


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