Heath (US)

Edward B. Heath was a pioneer pilot, designer, and builder. He founded Heath Aerial Vehicle Co. of Chicago, Illinois in 1910 to supply aircraft parts to other early aircraft builders. The subsequent history of Heath, his company, and its successors after Heath's death in a 1931 crash are recounted in aerofiles.com and in Vol.5 of Juptner's series of books (J5). The most important products of the company were a long series of light Heath aircraft and Heath engines; e.g., the Heath Parasol and the Heath-Henderson B-4 in-line four-cylinder aircraft engine converted from the well-known Henderson motorcycle engine of the 1920's (Ae39). The Powerplants section of aerofiles.com gives the information that is listed below for an HOAE. It should be remarked, however, that Heath Aerial Vehicle Co. purchased Bates Aeroplane Co. (also of Chicago) in around 1912. The relationship between this Bates company and the Bates Engineering Co. of Chicago that built several early HOAE, among other aircraft engines, can only be conjectured with presently available information.

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2cyl; C-2; 25hp@N/Arpm; c.1909; Wt = N/A; TC = none.
Aircooled, but ignition-type unknown. There is a photo on Joe Gertler's Website and an example is in the Seattle Museum of Flight.
Applications: None found.


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